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Raising Oil Company Taxes Will Make Gasoline Cheaper ??

Have you seen what Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) introduced on Monday (March 26, 2012)? He introduced the Repeal Big Oil Subsidies Act (S.2204). Menendez proposed to curb tax credits (notice that he didn’t say subsidies since they don’t receive any, so his bill is mis-named) for the five biggest oil companies – ExxonMobil, Chevron, BP, ConocoPhillips and Shell – and extend tax breaks to wind energy companies. Besides repealing tax credits for oil companies, the Act extends income tax credits for renewable energy sources such as wind, renewable diesel and biofuel derived from algae. That is a laugh, since clean energy companies have no income. In fact, they have to receive subsidies (not tax credits) in order to exist.

Senate Democrats will move forward with consideration of the bill that even its sponsor admits will not reduce gas prices. The US Senate voted overwhelmingly to proceed with debate on Menendez’s bill. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) said he could not think of a better way to show how far out of touch Democrats are on the issue of high gasoline prices. McConnell continued, “[Democrats have proposed] “raising taxes on American energy manufacturers – something common sense and basic economics tell us will lead to even higher prices at the pump.”

“Considering we [oil and natural gas] are one of the few industries that continue to invest, innovate and actually create jobs throughout the economic downturn, the best you can say about this tax increase proposal is that it’s counter-productive,” said Stephen Comstock, American Petroleum Institute (API) tax policy manager. A 2011 study, commissioned by API and conducted by Wood Mackenzie Research and Consulting, found the US government would collect more revenue and facilitate the creation of more jobs if it encouraged domestic oil exploration and production.  [emphasis mine]

Oil companies already pay the most in taxes of any industry in the US. Because oil companies invest a lot into the economy, Congress should find ways to facilitate domestic production rather than inhibit it. “Every day, this industry [oil and natural gas] delivers $86 million to the federal treasury in taxes, rental payments, royalties, and other production fees. That’s over $30 billion every year, and more is delivered to state and local governments,” said Comstock. “The oil and natural gas industry invested more than $470 billion in the US economy in 2010 … that’s more than half the size of the 2009 government stimulus, but it happens every year and doesn’t require an act of Congress.”

Does Menendez, or anyone else, think that oil companies will not pass on tax increases to consumers? And does Menendez, or anyone else, think that his bill will suddenly make green energy companies profitable? “I don’t know how anyone can reach a conclusion that punitively raising taxes on an unpopular sector of the economy will make gasoline less, not more, expensive,” said Senator John Cornyn (R-TX).

But that’s just my opinion.

Democrats Provide More Support for a Universal Theory of Political Stupidity

It has been remarked that the definition of insanity is repeating the same behavior over and over and expecting a different result. That’s true, but that’s also the definition for stupidity.

We spend like there’s no tomorrow – and if we keep it up, there won’t be. We tax businesses into extinction.  We measure our economics in terms of compassion instead of productivity, never quite noticing the inverse correlation. We witness our once-bustling cities being transformed into dilapidated welfare hubs, surrounded by collapsing industrial infrastructure and sprawling shanty towns.

And yet, people continue to vote Democrat.

A conservative feels like he has stumbled into a Salvadore Dali painting and people have been eating the paintchips. He is baffled by his fellow citizens’ inability to follow what is going on or to do the right thing and vote the socialists back to the stone age where they belong.

But things become much clearer when a conservative finally comes to the realization that although he has been labeled ‘stupid’ by the elitists, it is not he who is stupid – but them.

What we have in America is the formation not of a “fifth column,” but rather an “idiot column,” comprised of dumbed-down kids, non-English speaking immigrants, moronic leaders, academic cowards, and journalists unable to understand basic economic facts and unwilling to report the truth.

In our increasingly democratizing nation it is no surprise that the increasing stupidity of our state-educated demos is reflected by the increasing stupidity of our elected leaders.

America’s representatives, and particularly, Democrats, are among the dumbest on the planet. Harry Reid, Sheila Jackson Lee, and Hank Johnson (D – Guam) are some of the shiniest colossal jewels of ignorance. But there are up and comers. Bobby Rush was just thrown off the floor of the House for delivered an incomprehensible diatribe about a case whose facts are very much in doubt — while wearing a hoodie. Whenever you see a (D), you might as well brace yourself, because something Dumb is about to happen.

And let’s not forget the Hope Diamond of stupidity herself –Nancy Pelosi. The woman is so dotty she once argued that welfare is good for the economy. She’s also the siliconized shyster who cackled, “We have to pass the bill to see what’s in it.” Turns out, it’s a lot of unconstitutional crap.

The stuttering, simpering Solicitor General Vermicelli (the worm, not the spaghetti) is now on the hook for defending said unconstitutional crap. At one particularly moving part of the Obamacare proceedings, Justice Scalia had enough of Vermicelli’s mounting pile of crap, and in one of the awesomest exchanges in court case history, perhaps even in modern history, told him point blank, “We’re not stupid.”

