Tyranny Alive and Well in Oklahoma’s State Government

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  • Teri,

    I don’t know who Randy Brogdan is but is he a conservative who ran against Fallin? Then along with recalling these representatives, recall the governor as well, and give Mr. Brogdan the job!

    I have a joke name for this governor, “Failin'” She’s “failin'” the citizen’s of Oklahoma.

  • I suggest the voters of Oklahoma begin a massive recall petition of every one of these usurpers, and unConstitutionalists who don’t care about the will of the people. They only care about how much money Obama and his Communist government could “give” them, and that was the whole reason other than Oklahoma rejecting ObamaCare under the 10th Amendment, and that was these men were elected to protect the citizens from a tyrannical government that is out of control. These representatives obviously don’t care about how our Constitution protects America’s citizens. They only care about how much money they can get from Obama’s stash they don’t have to account for. And you know alot of that will be going on. “Oh where’s the money for that program?”, “I don’t know what happen to the money, now cough up more taxes to make up for it!” That’s what we’d be hearing from these crooks.

    I say if you can’t wait to throw them out at the end of their terms, then recall them right now!!

  • Too bad OK didnt vote in Randy Brogdan. He is not a RINO! That’s why I didn’t like Fallin