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0 thoughts on “President Obama Announces “The Awesome Deal!” to Save Failing Re-Election Bid

  1. whosebone

    with this inept clown in the white house anything is possible

  2. Val

    I quite liked the spoof..very well written and entertaining. I was “shocked” too at the appropriate time. The difference between me and his worshipers is that they rejoiced after he doused them with bullshit while I remained “shocked”. Oh yes, this president was put in office by a bunch of morons…and your piece conveys that very well. Let’s hope there’s more common sense individuals than morons that go to the polls this fall.

  3. Todd

    I’m not a big fan of these satires. Why not just write something normal? I start reading thinking they are actual events, and to be honest i feel kind of misled.

    1. Kyle Becker Post author

      Appreciate the feedback, Todd. This is my attempt to get my opinion across in an entertaining way. It is not my intent to mislead everyone. The graphic, lead paragraph, headline, category, tags, and disclaimer are all designed to defuse any misperception that this is actual news. Thank you for reading and commenting.