No, we’re not Justice Scalia, but the left’s problem is one of projection. It’s the Kantian fallacy of believing others approach the world similarly as you do. After all, these are the radical masterminds whose audacious legal arguments, in the always immortal words of Jonah Goldberg, boil down to “it has to be constitutional because it has to be” or “of course it’s constitutional, everyone I know thinks it’s constitutional.”

The Democrat Party is filled with supposed geniuses whose ingenious insight is the ability to throw a childish temper tantrum and point to the other party, “They did it!” These supple intellects invariably pull the reductio ad absurdum of “Democrats good, Republicans bad.” So where did all the stupid come from?

Prime among the suspects are those elected officials who unblinkingly dole out the cash to our failing education system, whose unbelievable pattern of incompetency leads to the next generation of idiotic voters. Teacher’s unions turn around and back Democrats, who keep the cash spigots turned on, provided the students remain stupid.

The “axis of stupidity” between shallow self-serving Democrats and systematically stupid voters is incredibly stubborn to remove, since both are resistant to facts, and unashamedly engage in the most moronic, self-defeating behavior.

The explanatory power of a universal theory of political stupidity is so profound it can reshape the way conservative Americans view politics. But what doesn’t seem to square is how such undeniably idiotic people could come together to form a massive conspiracy to undo America. Where are the masterminds?

The real masterminds are smart enough not to have their fingerprints on this mess. They are the kind of corporations that actually write legislation like Obamacare, an absolute mess of a document that appeared from out of nowhere and our legislators boasted about not having read.

The same goes for manmade climate change, a “scientific fact” concocted by the UN and leftist environmental think tanks.  Our lawmakers insist this “fact” is beyond serious doubt, though none have the credentials or the intellectual capacity to vouchsafe manmade global warming as “gospel.”

And forget about publicly discussing the fact that humans have little control over the climate. You won’t hear the rudimentary fifth-grade science level facts about the climate in any public discussions. If you did, the debate would be over. That is, if the American people knew what the hell you were talking about.

The greatest conspiracy is the one perpetrated through ideological subversion, because there are no faces to associate with the conspiracy. You can’t have a conspiracy without conspirators, right?

But our colleges and universities were penetrated by leftists a long time ago. The state-run, universally compelled education system was reorganized by such left-wing masterminds as John Dewey and formed a nexus of interest between leftists and statists. “We will make the people stupid and pliable,” the education reformers must have said, “and you just keep showing us the money.”

Due to public miseducation, the economic damage resulting from so many people holding so many erroneous socialistic beliefs is all-too-clear – now that the stimulus package, TARP, and the massive monetization of debt have not only failed to help the economy, but actually made things worse. Conservatives warned repeatedly that history and basic economics indicated that these boondoggles could not work. They were told by the left that they were hateful and stupid, and that maybe these actions would work.  After all, what was the conservatives’ proposal? To do nothing?

But the failure of these policies was no coincidence; no accident of history. John Maynard Keynes, the architect of the post-World War II order, provided both the economic guise and justification for the state to seize control of the American economy, and helped put into place the international infrastructure that would eventually collapse the U.S. and make its resources ripe for global redistribution. And that is precisely what The Fed has done, and the IMF and the UN, through various cons like cap-and-trade, promise to do it more.

What more can be said than the U.S. is falling prey to subversion by foreign powers? Our national stupidity has opened the door, and statist thieves are ransacking the place.

Only an infusion of political intelligence can save the host organism from being croaked by the parasites. While the best known inoculation is reason, this is not innate and must be learned.

Unfortunately, if someone who is reasonable attempts to discuss issues with the systematically stupid or the power-hungry, he will find himself whistling past the graveyard.  These people simply are not interested in it.

We conservatives have to be just as clever and mischievous as the left and attack our opposition through the agency of culture. Wielding such weapons as satire and ridicule, we have to trick the left into doing the right thing.  We have to buy enough time to educate the upcoming generation, perhaps even without their knowledge that they are being educated, in reason and political intelligence. Both time and money are running out.

My advice to conservatives is to use a limited variety of offensive tactics against the left: Sarcasm, ridicule, and exposing hypocrisy. Violate political correctness wantonly, and do it with relish and zeal.  Political correctness tries to put conservatives on the left’s ideological terrain.  Refuse to play their game, and mock them when they try to force you.

Most importantly, conservatism should be made into a counter-culture movement. This is the best way to capture the hearts of America’s youth.  It is also the surest way we will imbue in them a passion for reason, that rogue spirit that drove our Founders.

Note: Part of this article is cross-posted at Rogue Government. Kyle Becker can be followed on Twitter as @RogueOperator1. He writes freelance for several publications, including American Thinker and OwntheNarrative and is a regular commentator on the late night talk show TB-TV.

