Biden’s “gaffe” really a revelation?

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  • i mean, it’s time to pick our battles, i suppose. if you push down on your peddle at the green light, or if you get the large popcorn, or if you get the footlong instead of the 6-inch, you could probably do your part to help this world (and its economy, remember). i don’t know why this has to be part of our platform. but maybe i’m stupid. i don’t know.

  • i’m a conservative, but why is it that a better, more equitable world has become something we’re against? for pennies most of us wouldn’t miss, we could help others. something doesn’t add up here.

  • This Millenium Challenge is something all conservatives should know about. Had a professor in Political Economy from the London (Socialist) School of Economics who raved about it the entire course. That should make us all very wary.