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Mitchell & Ray – 2/23 – SoCon Revival, Ultrasounds, and Unholy Alliances

When: Thursday, February 23rd, 10pm Eastern/7pm Pacific

Where:Streaming Internet Radio

What: Join independent political commentators Rich Mitchell and Michelle Ray as they discuss issues impacting Americans.

Tonight: Santorum’s So Con revival? Mandated ultrasounds , and the unholy Romney / Paul alliance

Show recording: 

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My Apology to Afghan President Karzai on Behalf of America

I’ve been inspired by our President’s sensitivity regarding international manners over the last few days…espeicially the courage he has shown in quickly issuing apologies to President Karzai of Afghanistan in the wake of the story about our military burning Korans outside of a detention facility.  Our President is not afraid to apologize. Quite the contrary, he makes apologizing look easy. I want to be a part of the new international tone that Mr.Obama is setting with his sensitivity. I’d like to help. So I wrote my own apology to President Karzai, as a concerned citizen of the United States. Enjoy the video and a transcript is also posted below.

Dear President Karzai:

I’ve seen in the news the anger and frustration your people are expressing after it was discovered that members of our military burned copies of the Koran outside an American detention facility. Your people were outraged.  I was outraged too and I’d like to express my sincere apologies.  I am sorry, President Karzai. I am sorry that your penchant for raising and harboring terrorist enemies of the United States has made it necessary for us to be in your crappy, corrupt, backwards country for as long as we’ve been there.  I’m sorry that the politically correct, blame-America first crowd has so infected our military operations that the rules of engagement make it impossible for us to just quickly level the bad guys there and leave.  I’m sorry that you run a nation of men who would kill and have killed over the printed words on a page but who have no problem whatsoever with sewing a 12-year-old girl’s vagina shut so she can’t “sin” or beheading homosexuals.  I’m sorry that your homegrown terrorist detainees use your own Holy texts, provided by our taxpayers here in the US, to send covert/coded messages back and forth. I’m sorry that our soldiers must intercept those messages and destroy them in order to keep our own personnel safe.  I’m sorry that while you live in the lap of luxury on our foreign aid dollars your own people are starving and dying in abject poverty.  I’m sorry that your religion has left you completely incapable of seeing the irony in your feigned outrage at the burning of 4 Korans while you imprison and even execute anyone in your country who has the audacity to get themselves raped or leave Islam for another faith. I’m sorry that our President would make such a public spectacle of apologizing for the burning of books containing secret prisoner communications while giving you and your armed forces a pass on murdering our own military personnel in cold blood. I’m sorry that your culture finds it acceptable for grown men to leave off caring for their families in order to stand around for days shooting guns, burning American flags and calling our President names like “Black Dog”. I’m sorry our President sees more value in apologizing to those men than standing up for American interests and freedoms. Mostly, President Karzai, I’m sorry that we don’t have a leader with enough balls to tell you to kindly take your fake moral outrage and your terrorist sensibilities and shove them both where the sun don’t shine: and I’m not talking about those caves you use to house your Taliban allies.

Founding Father’s Rap “Mr. America”- by Powdered Zombies Racist?

H/T All American Blogger

Powdered Zombies is none other than Steven Crowder and Chris Loesch, wearing powdered wigs and dressed up in the garb our Founding Fathers wore.

Be sure to pay attention to the racist message at the 2:55 mark. I never would have known it was racist, but thanks to the liberal media, we now know…. this song and video is racist.

Next thing you know, a black-tie event is going to be racist. No worries- the liberal media will be sure to let you know when it is official!

Crony-Capitalism Is As Phony As African-American

It seems the expression of the day now, the new “gravitas”, in referring to our political/economic system is “crony-capitalism”. This term is such a misnomer that it almost defies explanation. I looked up capitalism in Webster’s Dictionary and the term cannot possibly be partnered with the word “crony”. According to Webster, capitalism is defined as:

Capitalism: an economic system characterized by private or corporate ownership of capital goods, by investments that are determined by private decision, and by prices, production, and the distribution of goods that are determined mainly by competition in a free market.

Cronyism is defined as:

Cronyism; partiality to cronies especially as evidenced in the appointment of political hangers-on to office without regard to their qualifications.

