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Andrew Breitbart: Still Winning

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  1. Good point WillofLa! I’ve always felt that if you have to insult someone with a cussword, you’ve lost the argument. I think Rush Limbaugh realized that this week in his comments about the so called ‘co-ed’ law student. If you want to tick off the liberals, keep to the facts, it drives them crazy every time.

    Thanks Michelle for posting this. Madison Rising rules. I’m so jealous that you met them at CPAC.

  2. Now, I’m going to say something controvercial. Just as Blacks are said to not be able to be racist, what we find as the truth is they are more racist than anyone ever thought. And in the same vein, as it is said that liberals are so compassionate and have such a deep reverence for the soul of man(not recognizing GOD as the creator), what we find is the depth of their hatred, perversion, and sickness is an abiss that in the case of leadership in Washington, socialites, elitest in San Fransico, and New York, is without a doubt, bottomless.

    I’m afraid to go on such sites as the Huffington Post, Media Matters, and other left wing sites because the language I’ve heard them use to describe Rush and conservatives in general may even be beyond my vocabulary, and that’s saying alot. But I can swear with the best of them but that’s just so many words. It’s when the left really find themselves a worthy target, they can really let it hang out.

    What is wrong with American’s that they don’t see what the problem is? You know, you can tell the difference between someone who has deep and unrepentant anger, and someone who is just throwing something around looking for attention. These people are truely eaten up with hate of everything that is holy and true.