Sen. Sessions: Obama to Eliminate Oil and Gas at Any Cost

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  • I’m going to put this man’s name all over the web until everyone on the internet knows who he is and what he is up to in this country. His name is Maurice Strong. This man has close ties to Obama and our EPA. Maurice Strong has for a long time been embarked on programs to eliminate the use of energy from the “developed nations” and transfer that energy to the “developing nations”. Maurice is the man who organized the Kioto Conference, and the Rio Conference where he declared that energy resources belonged to the world and not just one country. I’m not sure, but I suspect that Mr. Strong or his agents were behind all the elimination of incondesent light bulbs because they generate to much heat and waste electricity and cause the electric plants to have to generate to much electricity to keep them on.

    Maurice Strong is close friends with Obama and Obama is as much against America’s energy usage as Maurice Strong. Maurice Strong is a banker and a financeer and is a multibillionaire like George Soros. He and Maurice Strong do money deals together. It’s not like he needs the money, and is a 1% er if there ever was one, but see since he and Soros are behind all the huge money that is behind all the Occupy and Obama reelection you can just imagine what this super powerful man could do. He and Soros buy and sell countries all day long, that’s how wealthy he is. He is behind all the bad things that Obama wants to do to us.

  • Chu was on CSPAN yesterday before a Congressional committee on energy. He fumbled and bumbled and was exposed as the neanderthal he truly is, especially when Sessions? demanded to know just what gives him the authority to say he will seperate the military nuke process from the civilain energy producing one. Bullet point: he has no authority.

    These Obama-appointees who think they can create laws by executive fiat need to be slapped down every time they come out from hiding under their desks.