The Fate of the Nation: Why Conservatives Need to Engage Intellectuals and Moderates

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  • “The simplest explanation for our country‚Äôs incessant drive towards central government is that we conservatives have failed to advance the system of liberty and free enterprise on moral grounds.”

    Actually, the simplest explanation is that conservatives have driven the country towards central government when it suited their purposes to do so, i.e. to impose a moral agenda or start a convenient war. Conservatives only complain when it’s the other side that centralizes power to do something they *don’t* like. You clowns were all on board for the PATRIOT Act. Conservatives in this country HAVE no moral grounds any more when it comes to freedom. A pox on both your houses.

  • This is a well written op-ed that begins to identify the increasing divide between liberals and conservatives. He espouses values I think most Americans can agree with – minimal government to protect rights.

    I feel he fails to do any reconciliation with the middle or left however and reveals a reverse elitism – implicitly saying ‘the people’ are better than ‘the intellectual elite’. Why not just call people what they are? All people are ‘the people’. And anyone can think and reason – he is doing that and adding a healthy dollop of emotional rhetoric.

    I think this constant divide needs to stop. The, “Why won’t they just agree to be just like me” from both sides. Government makes laws that favor whoever is in power, and protect what they see as basic rights. From the left, all children having shelter and food (socialism). And from the right, abortion (right to life). These laws will impact your life and take away freedoms that some (the corrupt powerful and possibly unknowing) have used to hurt others.

    Most of these situations we can agree with, especially in retrospect (unions preventing child labor). Protection from ourselves = government. If everyone could be trusted, we wouldn’t need it.