How can one possibly put these two words together to describe our economic system? The two terms do not go together in any fashion, other than to make some pundit sound smart to those who don’t understand our economic and political systems.

A more correct term for our current political/economic system would be fascism. I also looked up fascism to get an accurate definition. According to Webster, fascism is:

Fascism: a political philosophy, movement, or regime that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition: A tendency toward or actual exercise of strong autocratic or dictatorial control.

When I look at what the government is doing to our economic system today fascism seems to be a much more appropriate term. Look at the bailouts, TARP, Stimulus, and all the other government plans to pick winners and losers. In the auto industry bondholders took a beating while Democrat Party/Obama supporting unions made millions. The American taxpayer also took a bath in this little escapade. The banks and Wall Street firms are in the same category.

Those who support the entrenched government establishment of both political parties came out with billions of taxpayer money while those paying the bill, taxpaying citizens, got the shaft in a huge way. Executives at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac took tens of millions of dollars in “golden parachutes” into Wall Street with them. The executives at the big Wall Street firms and the biggest banks in the world reaped hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars in bonuses with the bailouts of the “too big to fail” scam foisted on We the People.

And then we have Queen Michelle running around with her “Lunchroom Gestapo”, inspecting the lunches of children. Turkey from home is unhealthy. Here, school child, take these fat filled, processed chicken nuggets instead. Oh, and we can’t buy the king size candy bars any more because we aren’t smart enough to figure out what is in our best nutritional interests so Queen Michelle extorted Mars Candy Company to insure the king sized bars are no longer available. And let’s feed the school kids a third meal at school because those obese wrecks of children are being starved to death because they aren’t being fed at home. Am I the only one who sees starving obese children being a bit of an oxymoron?

This is not capitalism, it is fascism. Crony fascism seems to be the proper term for our current political/economic system. We find the government, Barack Obama through his czars/cronies, running everything in this nation by fiat. Bureaucrats not approved by the Senate as provided for in the Constitution (Article II, Section 2, Paragraph 2) make rules and regulations every day with no regard for the Constitution, the rule of law, or what is in the best interests of this nation and the citizens of this nation as a whole. As they do this the Republicans in Congress sit on their hands and do nothing to stop it. And why would they? George W. Bush and the current crop of Republicans are in this up to their ears. How can they complain when many of them were the actual authors of much of what has happened to our economic system over the last 10 years?

The United States of America is no longer a Republic. It is now a dictatorial oligarchy, ala Venezuela, ruled by Barack Obama and his czars with the complicit neglect of the Republican leadership in Congress. Members of Congress and various bureaucrats make millions by using insider trading advantages that are against the law for anyone outside of government to use. Our once vaunted capitalistic system is so rife with fascist corruption that it no longer resembles the system put in place by our founding fathers.

Politicians have so totally corrupted the system that it is questionable if capitalism can be revived. Unfortunately, most politicians seem to have no desire to revive our capitalistic system, nor the Constitution that brought it into existence. They are satisfied to enrich themselves and their cronies at the expense of We the People. When politicians and bureaucrats rule by fiat we no longer have a capitalistic system nor do we have a Constitutional system.

In Hitler’s Germany factories were run by private companies but they were controlled by the government in every aspect of business. This is where we find our nation’s industries and businesses today. Nothing can be done without the permission of some czar, bureaucrat, or judge. Every aspect of life is controlled from Washington D. C. If this doesn’t change soon future generations will not know any vestige of the freedom I grew up with.

The term African-American is a contrived term used to divide us by race, create a fake “oppressed minority”, and give preferential treatment to a group of people who don’t deserve it. Capital-Cronyism, in comparison, is a term used to create a fake economic system, disguise the true state of affairs in our business world, and create the illusion that we still operate under the system of business installed by our founding fathers. If people heard the word fascism used every day instead of “crony-capitalism” we would see an uprising of major proportions because there are still enough of us alive who understand the meaning of the term fascism to create discontent with government interference in the economic well-being of our nation.

We the People are being inundated with phony terms created by tyrants to subvert the Constitution and to subjugate the citizens without us realizing we are being enslaved. It is sad but so many people are either not intelligent enough to see what is happening, don’t care, or think that if they ignore what is happening that it isn’t real. One day soon these people will wake up and wonder where their freedom went. I can tell them where it went. Freedom went out the door of apathy, cowardice, or ignorance.