Obamacare, the Constitution, and the Founders – What SCOTUS should be debating

As we’re on the last day of arguments before the Supreme Court on the constitutionality of Obamacare, there are pundits from all sides offering their thoughts on every look, twitch, word, and tone coming from the Justices during the sessions. The vast majority are focused on the elasticity of the Commerce Clause and today in particular, on the lack of a Severability Clause in the current law. While the former is a favorite among left-wing legal analysts and Constitutionalists alike, the latter is the most-likely candidate to become the linchpin that either holds the law in place, or ends its existence.

Choose your painkillers

Choose your painkillers - Eric Norris (CC)

But neither of these even mentions one thing that theoretically should have been the center of the debate from the beginning. Obamacare overextends into the realm of State powers. Over-stretching the Commerce Clause to make it fit was wishful thinking, and hopefully the Justices will point that out. The only Constitutional way the Federal Government really had to enact this reform was through its power of taxation, not the regulation of commerce. For a relatively plain language explanation of this, one needs to look no further than The Federalist Papers, No. 45 to be exact.

The powers delegated by the proposed Constitution to the federal government, are few and defined. Those which are to remain in the State governments are numerous and indefinite. The former will be exercised principally on external objects, as war, peace, negotiation, and foreign commerce; with which last the power of taxation will, for the most part, be connected. The powers reserved to the several States will extend to all the objects which, in the ordinary course of affairs, concern the lives, liberties, and properties of the people, and the internal order, improvement, and prosperity of the State.

It is not the Constitution. It is arguably, the definitive lobbyist’s playbook on the side of the States adopting the Constitution. Any time anyone suggests that SCOTUS needs to stop legislating from the bench, and stay true to the intentions of the Founders, this collection of documents should be included in the statement.

And in this case, Obamacare is a case of the Federal government overstepping into the realm of State jurisdiction. This is also why comparing this law to the one adopted in Massachusetts is a fallacy. The government of Massachusetts had the right to create that program for the benefit of their residents, as does every other State in the Union if it so chooses. You want healthcare reform, stop crying to Washington for it. It is a State issue, not Federal. Unless, of course, you are willing to take a massive Federal tax hike to pay for it. And yes, this is a little note to the Romney campaign – please feel free to point out what I’ve said here. Romneycare does not equal Obamacare, period.

Clashing Visions: The Struggle Between Totalitarianism & Individual Freedom

The nation is being torn apart not by two competing visions, but by two mutually exclusive ones. Whereas conservatives and liberals once debated the alternative means of reaching the same end goal — the promotion and expansion of the American Dream — our country is now essentially divided over whether we should have a limited, Constitutional republic or an unfettered state with complete control over all aspects of human life.

We should all realize that the current discourse between supposed right and left is not a rehashing of the debates between the so-called Federalists and Anti-federalists that rent our country for decades. While it was legitimately and honestly debated by our Framers whether a stronger central government or a more directly democratic one would be the better guarantor of liberty, it was generally agreed that the protection of the individual from oppression was the foremost of the government’s duties.

What we now find expressed under the banner of one party is a toxic mixture of the worst elements of tyrannical aristocracy and democracy, two animating principles that feed on one another. The faction referring to itself as the Democrat Party is in fact the most anti-democratic in disposition of the two major parties. While this party is driven by fear of the people themselves ruling and directing the economy through free market capitalism, the constituents of the opposition party have enough trust in themselves and their fellow citizens to rely on self-government as the foundation for economy and society.

The nominal progressives who drive the Democrat Party fashion themselves as deriving their intellectual heritage from liberals, although the latter is indeed more akin to today’s conservatives in that they both share a heritage in classical liberalism. Progressives are driven in the extreme by their hostility to the uneven dispersive effects of capitalism, a fetish that leads them to cede all economic and social decision-making to the state. There can be no good, unless there is evenly distributed good, so they hold. Thereby, they eviscerate the entire concept of the good.

Unity, equality, and democracy may therefore be the stated goals of the Democrat Party, but what is glaringly missing in the narrative is a discussion of means. Forced unity is its goal, which entails overriding the autonomy, dignity, and worth of every individual. Forced equality is its aim, which conveniently provides the mandate to expropriate wealth, exploit the working class, and suppress all threats to the political class through the maintenance of mediocrity. Democracy is merely a means to an end; that is, it is a way of cashing in on the propagandistic media and education system’s program to persuade Americans to willingly give up their liberties.

Thus, while progressives may pose that they are truly democratic in that economic wealth is power, and therefore evenly distributing wealth is evenly distributing power, their thinking elides the flaw that channeling wealth through the government thereby becomes the true source of power. The power to give is the power to take away.  The power to reward for political loyalty is the power to punish for political disloyalty.

The cardinal rule for all human systems is that human beings and their desires cannot be omitted. Presuming altruistic motives of all human beings under an imagined system is as fanciful as it is dangerous. And it is likewise intellectually fallacious to assume self-interest and the desire to live well, produce, and be compensated is tantamount to greed. Seizing unearned wealth and repressing competition and accountability is greed.

