Media Brainwashing Techniques: How Do we Overcome It?

By | March 9, 2012

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3 thoughts on “Media Brainwashing Techniques: How Do we Overcome It?

  1. Scindere

    I agree with much of what you have said and some of the comments left by the other two individuals. The republicans and democrats are definitely a flip side of the same coin. All media (including presstv, rt_tv, and the real news network) presents information from a particular perspective that is motivated to propagate a given agenda. “We the People” are told what issues to care about (e.g. global warming, corporate welfare, tax reform, unions, etc) and the talking points that define “two” sides. This presents a false dichotomy (e.g. unions must be good or bad) that masks the complexity of our current situation.

    With respect to education…public school systems fail to teach critical thinking. Why? Might this have something to do with No Child Left Behind which punishes schools that fail to “teach to the test”? I cannot say that institutions of higher education fail to teach critical thinking. Does higher education feed “the pig troughs of the Liberal/Progressives” because of liberal bias? Perhaps they have fed into these pig troughs because Liberals/Progressives provide rhetoric which combats the binary thinking manifest in Republican discourse (e.g. gays are bad, religion is good, etc). Nevertheless, we would all agree that Repubs and Dems both serve the highest bidder.

    I will briefly elaborate on some other points of concern. First, it is interesting that you say “We the People” constitutes 67% of the population. Where are you getting this figure? Why are you choosing to exclude the remaining 33% from We the People? Do they not matter? Or are you only considering “We the People” to be defined as those who agree with your ideological commitments (whatever those might be)?

    I also have one more point of concern. I think that there is a danger in stating that “We need God first”. Yes, individuals may “put God first” and that is perfectly fine. Individuals should be free to express their religious views as long as those expressions do not trample upon the sovereignty of others.

    I am not willing to trade an oligarchy for a theocracy! Thankfully the constitution prevents a radicalized majority (who may be Christian) from trampling upon the rights of those who do not identify with this religion. This is obviously needed to protect 100% of “We the People” from a proportaional majority who may wish to violate the freedom of those who disagree with their religious affinity.

    Aside from these concerns I agree with the major thesis of your article. The American people need to wake up and stand against the current institutions of power.

  2. Teri Hinkle

    The truly “educated” understand that BOTH sides are but the flip side of the SAME COIN. It’s not just higher education which is in fact indoctrination. Our grade schools are now “work training” facilities and were planned to be so. In fact that was the very intension and reason for the establishment of the Department of Education and the government take over in the first place. The software designed to replace written text was developed using Pavlovian Dog techniques. Critical thinking, independent goals and aspirations are off limits. Everyone must be the same, none should shine. Which means the gifted must be brought down to the level of the least capable because the least capable cannot be raised to the level of the gifted.

    There is no difference today between parties except that one tends to be sneakier than the other. In any case they are puppets to their bosses and that does not mean us! We haven’t seen an un-rigged election in a very, very long time. Media, video games, movies and even books are used to FORM our opinions for us and to ensure the power of those who must manipulate to remain in control.

  3. Ivan Poulter

    Of late, I have been considering the concept of brainwashing, and have concluded that it is a term, that is little too clean.

    The educated are not informed as much as they are indoctrinated with poison against reason. Hence, to me the educated have fed at the pig troughs of the Liberal/Progressives.

    Listen to every report for Romney these days and he has the educated voting for him, while Santorum and Ginrich have the uneducated, the Bible-toting people with them.

    Who are these educated supporting Romney? Nearly all of them come from Liberal/Progressive or Democrat States.

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