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

Bob Russell
Claremore, Oklahoma
February 23, 2012

Why Government Will Never Change

Every election cycle – let’s face it, every day – voters criticize the government for its inability to function. We decry that electing someone new doesn’t mean anything when it comes to improvement. We hope that new politicians will mean new ideas and new policies that will help our country move in a positive direction, but alas, what we really get is SSDD (same stuff, different day).

Clearly, the voters want change; one need only look to the Obama campaign slogan of 2008 for evidence. But the kind of change the politicians continue to bring us isn’t at all what the voters have in mind. This is why Congressional approval ratings are so atrocious (ended 2011 with a record low 11% approval) and why this President hovers at 50% approval (coincidentally, 49.5% of people in this country are not paying taxes…hmmm). What we want is for the changes to make us a better country, to offer our citizens greater opportunities to grow wealth, to tax us fairly and less, to leave us to make decisions for ourselves, to protect our freedoms – not squash them – and to generally get out of our way.

When politicians are criticized for their inability to move this country forward in a positive direction, they complain that they are being blocked by their opposition, that it’s increasingly difficult to get bipartisan agreement on anything. But why is that? Don’t both political parties have the nation’s best interest at heart?

I know it’s an unpopular idea to consider, but do politicians really have a motivation for moving us forward? After all, if our nation’s people don’t have legitimate educational, health care, financial, retirement, and employment problems, they don’t need the government. If we don’t need the government to resolve these day-to-day challenges for us, then there isn’t as much at stake in the elections. Without a need for change, what would drive voters to the polls to vote in new candidates? It might sound outrageous to posit this, but we must consider that our politicians actually create problems instead of solve them just to ensure a future for themselves.

Our founding fathers would surely roll over in their graves if they considered this twisted idea, because they believed Americans should be self-reliant. They designed the framework of our country around the principles of limited government precisely because they didn’t want the masses to become dependent on government. They were wise enough to realize such dependence would lead to an over-powerful political body that would infringe on individual liberty. Each day, each election, we are moving farther and farther away from what our founding fathers envisioned for this country. We even have leaders who are so arrogant to claim that maybe the founding fathers didn’t have it right and maybe we need to “change with the times.”

But it is essential that we remember not all change is good change, and we need to question the motives behind our political figures’ inability to get this country moving forward. Beyond just questioning these motives, we need to demand that they start answering to the inefficiencies and total lack of meaningful action during their time in office.

Term limits are a great place to start. If politicians know there is a finite amount of time they can serve in public office, then maybe they will actually SERVE us instead of their own interests. Maybe a limit to their time in office will prompt only those who are genuinely interested in working toward positive change, progress, growth, and freedom to apply for the job. It sure would put an end to the distraction of campaigning while in office (and on the taxpayer’s dollar).

A resurgence of “citizen legislators” would bring the focus back to getting work done and making a positive difference while in office, and it would ensure that those who are making laws that impact the real world have actually worked in it.

Government should be limited, as should the power and influence of politicians. Our political leaders need a reality check and a real job. It’s high time we re-ignite this conversation on a national level. I wonder what the likelihood is that a career politician will get on board. Yep, that’s why the government will never change.

The End of Climate Change?

The scientific community is buzzing with a question ripe with tremendous implications: Can climate change be ended?  President Obama’s crack experts at the Environmental Protection Agency believe it already has been. Momentarily.

The president was on the campaign trail when he announced the exciting news that climate may no longer change in the foreseeable future. A transcript from the press conference follows below:

For decades, mankind has witnessed all manner of unprecedented weather phenomena never before seen in history.  Bizarre, twisting powerful gusts of air called ‘tornadoes’ wreaked havoc throughout America’s heartland.  Huge, whirling tropical storms referred to in the scientific community as ‘hurricanes’ unleashed their fury on the country’s coastline.  Torrential rain leading to the accumulation of massive pools of water known as ‘floods’ submerged immense swathes of the nation. Never before has weather seemed so capricious, or so changeable.

That is why the Environmental Protection Agency formed the top secret task force TBECCAWKNI (The Battle to End Climate Change as We Know It).  Formed from the elite ranks of the world’s top climatologists and highly esteemed bureaucrats, the team was responsible for devising a strategy to end climate change as we know it.  And it looks like they came up with a solution.  But it’s going to cost you.