So it is with utmost suspicion and reserved condemnation that we should view the Democrat Party’s apparent quest to undermine all bases for self-government. It is a profound and sad truth that the more helpless people are, the more powerful the Democrat Party becomes. The more hopeless people become, the more they turn to a strong leader to fulfill their spiritual yearning. And while many Republicans turn to God, many Democrats turn to government as their god.

While it is tempting to charge the Democrat leadership with evil motives, the overwhelming majority of people do not aim to promote evil. What we must assume of most of the Democrat Party is a good faith effort to promote what is mistakenly held to be the good, while there is an increasing tendency in the party to ignore both the morality of means and the damage caused by its policy effects. Since the party has ceased appealing to reason and persuasion, instead resorting to ridicule and force, we must conclude that its members believe we can no longer even think, let alone govern ourselves.

The left mistakenly holds ends discordant of means and this drives it towards totalitarianism and the evil surely to result thereof. What is crucial for American conservatives to do is therefore disabuse our fellow men of empty values and to link noble ends to moral means in their minds. One way of fighting evil is to positively change the intellectual environment.

EPA Mandates Cap and Trade 3.0/ Congress Remains Irrelevant

The Extreme Political Activists, (also known as the EPA, or Environmental Protection Agency) of the Obama administration recently announced new carbon emissions limits for all future coal-fired power plants in the U.S.  that will require all new coal-fired power plants to cut their carbon emissions by approximately 50%.  Just how does EPA head environmental activist Lisa Jackson propose that these power plants acquire such a drastic reduction in carbon emissions?   By using CCS technology that requires the capturing of carbon dioxide, and storing it underground, which is a technology that in her own words, will not even be commercially available for 10 years. “Every model that we’ve seen shows that technology as it develops will become commercially available certainly within the next 10 years”, stated Jackson.  Apparently, back in 2008 while campaigning for President, when Barack Hussein Obama told a reporter that under his plan “energy prices would necessarily skyrocket” he certainly meant it.

Lord Moncton summed up the CCS technology Obama’s EPA is using as it’s main weapon in their war on affordable energy today as follows:

There are clear remedies that could be applied to conventional pollutants. The particulate issue can be rectified by covering stockpiles of coal, dampening and more efficient transportation. The toxic trace elements issue could be resolved by the introduction of ultrasuper-critical coal technology. This technology is not only greatly more efficient than all other forms of energy production but because it operates at such high temperatures it eliminates most of the real pollutants such as the oxides and mercury.

Coal companies are making a strategic error here. They should acknowledge and rectify the well-known coal-related pollutants, and argue the lack of merit of AGW theory, instead of hiding behind the chimera of Clean Coal or carbon capture technology [CCS]. The problems of CCS are obviously insurmountable: the energy required to capture the CO2 emissions when the coal is burnt requires about as much energy as the coal produces. Secondly, the final sludge containing the captured CO2 requires a storage space about 30 times the size of the quarry from which the coal was mined. To date CCS has cost the Australian taxpayers and the coal industry about $400 million. The coal industry could have solved the particulate problem and made a start on introducing ultrasuper-critical technology.
 The White House claims that the new rules will impact only new plants. But in fact, in the past three years, the Obama administration has hit the utility industry with new regulations on mercury emissions and cross-border pollution as well. This latest episode is just one of the many elements of the Obama administration’s war on affordable energy that will snowball into extremely expensive energy prices for the entire nation in the next decade. The Extreme Political Activists of the Obama administration must be reigned in immediately by the currently irrelevant [supposed] lawmakers of Congress. That starts with defeating Barack Obama in the November elections, and electing new members of Congress that will take a stand against the EPA’s unconstitutional mandating of Cap and Trade laws that were voted down by Congress in 2009.

Sustainable Development is Truly Unsustainable

As the Supreme Court determines whether government can infringe into the depths of our lives, it appears our representatives are leading us toward the creation of global soviets. Where the planning of our lives, commerce, communities and even our health are accomplished through facilitated community groups, centralized planning or the strong arm of the law where only the few in the room truly prosper.

This does not just occur with health care but also with land-use planning. We always hear about sustainable development, open spaces, the value of mixed-use communities, transportation options like light rail, high-speed rail and even bike and walking paths and most of all, the importance of planning.

In describing these amenities, nice sounding buzzwords like green, regionalism and communities are used…sometimes even throwing in the usual mockery of smart growth over dumb growth or sustainable as opposed to unsustainable development.

…then we normally pursue the same pattern of planning meetings, organizing committees, scheduling more meetings. After that master plans are unveiled, maps drawn and ordinances passed with no true evaluation of the success of these programs except the politics involved; as master plans, ordinances, permits and inspections assume control of our private property, dictate the market and control commerce, the only thing we do is work, taxes, sign the bank note and complain during our monthly three minutes at city council meetings. Meanwhile, all that planning and our community resemble other communities throughout United States.

