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0 thoughts on “Why Democrats Fear Ultrasound and Photo ID

  1. Georg Felis

    How about some “compromise” that the Democrats seem so keen on.

    Everybody who votes will be required to purchase one pill of Sudafed. After all, the Government can require the purchase of health insurance, so obviously they can require the purchase of a drug. Now since the voter is buying a restricted medication, they will have to provide a Photo ID.

    That’ll make their heads pop….

  2. RKae

    Funny how they believe in “choice,” but only “A.) Abortion.” If you try to convince anyone of choice “B.) Life” they shoot through the roof. If choice is indeed the issue, then “B” is just as valid as “A.” But Tim Tebow and his mom do an ad where they basically said, “We’re glad we chose life,” and the pro-abortionists exploded.

    Weird how when I want to delete “Heat of the Moment” from my iTunes playlist of ’80s hits, it asks me “Are you SURE you want to do this?” But we shouldn’t ask that about a human life?

    Weird. …And sick.