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0 thoughts on “For Obama, Change Is Difficult To Achieve

  1. WillofLa

    If there ever was a list that needs to be on TV and shown to the American people, this is it! And make all effort to show the sign behind these criminals standing in front of where is says “Honest” government. No, they are the most dishonest government in recent memory because they are so open about how they are hiding so much that it would shock the hell out of the American people. ACORN was trying to cover what they were doing in 2006, but after they found they were going to get away with what they were doing, in 2008 they were completely open in the fraud they were committing to the point where video after video they acted like “what gives you the right to tell us what to do” attitude. Until that is, Andrew Breitbart videoed a ACORN office worker telling these two people who went in there posing as a prostitute and her pimp who were wondering how to file their income taxes. And the worker proceeded to tell them how to avoid paying any taxes at all. That is something that Blacks all know about and act on and that is avoiding paying income taxes and acting like they’re all poor, and filing for Welfare and Food Stamps and getting them based on fraudulant tax forms.

    The Obama administration is the most open fraudulant administration there has ever been in the history of this nation. Everyone else before Obama has tried to cover up as much as they could and not let any one find out about what they were up to. Obama doesen’t believe he needs to do any of that.

    What’s wrong with THAT picture?