Several months ago, people may have noticed that at exactly 2:42:31:06 a.m. on October 21st there was a split second when there was no climate.  By using ‘lasers,’ scientists ionized the molecular magnetic field of a plasma stratum in the lower troposphere, thereby blocking the greenhouse effects of carbon dioxide, which every scientist knows controls all aspects of our climate.  Yes, that’s right ladies and gentlemen. They ended climate change.

These special ‘lasers’ are not cheap.  They run on a secret fuel that is made in a laboratory and is worth more than its weight in gold or platinum.

Defeating climate change, therefore, won’t be easy. It will take a lot of money and a lot of research.  And did I mention it will take money?  Our first and most important task is to convince the global community that climate change is a problem and that we can win the fight.

But before we get too excited about investing our hard-earned money in this groundbreaking development, there is something that should be known.  Natural disasters still plague the land and will continue to do so until we can perfect this new technology.  That is why we have come up with a plan for National Natural Disaster Insurance.  No longer will Americans wonder while they are wandering outside, ‘Will I be hit by a hurricane today?’ Or, ‘is that tornado over there going to impale a board in my forehead?’ With National Natural Disaster Insurance, Obama and the Democrats have got you covered. You can show your gratitude by re-electing me.

Now where was I? Telemprompter please. Okay.

When I was running for president, I made a solemn pledge that if I became your beloved leader the oceans would begin to recede, and the climate would cease to change.  And we are now on the verge of that magnificent day.  So if you make your ‘thank you’ check out to Obama for President 2012, I’d be much obliged.

Don’t make me remind you that there were many haters. There were many doubters. And there were many racists. And there were many hateful racists who doubted me.  They said I could not live up to my pledge made during the campaign.  Let us set the record straight now: Promised delivered.

Of course, we could have went the messier route of ending climate change by simply ending mankind.  But being as beneficent as we are wise, we spared you.  Actually, we considered turning the lasers on you all, but Dr. Tomaknussen, clutz that he is, slipped and knocked one of the beams awry. Improbably, it hit the lower troposphere and ionized the carbon dioxide molecules, somehow deactivating them.  Sometimes bureaucratic ineptitude works in our favor. (Laughter.)

By joining together, we can all do our part to fight climate change.  It will take shared sacrifice.  Forbidding oil drilling is but one small way to do that, but there are other ways, such as only using those curly q lightbulbs, and riding kick scooters to work instead of driving cars.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to fly to Arizona for a round of golf.  Thank you.

Although it’s a shame that we have to actually say it – this is satire. These events have not occurred although plausible.

Strength in New-Vehicle Retail Sales is Driving Performance in February

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, Calif., Feb. 23, 2012 — New-vehicle retail sales performance in February has been strong month-to-date, with the selling rate outperforming January’s, according to a monthly sales forecast developed by J.D. Power and Associates Power Information Network® (PIN) and LMC Automotive.

Retail Light-Vehicle Sales

February new-vehicle retail sales are projected to come in at 857,400 units, an increase of 5 percent fromFebruary 2011. This represents a seasonally adjusted annualized rate (SAAR) of 12.0 million units, which is more than a million unit increase in the selling rate from January 2012. Retail transactions are the most accurate measurement of true underlying consumer demand for new vehicles.

“Retail light-vehicle sales in February are strong, which makes us modestly optimistic about the growth of sales going forward,” said John Humphrey, senior vice president of global automotive operations at J.D. Power and Associates. “More so, we’re increasingly confident that the fundamentals are in place to continue to support an upbeat sector outlook for the coming year.”

In addition to pent-up demand due to an aging fleet, factors driving this optimism include a rebound in leasing and availability of consumer credit and long-term financing.  Through the first 17 selling days ofFebruary 2012, lease penetration is at 20 percent, up from a low of 13 percent in 2009. Meanwhile, 72-month loans account for 23 percent of all retail sales in February 2012 — the highest level in five years — up from 19 percent in February 2011. In fact, 72-month loans have increased in 20 of the 27 vehicle segments, with the largest increases in the compact sporty, sub-compact conventional and large utility segments.

