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Are The Rights of American Workers Being Violated?

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  1. extortion at it's finest! says:

    I do not want to stay in our Union and I am being forced to pay dues I no longer feel is going for a cause I believe in. I work for the Dept of Justice, BOP.
    The past Union meeting was another issue in it’s self. Over 50 some members showed up to vote to arbitrate for two terminated staff. The Union President let the two staff members be present during the vote. It got so out of control, with threats and pressure to vote yes for them that some members were too scared to vote at all. They intimidated members, let the two sit in during the votes, others were writing down names of people who voted no, and saying they were scabs, and would not be represented in the future. The terminated staff member admitted to smoking marijuana, which is why he was terminated, at the meeting, and the on camera stole approximately $500 dollars worth of kefee items and Staff dining food to give to inmates he said worked for it, when 6 to 7 members put in memo’s against this staff member. Both were fired!
    > We who are standing up for right and wrong and zero tolerance for a drug-free work place, are being talked about in a bad light, such as not representing us, not responding to body alarms if we need help inside those walls. The next day HR was swamped with staff dropping off and asking for drop the union forms. I had mine filled out and was refused by one e-board member saying only the President can sign them. I called the President and he said my EOD date and I am 4 days past the 45 days, I told him its past practice because I know of at least 4 members who got out not within the 45 days. I was there when a member went to President to get it signed, he signed his and the member turned it in to HR and left for the day. Pres. called HR and had it stopped. The member was furious, another member got his torn up by the President in front of him. I know you can somehow see lots have dropped out, and per the master agreement:
    > Article 8 section B Any such allotment shall be strictly voluntary on the part of
    > each employee and nothing in this Agreement may be construed to
    > require any employee to become or remain a member of a Union or to
    > pay dues in any manner to a Union, except as required by 5 USC,
    > Chapter 71, 7115 et. seq.
    > Lots more are trying to drop out and being refused. I called Grand Prairie, who takes our dues off, after asking HR, and they are following what GP is telling them. I talked to a women in the possessing unit and asked her to read the above master agreement; she went to ask her supervisor about it. She called me back and stated “The way we are suppose to interpret the master agreement is, once you sign up, section B no longer pertains to you, Section G now only pertains to you”. I said, where does it state that in section B., and it’s your interpretation not mine. I stated if it was stated in section B that once I signed up the section B will no longer pertain to me I would not be having a conversation with you, it would be in writing. She said they can’t release my dues without an e-boards signature, they are refusing to do so. I and many other staff are calling this extortion. Why must we pay for something we don’t agree with, weather its how the money is being used, or political reasons, or financial hardship. It’s nobodies business why we want out when we want out. It should be on our EPP page as an allotment to add and cancel when ever we want to. I know the Rail Road has it that way on their EPP page. This is an ongoing battle, and I can’t seem to get our District 9 or the National AFGE to respond to my e-mails, or messages. If any one can help, please contact me. Thanks.

  2. SUSANM says:


  3. WillofLa says:

    This article is too long for me to be able to read right now, I’ve got some crap going on right now and I can’t read it, I’ll read it later.

    Based on the question of whether or not American workers rights are being violated by being forced to pay union dues that are going to political parties of who the union members oppose, there is only one answer to that question and it is, YES, American workers rights are being violated if they are being forced to pay dues that are going to the Democrat Party, LaRaza, or anything else, even the Union itself if that union is engaged in anything political like it is not supposed to be, the members dues are being taken for purposes other than what the worker wants it taken for.

    It is violating the workers rights to take money from them to go to something the worker opposes.

    That is like taking money from a church and using it for paying for abortions. Same thing. No it’s not money that is taken by contract, that a person who goes to the church to work is forced to pay, but it is money that is being used for something the person opposes. And that violates a person’s religious beliefs of what they want their money used for.

    The same for a union worker it’s money being used to go to something the worker opposes, yes.

    You could say the same thing about our taxes that we are being forced to pay. It to is going towards something that we oppose, and that is Socialist Democrat economic and societal purposes we oppose.