Instead of allowing the free market where each individual contributes their vote to the needs of the community, the blunt instrument of local government and non-governmental organizations are used to force a centralized plan and police the contents of the federal mandates. For if we think that we can concoct a MASTER PLAN, some ordinances and follow it to utopia, we might want to consider history.

Shown is a photograph taken by NASA of the Korean peninsula at night. If you look closely, you will see the Republic of Korea and the Democratic Republic of Korea.

Yes…the most oppressive regime on earth is known as the “Democratic Republic of Korea” and this photograph shows it completely blacked out. As every aspect of life is centrally planned, property and commerce is controlled by the state. It’s sustainable to Mother Earth because there is NO electricity. At least they have guards who protect their borders with land mines, barbed wire and fences but not to keep immigrants out…but the people in.
If we look to their South Korean neighbors …life is booming as individuals plan their lives and contribute to each other, they rely on each other more than their North Korean counterparts. This is because most people are naturally compassionate and take care of each other…that is, if they aren’t in Maslow’s safety or physiological mode.

If you say that this is an isolated incident, we can look at Mao’s centralized plan known as the Great Leap Forward. He moved resources from the fields to making steel and it was the worst famines known to mankind killing over 30 million people. Hitler’s Germany, Stalin’s Russia and Mussolini’s Italy provide a glimpse of the different directions centralized planning can go. History is quite clear that centralized planning is catastrophic for the masses.

As we embark on our centralized plan to utopia, the question is whether our path is a prosperous nation as we have as a nation where individuals are free to plan their own property and life. Or are we moving toward an oppressive regime like North Korea where federal mandates, high taxes and a disconnected central authority determines our fate.

Obama Tilting At Windmills Again – With Money We Don't Have

 We are broke, have a huge national debt, running record deficits, and STILL President Barack Hussein Obama wants $770 million to combat “global warming.” That, in and of itself, would be bad enough, but he wants the money to counter global warming in the developing world. Obama and his administration continue to pursue its policy of using foreign aid funds for anti-global warming measures, known as the Global Climate Change Initiative (GCCI). Despite our financial situation, the government has spent a total of $2.5 billion on GCCI since 2010 on overseas anti-global warming efforts in Latin America, Asia, and Africa. Here is yet another case of Obama, like Don, Quixote, tilting at windmills.

According to the Congressional Research Service (CRS), there are three major component to GCCI: adaptation, clean energy, and sustainable landscapes.

  • Adaptation seeks to help developing countries insulate themselves from the effects of climate change by giving farmers and government planners access to better climate data, and to aid countries by teaching them new agricultural and land use methods, as well as methods to protect against the rising sea levels, floods, and increased droughts said to be the result of global warming.
  • Clean energy seeks to aid poor countries in developing their own clean energy infrastructures in order to offset the fact that developing countries are the single fastest growing source of greenhouse gas emissions. The federal spending supports the creation of so-called green jobs in the developing world as well as the creation of clean energy projects.
  • Sustainable landscape projects seek to stop developing countries from cutting down forests, particularly in tropical areas, for farming or logging, or at least teach them to develop more modern logging and farming techniques, laws, and regulations.

Let’s see… Obama and his administration have already spent $2.5 billion of our tax dollars (and money that we don’t have) on foreign projects, when he can’t even get our own house in order, particularly with respect to clean energy, the second GCCI component mentioned by the CRS. Can anyone say “political payoffs?”

Global warming is a hoax, as these articles document: Article, Article, Article, and Article. So the “tilting at windmills” analogy, attacking imaginary enemies, is quite appropriate.

The CRS said that Congress should consider several issues as it weighs the administration’s fiscal year 2013 GCCI budget request, and there is a high probability that foreign countries would misuse or waste GCCI funds. Also the CRS noted that foreign economic aid programs like GCCI have a mixed record of results.

All we can do is shake our heads in disbelief, and say that November, 2012, cannot get here soon enough.

Jefferson's advice to the Supreme Court

Since the Supreme Court is in the middle of hearing a case that will decide if our republic is going to continue or will degenerate into a tyranny of unlimited government power, this seems like a good time to go back and look at some of Thomas Jefferson’s thoughts on how we should interpret the Constitution.

In a letter to Supreme Court Justice William Johnson on June 12, 1823, Jefferson gave him this advice:

“On every question of construction, we should carry ourselves back to the time when the Constitution was adopted, recollect the spirit manifested in the debates, and instead of trying what meaning may be squeezed out of the text, or invented against it, conform to the probable one in which it was passed.”

This seems like a pretty solid, common sense approach to interpreting the Constitution, but we can be fairly certain that it’s not what we’ll see from the Supreme Court’s decision on Obamacare.  When it comes out later this year, read through it and count how many times the justices discuss the writings of the Founders – or even mention them.