“We’re seeing a rebound in leasing and a slight improvement in credit availability, which is bringing customers that were shut out of the market two or three years ago back into dealerships,” said Humphrey. “Both of these elements bode well for consumers in terms of making vehicles more affordable, which will drive more traffic into showrooms.”

Total Light-Vehicle Sales

Total light-vehicle sales in February are expected to come in at 1,064,700 units, which is a 3 percent increase from February 2011. After a robust fleet mix of 25 percent in January 2012, levels are expected to settle in the 19 percent range in February, which is slightly below levels one year ago.

J.D. Power and LMC Automotive U.S. Sales and SAAR Comparisons

  February 2012(1) January 2012 February 2011
New-vehicle retail sales 857,400 units

(5% higher than February 2011)(2)

682,171 units 785.698 units
Total vehicle sales 1,064,700 units

(3% higher than February 2011)

911,370 units 991,576 units
Retail SAAR 12.0 million units 10.9 million units 11.0 million units
Total SAAR 14.0 million units 14.1 million units 13.3 million units

(1) Figures cited for February 2012 are forecasted based on the first 17 selling days of the month.

(2) The percentage change is adjusted based on the number of selling days (25 days vs. 24 days one year ago).

Sales Outlook

As pronounced recovery in vehicle sales continues through February, LMC Automotive is increasing its forecast for total light-vehicles in 2012 to 14.0 million units (from 13.8 million units) and to 11.4 million units for retail light-vehicle sales (from 11.3 million units).

“Concerns about the financial crisis in Europe are not holding back the momentum of the automotive recovery in the U.S.,” said Jeff Schuster, senior vice president of forecasting at LMC Automotive. “The industry is currently well positioned for the best performance since 2007 and is expected to approach full recovery in the next two years with total light-vehicle sales at 16.0 million units by 2014.”

North American Production

North American light-vehicle production was up 22 percent in January, compared with January 2011.  The Japanese OEMs, particularly Toyota and Honda, are working to replenish inventory stocks from the 2011 earthquake and tsunami disasters, which is evident in their collective January year-over-year increase of 26 percent. The Detroit 3 and European OEMs each had approximately a 19 percent year-over-year increase in production volume, while the Hyundai group was up nearly 24 percent for the same period. Production levels are expected to continue to increase in the first quarter of 2012, with volume forecasted at 3.7 million units, up 10 percent from the first quarter of 2011.

Vehicle inventory rose to a 66-day supply at the beginning of February (compared with a 52-day supply at the beginning of January). Car inventory is at normal levels with a 60-day supply in February, up from 55 days in January, while truck inventory levels climbed to a 72-day supply (previously at 50 days).  Several manufacturers (Hyundai, Subaru, and BMW) continue to have supply constraints with inventory levels under a 40-day supply, which could impact sales performance of some models.

“As the outlook for demand improves and inventory stabilizes, LMC Automotive has increased its North American production outlook for 2012,” said Schuster.  The forecast now stands at 14.0 million units (from 13.8 million), which represents an increase of 7 percent from 2011.

Republicans: still searching for a fight they can win.

Obama signs another IOU as Congressional Democrats applaud

Rep. Frank Wolf (R–VA) and I disagree on term limits. I’m a firm believer in 12 years and you’re out — while Wolf is an advocate of the 30 years and counting philosophy. (Unless Frank doesn’t have any other options, because his family refuses to spend more time with him.)

But based on his courageous vote last week against the payroll tax extension, it’s safe to say we do see eye–to–eye with regard to what the media terms “bipartisanship.”

This is important because in a presidential election year independent voters are going to be bombarded with stories touting the benefits of “bipartisan cooperation” between Democrats and Republicans.

The political calculation in the media is bipartisan = good. Conversely, refusal to compromise principles = bad. So independents should either support “bipartisan” candidates who just happen to vote for liberal legislation or stick with the genuine article and vote Democrat.

Independent voters that are concerned about the country’s continued deficit spending should not meekly accept the media’s definition of political progress, because that definition undermines everything in which they believe.

This is because bills that pass Congress with bipartisan support and media approval in the days of Obama, are bills that increase spending and hasten our descent into drachma–based budgeting. And voting to extend the payroll tax cut is a perfect example.

Usually Democrats believe Americans are under–taxed and only their stubborn greed stands in the way of Nirvana in America. This time Democrats support the payroll tax cut extension because passage improves Obama’s prospects for re–election. What Democrats oppose is making the extension deficit–neutral by cutting spending somewhere else to offset lost revenue.

