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Who Is Really Behind The “Occupy” Movement? Andrew Breitbart Wants To Know.

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  1. Let’s count how many burgers the Occupy members chow down on every day! If they are all one of mind, then they ought to be following what the government says is good to eat. If not then they are just a bunch of people who have an agenda, and that is to disrupt this next election in hopes that what they have planned will keep us away from the polls.

    What do you want to bet that Occupier’s will be used like the Black Panther’s were used to keep people away from the polls who were going to vote against Obama. They are just causing trouble right now. But I believe that they have a much more sinister mission to finish, and that will become more clearer when this movie comes out and we see what they do as we get to November. We are at war, and we may have to shoot our way to the voting places and shoot our way home!

  2. Oooooo! I can’t wait to see this. I have my theory and it is, the Occupy bowelmovement is run by the Communist Party USA and it’s affiliates in the Obama administration, who are mostly Communists. Why are there even Communists running major parts of our government? I thought it was against the law for Communists to hold major political positions that control major divisions and Dept.’s of our government.

    When did the Democrats pass law allowing Communists to hold high level government positions that affect the lives of every American citizen? I know they’ve always been there, but at low level jobs, and back in the shadows. But now we see Obama appointing card carrying Communists, Socialist, Maoists, and other kinds of America haters working in Dept’s whose powerful positions pass rules every day that affect our lives.

    Take for instance the little kid whose lunch from home was taken from her and she was given what the government deemed healthy. Sabelious sits in front of a investigation committee today and tells the panel she doesn’t think parents “know” what is good for their own children. Really?? What do her kids eat, nuts and berries?