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House Budget Proposal Votes Tell an Interesting Truth

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  1. Want budget solutions to fix what ail’s America? Follow the Constitution on every count, and even Ryan’s bill plays Democrat economic games in lawmaking. Even Ryan can’t stop playing the lawmaking game. And that’s what has happened and that is no one seems to understand how to get back to pure Constitutional governing. They seem to have real problems when it comes to running the country according to the Constitution because for the past 50+ years Democrats/Socialists have been deconstructing our Constitutional government and replaced it with Socialist style governing, and more importantly Socialist style lawmaking. And Ryan is making law according to Socialist style lawmaking and not Constitutional lawmaking which is what our House is supposed to be doing, but they can’t.

    And the reason why is because that part of our government doesn’t work anymore according to the Constitution. Our lawmaking process only works when Democrats are making law and no one else, the Republican’s, can make law according to Democrat lawmaking processes because they aren’t Constitutional. That is why Democrats can write bills that are clearly going around the Constitution or ignoring the Constitution in order to get done what they believe needs to be done to certain American’s or certain businesses or certain Wall Street investment communities which is what the creation of Fannie/Freddie was created for and that was to give Wall Street a way to make money off of all the houses American’s owned and that were for sale. This is how Democrats make law. Not according to the Constitution but according to Democrat DECREE.

    Look the word up and tell me that is not what Democrats have been doing for decades. Decree, not law. Law must agree with the Constitution. Decree does not.

  2. Something so serious is going to have to happen to this country, but in favor of going back to conservatism and Constitutionality, that most all American’s would be demanding the abolishment of Socialism and Communism and repeal of the Civil Rights Act so that Black American’s would know that with the inclusive laws that were made during and around the time the Civil Rights Act, which should be revealed for what it really is and that is The Black Rights Act, because it can’t be “civil” because “civil” means “the civilization” which would include everyone no matter what race you were would all have the same rights. Well, the Constitution takes care of that by exclaiming that everyone already have the same protected rights as anyone else. Well, the Democrats didn’t want to just come up with the law that solved the whole problem Blacks were encountering and that was being treated like Second Class citizens by not allowing them to come in the front door of resturants/cafe’s, theaters, etc., and being discriminated against for jobs, by coming up with a single law that removed all those restrictions on Blacks, and making it against the law to discriminate against Blacks in any way.

    The rest of the rights Blacks would have would have been restated by Democrats pointing out that the Constitution covered all the rest of the rights they needed and didn’t need any more. But in order to enslave Blacks and guarantee that Blacks would have more rights than any other race Democrats gave Blacks Welfare, i.e. repairations, and Food Stamps, i.e. free food, and exam and tuition free education to colleges and universities that were public institutions covered by government funding.

    Of course the government funding would have to be banned and force the Democrats to follow the Constitution when it came to what departments they were allowed to create in order to grow government and have power over the people’s power to control their own educational needs and any other thing like that. All that was unConstitutional and shouldn’t have been allowed if they were obeying the Constitution. If Blacks didn’t pass the entrance exams they didn’t get to get into those colleges and should send a signal to them that they were going to have to study harder to get in, have better grades to begin with, or otherwise they would have to go to Trade School, or just go get a job and maybe later they could go to a community college which some call a “junior college” for further educational needs they may have.

    All that bull crap coming from the Civil Rights Act provided was all unConstitutional, but Democrats didnt’ want to obey or use the Constitution to provide rights for Blacks because they felt the Constitution wouldn’t have gone as far as they wanted to go with the growth of government. That is Socialism.

  3. The second part 2) would cause such a cry of “RACISM” from the Blacks who are the one’s who are causing all the trouble from the Martin shooting, that they would immediately hit the streets with guns and just start shooting the first White person they saw. This would cause such a rage on the part of Democrats because we would be taking the voter base of Democrats away from them that their heads would explode. They would pull out all the stops to tell American’s that the Republican’s were trying to kill off Black representation and they weren’t going to stand aside and let it happen. All the while during the time they would be blowing all that smoke and mirrors they would have already been on the phone to their Black NGO’s, Black rights organizations, the Black Panther’s, I refuse to call them the “New” Black Panther’s because they haven’t changed except they have become much more political now rather than be this paramilitary group they were back in the 60’s when Hillary Clinton and a whole bunch more of Democrats who are Congresswomen now, and teachers like Derrick Bell. I’m sure the Democrats would be calling the Communist Party USA to get out all their hoodlum’s to hit the street and start as much trouble as they could, to.

  4. In the last sentence of the third paragraph, it makes note of 1)”With the current race-baiting media circus of the Trayvon Martin tragedy being used by the “fake Democrats” to further divide the nation this week, 2)maybe it’s high time American’s call for the immediate disbanding of the discriminatory CBC.”

    The first part 1) tells us who these people really are. The Black Caucus has become all Socialist/Communist now. The originally created in order to give Blacks their own personal group of Black representatives who always represent racist Blacks and their issues or repairations and White control deconstruction of the nation, throw out the White man’s Constitution and create one just for Blacks since they see everything through the eyes of a slave and what that mean’s just to Blacks only. They cannot look at the Black race as American’s who now have had the same rights of Whites and other races in this country, since 1963. Because if they did every Black who is not trying to go back and live as decently as they were before 1963 when 80% of all Blacks were married before they had their first child, had good jobs, were voting, and living as best they could with racial laws as they were back then, those laws were abolished in 1963. Since then what have Blacks been doing for themselves?

    Democrats made sure they weren’t going to take their new found freedoms and use them to make their race just as productive and decent living as they were before 1963 but with full citizenship allowing to significantly improve their economic situation. In other words Democrats made sure Blacks were even more enslaved than they were since they were picking cotton on the plantation and had nothing. And the reason why Democrats had to do that is because as Black rose up through society they would find they were perfectly able to take care of themselves and didn’t need the Democrats anymore. Democrats wouldn’t have anyone who wanted them to represent them anymore and would cease to exist as a party.

    That would expose Democrats to be who they really are and that is greedy power hungry Socialist who want to use government to make themselves wealthy and even more powerful and rich so that they could go back to the days of the big plantations where all Democrats came from to begin with. I can prove that.

  5. Thanks for the overview, DJ.