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3 thoughts on “Muslims Destroy Cross, Gravestones of British WWII Vets!

  1. WillofLa

    Well, it seems that I can still get on here. I wonder what happened to my comments on Gateway? Does anyone have any idea about any computer thing that may have happened to where my comments wouldn’t go through?

    You know they won’t tell you if you’ve screwed up. You just won’t be able to post anymore.

  2. WillofLa

    Let me see if my comments will get through on this site. I was commenting on Gateway Pundit and all of a sudden I couldn’t get on anymore. You people know me. I think I’ve been posting on this site long enough for you all to see the kinds of postings I make. Do you think I’ve been out of bounds with any of my remarks where I would get bumped? I know that sometimes they are long, but I don’t violate any of the rules of the site, and there’s no limit to characters or anything. Let’s see what happens.

  3. June Marshall

    They have NO RESPECT! This is NOT the way we want OUR country to go. We need to respect what isn’t ours so others can enjoy the truth that lives on.

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