This concept couldn’t be more important because this case would be a slam dunk if it were decided based on the Founders‘ intent.  It’s simply unreasonable to assume that our Constitution could possibly have been ratified had the people at the time believed that it gave the federal government the power to force them to buy a product.

But there is a significant chance that Obamacare will be upheld because the decision is almost guaranteed to be filled with references to the decisions of other courts and obscure legal concepts that are only loosely related to the Constitution itself.  Which brings us to another piece of advice that Thomas Jefferson had for Justice Williams that day:

“Laws are made for men of ordinary understanding, and should therefore be construed by the ordinary rules of common sense.  Their meaning is not to be sought for in metaphysical subleties which make anything mean everything or nothing, at pleasure.”

But this is exactly what we are doing by interpreting the Constitution based  on previous court decisions and how individual words can be twisted instead of relying on original intent.  After years of this approach, the Constitution now means everything and nothing all at the same time.  If Obamacare is upheld, it will mean that a document that was written to put strict limits on the government is now being used to justify giving that same government unlimited power.  Yay freedom!

Media Matters, Rush Limbaugh, and the Delusional Left-Wing

Media Matters for America has had a hard-on to nail Rush Limbaugh to the wall for years now. Since they have taken some degree of credit for the departure of Glenn Beck from FoxNews network, they’ve been riding high on their perceived accomplishments. So when the whole Sandra Fluke affair came on the scene, they leaped into action.

Annoy Rush - MMFA

ginnerobot (CC)

Contrary to what the MMFA minions might try to say, this was definitely on the back-burner for a long time now. The stickers pictured here were photographed in 2009 in Pittsburgh, PA, according to the photographer’s notes on Flickr. Sorry, but investing in stickers is a sign that an organization either already has definitive plans to deal with a given issue, or is at least in the process of making them. Then there are the claims by the folks on Twitter that are supporting this campaign to put Limbaugh out of business that they are not employed by MMFA. Yes, they probably aren’t being paid to smear not only Limbaugh, but also his advertisers. However, they are doing precisely what MMFA wants them to do.

Jeffrey Lord, former Reagan White House political director, explores the concept of left-wing tactics against Limbaugh exhaustively here. Primary to this sort of campaign working is the recruitment of “true-believers” that will carry out what the organizers want with little or no support or direction from above. So, while these campaigners might like to believe that they are not working on behalf of MMFA, they are – inadvertently at least. Lord explores the similarities between this campaign, and previous ones from socialist ideology. Of course the MMFA troops on the ground are ridiculing his contentions, presumably because they don’t even realize that they are essentially puppets for the left-wing media organization.

But don’t be lulled into thinking that this is a harmless exercise because it is being carried out by puppets. The harm that they are causing is very real. It has moved beyond simply asking advertisers not to continue supporting Limbaugh, to rather high levels of intimidation. The following video is an interview with Mark Stevens, CEO of MSCO, a marketing firm in Rye Brook, NY. Stevens contends that the left-wing campaigners against Limbaugh have gone too far, and crossed line between protesting and terrorism.

I’ve already pointed out the poisonous rhetoric seen from the left here where it’s being vented against Rick Santorum’s daughters, and here against me personally. But in the case of Limbaugh, one only needs to Google “Kill Rush Limbaugh” to see many examples of calls to violence. In the case of advertisers, however, it’s gotten to the point where anti-Limbaugh campaigners are posting phone numbers online, encouraging fellow followers to call businesses of all shapes and sizes to stop advertising.
Left-wing economic stimulus
In case anyone missed it, the economy is still not in the best shape. Small businesses have been considered the most likely candidates to pull us out of our problems. So what does the left-wing do? Of course, they engage in a virulent campaign against small business owners over a radio personality. If it stuck to just words on a screen or on the phone, it would be fine. However, as Stevens pointed out, it has taken a more dangerous turn, to the point where protesters are invading the privacy and safety of business owners. And the only sin that these businesses committed was that they recognized that their potential client pool listens to the Rush Limbaugh show. The protesters causing all of this trouble probably would never use the services of any of these small, local advertisers, and they are contacting these businesses from other states. Complaining to businesses that one would actually use is one thing, but this is something else entirely.

But other than forcing Limbaugh off the air, what could MMFA’s agenda in this really be? Well, we need look no further than the radio industry wonks for that answer.

RBR-TVBR observation: We have to wonder if all of this is actually just plain ol’ politics. We’re heading toward the presidential election and Rush’s focus has been taken off his usual ball, onto his own crisis. Limbaugh has a lot of impact on elections. The less he says against Obama and the more he says on defending himself just diminishes the sway he has with listeners, specifically independent voters. Yes, he sure did a terrible thing, but are Media Matters’ efforts really all about him at this point or affecting the influence he has with voters? Remember, George Soros gave Media Matters a $1 million donation last year. Looks like we know where at least some of that money is going. Look, Media Matters serves a good purpose as a media watchdog, but it seems to be going a bit beyond its charter lately.

