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Media Pushing False GM Success Story to Reelect Obama

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  1. I think what we are witnessing in the Obama campaign is the sinking of the titanic. His poll numbers if they were really calculated correctly would indicate a man with around 40% approvel. Romney will win this election I believe because most of the electorate now realize that the liberal media sold us an empty suit in 2008 but we will not buy their lies in 2012. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

  2. I think alot of American citizens are disgusted with the liberal media being Obamas propaganda machine. Are we not a free country anymore? And, why is congress letting him get away with absolute rnsacking taxpayer money. The man is an empty suit, incapaple of running the free world as noticed by the stripping away of the freedoms we now have. He is definitelynot a man to be trusted.