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Fluke Free Birth Control

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  1. If she can afford to go to law school at Georgetown, she can pay for her birth control pills. They’re not that expensive.

  2. Look, the word on this girl is that she hasn’t touched a man her entire time in law school. Women, yes. She never mentioned a medical need for contraceptives which, straight or gay, some women might require.

    Now, Fluke does put out…fake testimony that is. She’s a paid shill, the question we have to answer is: for whom?

  3. The left has same sex marriage, so they don’t need free birth control!!

  4. littlebitofsanity

    I don’t know if you all know how insurance works, but where I come from it isn’t free. I pay a monthly deductible and have a copay on all prescriptions. It sure would be nice if all of us sane, rational people would attack the issue, not the person bringing it forth.

    • Fluke and the left attacked us. They assumed we want to harm women. No one is denying access to Birth Control and the secret agenda item abortion. Where is my right to prevent ppl from continually raiding my pockets for personal choice non health related expenditures? If you want Birth Control (which is not healthcare)you can contract with your insurance company for a policy rider, pay for it yourself and leave me alone. BTW I think this future lawyer tried to threaten us. If we don’t give her BC she is just going to cost us more later with an unwanted pregnancy!! Really is that the lefts argument? Pathetic!

    • its a made up issue to divert attention away from the miserable failure and blithering idiot in the oval office.

    • Well, let’s just do that. First of all, attacking Ms Fluke’s ideas is not attacking her. If she is going to stand in front of this country and whine about something that costs 5 dollars a month that she and her partners can’t seem to afford on their own, then we have every right to point out how ridiculous this is and how idiotic she appears. The real question now is, do you believe in the constitution or do you believe the president can dictate (as in dictator) what people have to buy for others or not, regardless if they are religious organizations or not? I support the constitution. So to Sarah, I say “Fluke You”

  5. Wait…. I dont get it. Yes, I don’t want to be the one subsidizing what is essentially unneeded medicine, but I don’t understand why funding a few condoms or generic pills is any worse than abortions that will be under the majority of health plans in the future. Do I want to fund such a person’s sex life? I hardly know the lady, assuming she is real, but I dont think its going to be anywhere near as expensive as her supposedly subsidized abortions that would come as a result.
    But in the end the best birth control is parenting, which if my observations are correct, is not happening. If our nation falls apart because a few feminists got their contraceptives, I would be very surprised. I would have thought it would have come from the failures of the previous generation to teach the current from cradle rather than from its most dramatic and stressful stages of life through legislation and fear mongering.

    • The Government has no business forcing anyone to pay for birth control or abortions in America period let alone breaching 1st amendment constitutional restrains.. Because of Obama-care, Government will have it’s fingers into every aspect of our lives Womb to Tomb.. Because of the few perceived needy, all will suffer. Obama-care is just the beginning of the end of our freedom as we know it by design.
      Anyone honest enough with themselves to open their eyes and do the math on this, would plainly see the chain links to tyranny.

      • Well said Tony. Guns, Smokers, Light Bulbs, Cars, Now Birth Control…we the government will decide what you want and need.

        This is the belief that society trumps the rights of the individual. That is not the founding of THIS country. It was in Plato’s Republic, Utopia, and the Communist Manifesto. Each of those also believe is killing adults that no longer benefit society.

  6. Excellent job Tony! This one NEEDS to get shared big time! I am so sick of the liberal left whining for other peoples money! The name Sandra Fluke should be put out there for her begging rant for Americans to fund her sexual escapades!
    Excellent work! I’m adding this to Boehner’s wall for sure! He’s another one that we all had faith in and who is a disappointment…
    Well done Tony!

    • Thank you Corkie… I can’t believe this woman hasn’t the shame to see just how pitiful she really is, Complaining because somebody isn’t paying for here birth control… Like she’s a victim… But then again she’s very blinded by her ideology… I think this is part of their strategy though, The worst presidential record in U.S. history and we’re talking about FREE birth control?!?!?!?

  7. Why should we pay for this whore’s birth control under the geize of women’s health care? BS. What about breast cancer or uterine cancer I don’t see the liberals all worked up for those women health issues.

    • They have the worst presidential record in U.S. history, they have to divert peoples attention away with a stupid issue like this.
      Thanks for the Comment MrsB

  8. Good work, Tony! Typo though: RespoNsibility

  9. This lady really is disgustingly selfish. It’s astonishing.

    • I wish it was a hearing and not simply a leftist press release. I would ask five very short questions.
      1. Did you know Georgetown was Catholic when you applied?
      2. If not, did they hide it from you somehow?
      3. Were you forced to attend against your will?
      4. Was there no other school willing to accept you?
      5. Are you stupid?