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One thought on “America’s Race to the Bottom: Barack Obama and Critical Theory

  1. David Paul

    Just a few highlights which I found unbelievably well-put and crucial to the overall argument:

    The “inexcusable injustices” which those of African heritage suffered for much of American history was not “an inherent flaw of the Natural Rights philosophy that animated the American revolution and championed the essential equality of all people.”

    Thus, violently overthrowing the “established order” or the American system that has been built upon Natural Rights philosophy – which some groups have espoused – is not at all the equivalent to “justice.”

    “But the left has done more to promote inequality in the black segment of the population through its purposeful perpetration of welfare dependency and its subsidization of self-destructive behavior than the free market ever has. To argue contrary would be racist in one’s presumptions that individuals are inherently unequal by race and can’t compete in a level economic playing field.”

    I have often tried to put this very thought into words. The assumption (which the left often makes) that arguments against pervasive welfare are inherently racist is itself a racist assumption, because it assumes that certain “racial” groups are incapable of competing in a free society.

    Excellent work.

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