How A Racist Calculates

By | March 26, 2012

Found this in a post that said Trayvon would still be alive, if “he was a white kid”.  If you comment, please do so respectfully.  No vulgarity and no racism.

David Horsey, Los Angeles Times

“This is not about black nor white, but of right and wrong. Had Trayvon Martin been a white kid walking home in the rain he would still be alive. That makes this an act of racism, which is both very sad and wrong. They need to put Zimmerman behind bars.

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3 thoughts on “How A Racist Calculates

  1. Jim Britt

    Let me get this straight; if a white kid had jumped this Hispanic (no he wasn’t white!) guy and tried to take his gun the gun wouldn’t have gone off???

    Give me a break!!

    If it had been a white victim Al Sharpton would be marching in favor of the Hispanic saying the white guy was at fault!


  2. Richard

    If it were a white kid who was stupid enough or arogant enough to jump on an armed security guard and start pounding on him, he would be just as dead as the black kid in question – but then it wouldn’t be a race thing. Is that what it is now???

    1. Anonymous

      If if is not a race yhing, thrn why are you so inclined to vehemently suggest it id not? The fact that people in general are so emotionally drawn to this tragedy is because it is inherently racist.

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