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The Glitterati Strikes Again in Minnesota: Target Mitt Romney

The Glitterati struck not once but twice today when GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney came to Minneapolis on a campaign stop.

Members of a gay rights organization known for attacking GOP candidates with glitter struck again in Minneapolis, doubling down on Romney as he entered an event and when he was departing. The video produced by the organization is included below. The group is unhappy with the candidate’s stance on gay marriage. Most of the GOP candidates have been attacked at least once in this way, to include current candidates Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich.

It’s one thing to protest and tell your elected officials how you feel. It is another to assault them, even if it is just with glitter. It doesn’t add credibility to your cause in my view and it interferes with the access we all have to the candidates.

Question. Would this kind of behavior be tolerated if the candidate was Barack Obama? You be the judge. Watch:

Occupy Minneapolis Double Glitter-Bombs Mitt Romney – YouTube

Mitt Romney at a Minneapolis campaign stop following a glitter bombing

Former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty along with campaign staff brush glitter off of GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney


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