Muslims Destroy Cross, Gravestones of British WWII Vets!

By | March 21, 2012

Muslims Destroy Graves of WWII Heroes - Still from video by

Have you seen this video of the desecration of the graves of British Soldiers? It happened in Libya and the video was first published on earlier today. They not only go after the gravestones, but they attempt to destroy a cross, the emblem of the Christian religion. Watch.

Why are they doing this? Answer: Muslims were in league with Hitler and Mussolini and would have liked nothing better than to assist in the decimation of the Jewish race. WWII represents a humongous failure of their radical ideology.

It happens every time radical Islam takes hold in a country and it is happening here with the building of a Mosque on ground zero in New York City, the largest Muslim act of terrorism in the history of the world.

These people will build their mosques to celebrate their victories and they will eradicate the shrines of other religions to hide their shame.

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3 thoughts on “Muslims Destroy Cross, Gravestones of British WWII Vets!

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  3. June Marshall

    They have NO RESPECT! This is NOT the way we want OUR country to go. We need to respect what isn’t ours so others can enjoy the truth that lives on.

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