So, while it might be tempting to engage the left-wing on this one, perhaps the best advice is to essentially let it slide. Do vocally and financially support the advertisers that haven’t left the show. Do write to Limbaugh with questions and topics that will get him back on the ball when it comes to Obama. Do encourage businesses that suffer from intimidation from the left-wing to take the same route Stevens has, and refuse to back down. Don’t condescend to even communicate with the MMFA minions. Just keep an eye on them, to keep up with their shenanigans.

Hanoi Jane as Nancy Reagan – Just say no!

This is one day when Jane Fonda should be thanking her lucky stars that Nancy Reagan is such a classy woman! While folks on the left might try to say that the right-wing being appalled at even the whisper of Fonda playing the former First Lady is overwrought, the fact is that it is damn near sacrilege. (That’s meaningful, coming from a heathen, by the way!)
Nancy Reagan
Granted, this project might very well end up being scrapped anyway. It has not found funding, and all the stars associated with it so far are just “rumored”. As of writing this, IMDb hasn’t included Fonda in their list of stars. As for at least some film industry wonks, they seem to be of the opinion that this is “stunt casting” – picking stars primarily to annoy people, in the hope of getting some free publicity for the project.

Shirley Jones and Nancy Reagan


That said, the suggestion of the day is to wait and see if this project gets funding. If it does and Fonda is still included in the cast, then it would be a good idea to start writing to whichever studio picks it up with the suggestion that they replace her with a more suitable actress. Given the age of Fonda, and the fact that she’s no longer considered as highly as she once was, there shouldn’t be any problem with replacing her with someone like, say, Shirley Jones. At least Jones would have far more insight into playing Reagan, since she’s at least met and interacted with her socially.

America’s Race Hustling Poverty Pimps: Al, Jesse, & Barack

As I read stories and opinions about the death of Trayvon Martin I find myself wondering how so much can go so wrong in America, the land of the free and the home of the brave. I can find enough fault on both sides of this tragedy to show the racial hatred being spewed by the usual race baiting hate mongers in the black community to be not only unnecessary but down right evil.

In the first place, George Zimmerman was told by the police that he didn’t need to follow Martin, just give them a description and be available for officers when they got there. I understand Zimmerman’s concern. When help is needed in seconds the police are often minutes, sometimes many minutes, away. Zimmerman stated he was afraid this unknown person would just disappear and the police would find nothing, take a report, and go back to what they had been doing. This happens all too often, especially in cities where police are often overwhelmed with work to do. I am not bashing police here, just making what I believe to be a fair observation. If Zimmerman had done as asked Trayvon Martin would be alive today.

On the other side of this coin are Trayvon Martin’s bad decisions. I imagined myself in this situation and asked myself, “What would I do?” if faced with being followed by an unknown person with unknown intentions. My first thought was not “to hide around the corner of a building and attack the follower when he rounded the corner”. My first thought was to get to where I was going as fast as possible. If I was not able to accomplish that before being overtaken the next choice is to find a suitable place to hide and dial 911 for help. Under no circumstances would I go on the offensive when an unknown person, who could be armed, was following me and I had no idea why. Martin’s actions were ill-advised at best, and stupid at the worst. Martin had a cell phone. Why wasn’t he calling 911 to report he was being followed by a possible assailant instead of talking to his girlfriend?

The combination of bad decisions by both of these men resulted in an unnecessary death. I understand the hurt of the parents; I know the pain of losing a son too early in life. This was a totally senseless situation brought on by bad decisions on both sides of the coin. Enough said about this, now on to the larger tragedy here.

As soon as reports of this tragedy came out, Al Sharpton, smelling a profit, crawled out from under his rock to do his usual stirring up of racial hatred before knowing any facts in the incident. George Zimmerman sounds like as white a name as I have ever heard but is he? Well, partly. It seems, now that we have more information, that he is a multi-racial Hispanic. But this information doesn’t really matter to me, as it doesn’t matter to the race baiters. The “it doesn’t matter”, however, comes for different reasons.

Race isn’t an issue to those of us who see other Americans as Americans instead of seeing race as does Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Spike Lee, the Black Panthers, and other race baiting hate mongers. We now have the Black Panthers offering a $1 million reward for Zimmerman’s head. Isn’t solicitation to commit murder a crime in America? Spike Lee has tweeted Zimmerman’s address. If Zimmerman is assaulted will Eric Holder’s “Justice Department” charge the Black Panthers and Lee as an accomplice or accessory to an assault or murder? Not likely!!!

