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0 thoughts on “On the Menu

  1. TinaTB

    Love it as always, Tony. I agree with Corkie – you’d think the woman would find a more worthwhile cause to rally around as opposed to turning herself into the food police knocking at everyone’s proverbial door. Based upon the latest findings in regard to health & diet issues, it would appear that the gov’t seems to know less about nutrition than they do about fiscal responsibility – and that’s saying something right there. As badly as the gov’t screws up everything else they touch, you’d think people would be terrified at the thought of the gov’t dictating ANYTHING when it comes to our food consumption…. and yet we still have plenty of zombies out there who believe that the gov’t knows best. Unbelievable.

  2. Corkie Taylor

    HAAA! You said this right Tony! Michelle Obama has gone off the deep end! You’d think she could come up with some other project to rally around like the homelessness and joblessness that is so prevalent in America! Well done my friend! Love the look on the guys face! HAAA!

      1. Lech Dharna

        When we have so much political insanity around us, it’s probably easy to stay “inspired”, eh, Tony? Keep up the good work!