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Obama, Liberals, and Radical Islam – The Love Affair Continues

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Liz is a mostly-retired veteran political campaign worker, wife, mom, opinionated gal, fiscal conservative, anti-social-conservative, atheist, and foreign affairs/Mid-East politics junkie.


  1. Hey has anyone seen this?


    National Religious Leaders Call on Southern Poverty Law Center
    to Withdraw from August 15 Conference with Extremist Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC)

  2. Only if people could see the devil is alive and well in every Muslim in the world! They are the evil and every evil that comes with it. None of them are to be trusted. They re precious Koran tells them to kill the unbeliever. They will kill you in a heartbeat and think nothing of it. No concise what so ever. I wish we could get rid of every one of them. We need prayer and lots of it to deal with these people of evil!

  3. Of course I could just take the same stand on Muslims that Ron Paul and other liberals take that we have no worries with Muslims attacking us because they aren’t going to do that, they are our friends. Oh really?? Do they say that? You do know that in the Koran it says that a Muslim can never tell a infidel the truth. That means they have to lie to us, right to our faces. And yes, many American’s have Muslim friends and the American’s would swear their Muslim friends would never attack us or be any kind of threat. Those people who have Muslim friends will be the first ones to find out if their friends are murderers when their Muslim friends kill them, their wives, and their children right in front of them. Then they will kill their American friend by cutting their head off. All they need is that phone call that will come in the middle of the night. Or it could be in the next five minutes. I wouldn’t want to be standing next to a Muslim when they get that call, I’ll tell you that.

  4. And you know liberals scream “racist” when there’s a situation with Blacks now. What do you think they are going to say when we have to get rid of them either before they attack us or the horrible mess they are going to make of this country AFTER they attack us? Of course I can hear liberals now, “How do you know they are going to attack us? Isn’t that a racist statement?” How I know they are going to attack us? That’s what Muslims do, that’s how I know they are going to attack us. And is it racist to say we need to get rid of them now? No!!

    It’s called NATIONAL SECURITY!!!

  5. Muslims are going to be the next race, Arab, of people we are going to have to deal with. The first thing we have to determine is why are they here? Why did they come here, really, not any of this lying butt crap about being religiously discriminated against in the country where they come from, or wanting to be a student just so they could get all their uncles, cousin’s, brothers, nephews, fathers who have come here on the student visa from liberals believing a foreigner should not be alone while they are here in this country…crap! Then when the so-called student gets all of his relatives here including the women with their five kids like the Arab woman who was crow-barred to death recently, and then the so-called student disappears with all their menfolk who as it turns out are all terrorists. They move into one of those “Islamlands” where they set up a training camp to train to kill American’s and blow stuff up. Funny thing is the FBI nor any police or any other Federal Dept. cannot go in there, ask to look around, or bother these Muslims whatsoever because the liberals believe that everyone is entitled to their privacy even if they are training to kill American’s. Sound stupid? That’s because it is stupid, and a serious violation of our National Security!

    Ohhh, but liberals are such carring people that they also include people who are from ALL the nations that used to be on the list of Islamic countries that exported terrorists and terrorism that were included as a ban on Muslims that DID exist for this nation until Bill Clinton removed that ban on Muslims coming into the country because he believed that it discriminated against a people who he believed were no threat to this nation. He believed that how could women and children be a threat to us when they weren’t known to be involved with terrorists in their native country. Sure, that’s easy for him to say since everyone in their native country ARE ALL terrorists!!!

    The saying applies to Muslims that: “It’s true that all Muslims are not terrorists, but, ALL terrorists ARE Muslims!!” How do you dispute that? And how many of the hundreds to thousands of Muslims that have come into this country since the early 90’s when the ban was removed are terrorists? Even women and old Muslim people are terrorists, and that probably the children as well. And what about our government not having a problem with Saudi Arab’s setting up Wahaabist schools that allow only Arab boys and they teach them to hate America and to kill American’s? How can we allow such schools to exist in this nation and not do anything about them??

    And if you think there are some violent Blacks, everybody knows how crazy wild and murderous Muslims are. The have such a short fuse that it doesn’t take anything at all to set these freaks off. They go ballistic over seemingly nothing at all, that they claim “offends” them. And that’s the problem we’re going to have to deal with once we get around to telling all these people they are going to have to leave.

    Yes, that’s right. We are going to have to begin deportation of all of these people because they are a serious threat to our National Security. We have Arab Muslims in our military like Major Hussein who are practicing Muslims, and are a threat to our National Security by way other than being a overt contridiction to our Constitutional way of life, they have access to military equipment and secrets. Besides the freedom they have as military men, that gives them the flexability to move around without anyone being suspicious of what they are up to. Major Hussein felt so protected that he just did all that he did and no one did anything to stop him. He has yet to even be charged because no one can figure out how to charge him as a Muslim terrorist without “offending” Muslims all over the country.

    How are we going to deal with that? On top of it all what do we do to them and with them after they attack us next? Who is going to call them terrorists that they are, and what are we going to do to them to get them out of this country then?

    Why don’t we get rid of them now before they attack us and kill no telling how many American’s?

    • We’ve been there, and done that as far as this goes. During WWII we placed Japanese-American citizens in camps, presumably to keep them from being able to assist their country of origin in making war against us. And what was the result? We ended up apologizing for it. Getting rid of Muslims wholesale is not the solution today. However, ignoring the potential dangers they pose to our national security is not the proper solution either. There is a very slender middle-ground that we should be occupying on this, but we aren’t. And to place the blame firmly on the liberals and libertarians like Ron Paul is inaccurate. There were colossal mistakes made by Republicans, particularly in the early days immediately following 9/11, if one takes Tom Ridge at his word. I do, primarily because I am intimately aware of what that man is made of because he was my governor before he was the first director of the Department of Homeland Security. We lost many opportunities to get ahead of radical Muslim groups in those early months, primarily because of in-fighting among our intelligence agencies and the Pentagon, and a sadly underfunded effort to rectify that problem. Bluntly, we still haven’t solved that issue! And that is where our current problem lies. It is not just a matter of misplaced trust in Muslims, but also a lack of an authoritative single source of intelligence on the activities of radical Islamic organizations at home and abroad. That was what the Department of Homeland Security was tasked to do in the first place, but still has not accomplished yet. Our leaders are speaking and acting in a virtual intelligence vacuum because of this. They are reacting to a great deal of incomplete and misleading information. Solve that problem first, and then we can start a meaningful dialogue on what to do about moderate Muslims, if anything. But we need much better information on the radicals first.