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0 thoughts on “ Shifts the Narrative…Again.

  1. madamefang

    We need to educate the public about what critcal race theory is and how this affects what the president does. We need to show clips of Derrick Bell explaining his theory and then use clips showing the president acting on on that theory. Once you understand the thrust of of this theory, the president’s actions come into sharp focus. We must show, not tell.

  2. DJ Redman

    Love the part where the fear factor was tried to be used to call him a racist, after which he wisely used it to bring up the Black Panthers at the poll issue where Obama DOj refused to prosecute them because Holder will not go after “his people.” (2nd vid) Good stuff! The real vetting begins.. meanwhile they blow it all off as a “bombshell.”

  3. smokin'madOkie

    Oh, and let’s not miss this tasty little irony. During Soladad’s panel, it was heavily insinuated that Joel is a racist. If you noticed, Joel almost had a smirk on his face during this. What the lefties don’t know, is that Joel commented on a blog today that the only black he was scared of was his mother-in-law.

    LUV IT!!!!! Breitbart is here.