Republicans don’t like the extension because it undermines funding for Social Security, does not provide any real economic stimulus and will add approximately $100 billion to the deficit.

A genuine compromise would address elements of both positions. A bill that continued the tax cut for the rest of 2012, so Obama can slide past election day, and was offset by spending cuts would give Democrats and Republicans their top priority, while forcing compromise elsewhere.

Yet the “bipartisan” bill the country got extended the tax cuts with zero budget cuts.

To put this in perspective, total federal spending for this fiscal year is estimated to be $3.8 trillion. A cut of $100 billion from that gusher of Chinese–backed indebtedness is less than three cents on the dollar, yet Democrats would not cut a penny.

In fact this bill wipes out the measly $95 billion in deficit reduction “victory” the House GOP leadership sweated bullets to achieve last year.

Wolf describes the bill as, “…shameful. The American people are right to be disappointed that the president and the Congress have walked away from every serious deficit reduction effort. They should be appalled that both sides have joined together to spend more money and weaken Social Security.”

And Rep. Jeff Flake (R–AZ) hit the nail on the head, “Why is it that the only time we can come together and reach an agreement…increases the deficit or explodes spending? That’s enough to make the country cry for more partisanship.” Or if not more partisanship, at least some leadership, but that does not appear to be on the horizon either.

Republican leaders were faced with a choice: defeat the extension because it increases the deficit, moves Social Security another step down the road to a welfare program and is simply irresponsible vote–buying. Knowing full well that Obama will characterize their opposition as refusing a tax cut for the middle class, while protecting the rich.

Or they can choose to crater on the spending cuts offset and vote for a fiscally irresponsible bill knowing that Obama will use the bill’s passage as proof he’s fighting for the middle class, while the GOP is only interested in protecting the rich.

Someone please help me find the victory here. The reality is Republicans face a hostile media that favors spending and an administration that wants to increase spending. Making the case for cuts is not going to get any easier. If GOP leadership is unable to make the case for small spending cuts now, there is no chance they will successfully make the case for major spending cuts we must make in the near future.

Meanwhile, according to the Washington Post, smug Republican House veterans who supported the “compromise” said conservative freshmen “had touched the stove and finally realized it was burning hot.”

The veteran’s advice was the usual: voting for pork is the best insulation.

Obama’s Budget Squanders the Future

The Senate Republican Budget Press Office released these charts illustrating just how dangerous Obama’s FY2013 budget is for Americans, their families and specifically our children. We are no longer talking about an unbearable amount of debt being put on our grandchildren – it’s much closer to home than that.

President Obama’s formal FY 2013 budget, submitted on February 13th, represents his financial vision for the future, detailed in 2,571 pages as delivered by his Office of Management and Budget.


Federal Debt $200,000 per household under Obama's plan

 Feds Would Spend $44,000 per household under Obama's plan

Americans' Lifetime Share of national debt by age group


Government will abuse great power – guaranteed

The experience of every age convinces us, that we must not judge of men by what they ought to do, but by what they will do; and all history affords but few instances of men trusted with great power without abusing it, when with security they could.  

John Trenchard, Cato’s Letters #60

What John Trenchard is saying in modern language is: When we decide what power to give to the politicians in our government, we can’t base that decision on what we think they should do.  We need to base that decision on what we know they will do.  Throughout history, almost every time a government has been given a lot of power, the politicians have abused it as soon as they thought they could get away with it.

Why does that matter?

Well if we know that a government is that likely to abuse great amounts of power, we ought to keep that in mind as we decide how much control we want it to have over our lives.

But over the past few decades we have gotten increasingly willing to trust our government with power.  In fact, the people in this country who pride themselves on being reasonable and realistic (admit it, you know someone like this) will often dismiss anyone who raises concerns over the dangers of growing government power as paranoid.  But history tells us the idea that the people in government will abuse the power we give them isn’t paranoia, it’s almost a guarantee.

In other words, it’s extremely reasonable to be over-protective of our liberty.  Look at it this way: do you lock your doors before you leave your home?  Isn’t it a little paranoid to think that someone’s going to try to come in your house and take your stuff?  Of course not, experience tells us that there are thieves out there trying to break into houses.  It’s just common sense to do whatever you can to protect your possessions.

