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Andrew Breitbart: Not Lost in Our Hearts and Minds

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  1. My spouse and I didn’t know much about Breitbart til we saw him on TV after the Anthony Weiner story broke. Then I read as much of his work as I could find. The words of his enemies now bolster my belief that Breitbart indeed had the right stuff. I am sorry he has left us so soon.

  2. It’s not a culture war we are fighting. It’s a war of good vs. evil and Andrew was one of the good guys on the front lines. He will be missed.

  3. Very well said, Kyle.

    On many days when I felt that the fight against the left and Obama was an impossible fight to win, I,d turn to “The Bigs” for information and inspiration to pick my discouraged self up off the floor and get back into the fight.

    I,ve lost a true Patriot warrior of a mentor. America has lost a real truth-telling, unapologetic conservative icon. Godspeed Andrew, and our prayers go out for your family.