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Democrats vote to keep a minority in the shadows

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  1. Very good read here. Also of note is the fact that those evil home-schoolers can’t have thier lunches taken away from the by the big government-puppet food police either. What really rankles politicians is that home-schoolers do well on tests and score higher than the dumbed-down-in-the-name-of-diversity public sector.

    Fewer critical thinkers then results in more votes for Liberal [fake} Democrats.

  2. Some years ago I thought that “homeschooling” meant that some parent who had the proper cridentials to teach, held school in their “home”, hence “home school”. But then when I voiced that opinion to my wife and some other people, they told me that my idea was not correct. They said that it was where the parent teaches their own kid and no others. I was shocked. I thought, “What a waste to time!!” “How would you ever get your kids to take you for their teacher, or think that what you were saying was what they needed to learn.” And, “How in the hell could a regular, no one special, could ever learn to teach everything they would need to know in order to give their kids a quality education all the way up through high school????” That’s why I first thought, “What a waste of time.” That meant how could one person teach one or two kids all the way up through high school and not give any other kid the benefit of what they were able to do for their own, they should WANT to share this environment with other children whose parents might not be able to acquire the needed apptitude to teach in the way it would need to be in order to give their own children the education they need, especially at high school level.

    My question is why isn’t it that way, where someone who is teaching their children, allow some other children into their home and charge some so that some other family could have their kids get a homeschooled education?

  3. I’ll tell you what scares liberals the most about homeschooling and that is if they, and private schools end up being the only choice White people have in order to have their kids receive some kind of education, the so-called, public, schools will end up being 100% BLACK!! Then the whole issue of Blacks tearing the doors off of the non-Black public education system will have all been for nothing, because the White kids found another way to get their kids educated and hired at all the good paying jobs that Black kids STILL can’t get, then the liberals will have wasted all the effort and blood, sweat, and tears for nothing!!! When the White woman takes it upon herself to stay home and teach the kids herself there won’t be a damn thing Black mothers would be able to do to compete with that by getting the government to take something away from the table in order to further punish Whites for being smarter and more ambitious than Blacks.

    That, and the fact that Whites would demand that they not be forced to pay for school for Black kids when they won’t have any of their kids in those schools. That would be like paying taxes for Blacks to be given Welfare and Food Stamps when most of the working Whites who are paying the taxes that Blacks get the money from, no longer want to pay those taxes. This would be just like that. Why pay taxes into schools that White kids no longer go to? And if Whites could get to stop paying taxes so that Black kids will get well built, well supplied, new books every year, good food that is cleared by the FDA to be nurishing, and air conditioned in opposition to Maurice Strong’s beliefs American’s don’t deserve to have air conditioning at home AND at work to. Whites may demand they be exempt from those and any future taxes that take care of someone else, and the fact that they don’t get any access to the benefits from those taxes.