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Not Racist?

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  1. Its obviously racist. I dont agree with a single thing the man is about but the intentional mispelling just proves it. If it had said “Dont renege” then it would actually be a pro-obama bumper sticker. The next offense is much greater in my opinion. And that would be the offense of being “not funny”. My late friend Christopher Hitchens always said it was a terrible crime to be not funny and he is right. Look at what poor taste and minimal intelligence creates. A lousy bumper sticker and a controversy that need not be.

  2. I think this is pretty stupid and doesn’t do a damn bit of good. However, I am for Free Speech, even speech I disagree with. Couple that attitude with the fact that in the black culture the word if used thoroughly. I do not buy into that “we can say it but you can’t” mentality- leads to more Selective Outrage Syndrome.
    This is more like the Bush Haters would do, have done and worse.
    So yes, tasteless, classless, ignorant, however, the day people cannot speak as they wish out of fear or Political Correctness or Offending Others is the day we might as well roll this all up and declare Sharia Law over the land. Would be the same thing.

  3. I still see the hang GWB/Cheney for Nazi war crimes stickers. The word Redneck is being slung around today 24/7 even with TV shows using it, but somehow that demeaning term to white southerners is OK right? Funny how every other word out of “some” blacks mouths, especially in their rap songs is “Nigga” or “my nigga”, thus influencing young people to continue the use of the word, yet that’s OK too right?

    It’s all a disgustingly simple ploy to continue the “we are all victims” motto of certain worthless elements of society who expect other’s to pay their way in life for things that happened 200 years ago. It’s also kind of funny how some people will freak out when Obama is called a half-African instead of the victimhood card of half-black.

    Of course even though Breitbart proved that Congressmen were not called racist terms by offering a 100k reward for a video of it happening, the same lie was still perpetuated by DEMOCRATS to call the Tea Party racist: CNN even used the racist victimhood [lie} several times, even though it had already been debunked as just, that a big fat lie:


  4. Your nuts I have been seeing this for a year or more. It’s racist and your way behind the curve on this one. How about posting some of the disgusting things they say about the republican candidates.