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Sick of Fake Conservatives

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  1. Kelsonus is so right on target, as I read his post it sounded as if I was talking to myself! lol

    Constitutionalists must seize control of the GOP from the entrenched pseudo-democRATs known as “Repussicans” in my blog. Examples would be John McCain, Lindsay Graham, Mitt Romney and Richard Lugar. How bout these two classics from the past? Arlen Specter and Lincoln Chaffee! LOL

    Here’s the sad part, after 24 years of talk radio blather, Rush Limbaugh has been unable to fix the GOP by wresting control of our party from the Repussicans. Not enough people tune in to talk radio so what should we do? Get out there and become a “Grassroots Trooper”. Engage anyone and everyone who crosses your path about the dangers of runaway statism. If you want to do it through social media or by selling bumper stickers then so be it. Myself, I organize meetings on Craigslist and sit 20 or 30 people down at a time to educate them for free. I use a 1989 book by Lewis K. Uhler as the textbook for my “classes”:

    “Setting Limits: Constitutional Control of Government”

    -the Meat and Potatoes Blog
    Knoxville, Tennesee

  2. There is the established party that would be easier to take over, rather than starting from scratch.
    Starting anew would also hand power to the left for years to come until we swayed hearts to come to the 3rd party
    We don’t have that much time IMO

    Leftists didn’t start something new, they took over

  3. I have written about this same theme a number of times. I will not vote for the lesser of 2 evils ever again. If my vote is “wasted” then so be it. I don’t see my vote wasted unless I don’t exercise it. Someone somewhere has to stand up for what is right and what is conservative. caving into the “moderate establishment” is not the answer. this link is to just one of the several articles I have written on this same subject.

    My thanks to James Harris for this insightful article that hits the naill on the head and encourages those of us who take the same stand for freedom.