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0 thoughts on “Shredding George – The Latest in Nanny State Government

  1. Horizon3

    As mentioned in the article the minting of coinage is one of the 22things our federal government is allowed to do via the Constitution, the rest of the story is that those coins are to be minted from gold or silver.
    Not pot metal or other basically worthless alloy, which they are now.
    That said, a gold 5 dollar coin based on weight would be about the size of a pinhead at today’s prices, a dollar coin about the size of this > .

  2. Brian Cook

    The bigger issue here is that this is being FORCED on us! They tried so sway us over there 3 times and we didn’t bite, so now they are just going to force it down our throats! THAT should get you back up! We can debate ‘to coin or not to coin’ later. If the market (i.e. the people) wanted it that way, it would have already happened!

  3. WillofLa

    Okay people, this is something that we can get together on. We don’t have any excuse now, we’ve got the bill numbers, and all that so call your Congressman/woman and Senator and tell them we don’t want no stinking dollar coin! And as for you Mr. Britt, you’ve got your head screwed on wrong. I have never seen a vending machine that took any dollar coin, nor do I want to carry any big *ss coin or nine in my pocket. And getting rid of the penny? Are you serious?? What if you have a $1.23 coming back in change, do you want them to keep the three cents and just make it two dimes? or round up to the next nickel whether you have it coming or not? What to do, what to do? Dummy, you keep the pennie, so proper change can be made allowing the books to come out right at the end of the day.

    Mr. Britt how would you like to be three cents on something you needed bad, and there were none in the penny bowl, and you looked around on the ground and couldn’t find any pennies? What would you do then? Not buy whatever it was? What if it was something you needed for your engine in your car, and without it it might blow up down the road, and you couldn’t get it and the guy behind the register was a butt hole, what would you do? With no pennies you’d be screwed! And I can tell you right now that without pennies all prices would probably go up to the next nickel or dime because you know businesses aren’t going to go down just to accomodate people who don’t have pennies anymore. Everything would cost us more. What could you be thinking, wanting no pennies and stupid dollar coins.

    Call your Congressman Mr. Britt and tell him NO, and forget all this nonsense about you dollar coins. There are alot more of us who don’t want them than there are people like you who do!! You’re outnumbered and surrounded!!

  4. Jim Britt

    I LOVE the dollar coins; they always work in machines, the don’t over-stuff your wallet, and they last forever, unlike paper which has to be replaced every few years.

    I wish they would do away with pennies and come out with a $2.00 bill to replace the $1.00 bill.