I wonder where all of these “concerned citizens” were last week when a 90 year old white man and his 85 year old white wife were attacked in their home in Tulsa, Oklahoma by a young black man and unknown accomplices. The woman (again, 85 years old) was raped and beaten to death. The man is clinging to life in ICU at last reports. Where are the $1 million dollar offers from the Black Panthers? Where is Al Sharpton and his megaphone? Where is Jesse Jackson to offer financial help to the family of this couple as he did in the Duke Lacrosse case? Where is Spike Lee to tweet this animal’s home address for the angry mobs to go kill him? Where is Barack Obama and his condemnation of black violence against whites? Remember Eric Holder saying black on white violence would not be investigated by the same “Justice Department” who is jumping through hoops to convict Zimmerman before the sun rises tomorrow?

Last week I read a story from Chicago about a 6 year old boy killed as a result of gang violence, and a 1 year old clinging to life by a thread from the same shooting. This was black gang members trying to kill a rival, but killing babies instead. Where are the Black Panthers? Where is Al Sharpton? Where is Jesse Jackson? Where is the $1 million reward for the heads of those who hurt these innocent children in an indiscriminate shooting? Where is Spike Lee and his Twitter account when needed?

Several years ago we had the Tawana Brawley incident. She reported that white men raped her, smeared feces on her, and repeatedly called her “nigger”. After Al Sharpie crawled out from under his rock to drum up money for himself he found out it was all a lie. Did he apologize? Did he give the money back? No, he just stirred up unnecessary racial hatred, raked in his millions, and crawled back under his rock until the next opportunity arose.

Remember the Duke Lacrosse case a few years ago? A black prostitute claimed she was raped, beaten, and called “nigger” by white members of the Duke Lacrosse team. Along came Jesse and Al to the rescue. As it turned out, after the flames of racial hatred had been fanned to a roar, the entire story was found to be a huge lie. Even the District Attorney in the case did everything he could to profit politically, from a case he knew was a lie. Once again, Jesse and Al raked in their millions and crawled back under their rocks to await the next incident they could use to fan racial hatred and make a few million dollars for themselves.

And once again Barack Obama, the Usurper in Chief, has jumped into the fray to stir up racial hatred and try to gain some votes without knowing the facts. Remember the famous “beer summit” that resulted when the cop wanted to know why the college professor, who was reported by neighbors to be breaking into a house, was there? It turned out the house belonged to the professor and he had lost his key or left it somewhere. All the policeman did was his job, but he was turned into a monster by the same race baiting hate mongers we have seen so many times before. What if that had been a mugger breaking into the house of an elderly woman with no protection other than that policeman? Oh well, the white guy has to be wrong regardless of the facts. And the racism is where?

Obama was to be the first “post-racial” president, but alas, that hasn’t happened. Racial polarization is worse than it has been since the 1960’s. White people voted in droves for a black man, or half black, to prove they weren’t racists. Instead of pointing out the fact that white voters seem to be over racism he makes racial strife the keynote part of his agenda. Instead of taking the moral high ground and urging people to look at this as a tragedy that resulted from a set of preventable circumstances on both sides, he jumps in with both feet to help Al Sharpie & Company fan the flames of racial hatred. Obama has shown himself to be as racist and as much of a hate monger as the “Justice Brothers”.

All of these men call me a racist and a hate monger because I am white and believe in finding the facts first. You were able to see my view on this at the beginning of this article. What is the difference between my approach and that of the blacks who are raising so much hell about this Florida shooting? Am I or other white people out in the media calling for riots over the attack, rape, and murder of that elderly white woman by a young black man in Oklahoma? No, of course not. That would be an asinine and wrong stand to take. If I offered $1 million for his head would that be racist?

Racism is alive and well in America but it isn’t the whites who are stoking the fires of racism, or even committing racist acts. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Maxine Waters, Sheila Jackson Lee, Spike Lee, Louis Farrakhan and other liberals can’t open their mouths without fanning the fires of racism, and doing it to make a profit for themselves. They don’t care about the black community. These people only care about the money they make off of racial hatred.

The fact that Barack Obama does the same thing on a regular basis (African-Americans for Obama campaign ads, for instance) is not only an act of racism against We the People, it is detrimental to our nation. It is even more detrimental to members of the black community. Blacks are being used by profiteers. This kind of rhetoric is not conducive to a harmonious future in America. The divide and conquer tactics of these people are intended to enslave all ethnic groups, black, white, Hispanic, Asian, etc. equally.

The only way to overcome the tactics of division are for We the People to unite in rejecting those who divide us. God made all of us and all of us need to come together against the strife spread by the agents of Satan. We can come together, One Nation Under God, or we will live as one nation under tyrants. The choice is ours. As for me and my house, we choose One Nation Under God. My heart goes out to both families in this tragedy. Let’s not waste our time ripping each other apart for no good reason. Let’s unite, under GOD, against those who use tragedies like this one for profit and to divide a nation unnecessarily.

I submit this in the name of the Most holy Trinity, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

Bob Russell
Claremore, Oklahoma
March 27, 2012

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