Our God-given liberty is the most valuable possession we have – or will ever have in our lifetime.  It’s time we started treating it that way.

So Obama’s A Christian Now?

For an outfit that never misses a beat when comes to denigrating Conservative Christian values, the mainstream media was certainly holier than thou recently over a perceived attack by Rick Santorum on Obama’s Christianity. And while Santorum, his staff, and conservative commentators were quick to point out that the snippet of video that had so many of the left outraged, was actually taken completely out of context, and quite deliberately so. No one asked the most basic, most pertinent question: How is Obama a Christian?

While this omission is understandable from Santorum and his camp, who are clearly smarter than to fall into the Christian fanatic narrative the left is already desperately trying to spin. It is unforgivable from the Conservative Commentariat, who passed up on a golden opportunity to force the media into a corner of their own creating.

The umbrage was all the main stream media’s over the perceived (read: manufactured) question to their messiah’s Christianity. That being the case, the following simple questions would not have been out of place in a rebuttal:

1. Obama is on the record for opposing a ban on partial birth abortion. In the Illinois Senate he opposed a bill which would have prevented the killing of infants who survived the abortion procedure. And he has stated openly of his daughter’s “if they make a mistake, I don’t want them punished with a baby.” Explain to me how these are the actions of a Christian?

2. The Obama Administration has recently tried to strong-arm the Catholic Church into providing medical services through its clinical satellites to which it is manifestly spiritually opposed. How is this Christian?

3. Obama has denounced the Defense of Marriage Act as Unconstitutional. His refusal to defend a law which was brought into being with overwhelming support from both sides of politics, undeniably paints the leader of this nation as weak on the issue of the exclusive sacredness of the marital union between one man and one woman. How is this Christian?

4. Obama’s guiding philosophy of collectivism, in which men and women become subordinate to a state which centrally controls their lives from cradle to grave, stands in manifest opposition to the self-evident liberty and individual responsibility we have been endowed with by a Creator. What is Christian about this?

5. Obama has embraced black liberation theology. This doctrine condones the use of force to abrogate any individual rights which stand in the way of perceived racial justice. For the indoctrination of many that in the name of inherited injustices, they are entitled to use force against those who have broken no law themselves, how can this theology be called Christian?

6. Racial vilification has been used to bludgeon the President’s critics. What is Christian about ascribing the vilest of motivations to those who have gathered peaceably to protest the ever increasing growth of Government in their lives?

There are many more questions besides these six. For the simple reason that Obama is about as far from a Christian as it is possible to get. This is in no way revelatory. And it is long past time for those who have not already been pigeon holed by the tag of Christian to challenge the left media when they raise the topic of the President’s Christian credentials. After all, they have been the ones to produce the rope. So why don’t we allow them to hang themselves with it?

Vaughan Starr is a freelance writer. Professional inquiries may be directed to [email protected]

How the Midwest is Won

I am a Midwesterner by birth and now by choice.  We here in America’s breadbasket are a diverse and demanding group.  Rarely concerned with the latest trends and most populist views,  we vote from our hearts and deeply rooted ideologies, passed down generations  like a family heirloom.

I feel like our voice is only heard during election time and then quickly dismissed after the vote is cast.  Presidential hopefuls stroll into small town coffee shops with brand new blue jeans, open collared oxford shirts with rolled up sleeves claiming to “know where we are coming from”. (Are you reading this, Mr. Romney?)  Bullshit. Yes, there it is, Bullshit.  These fine folks in their actual well worn bib overalls and blues jeans aren’t wearing Italian loafers. (And that is real cow dung you smell, Ricky)  You want to impress them? Show up unannounced with no media circus and help raise a barn or bale some hay.  Then tell nobody.  It would kill all of you to do anything of that nature.  By arriving in your “country casual” costume you are insulting us and you don’t even know it.  They all know they will be treated like any ol’ girl in your ports of call.  Wham, bam, I gave you the clap.  That’s how they feel.

You want Average Joe to vote for you?  Don’t pretend to know more than he does.  You probably don’t anyway.  When asked a question you clearly do not know the answer, DO NOT break into some sort of nonsensical song and dance routine resembling Mr. Bojangles.  Say you don’t know, but are willing to try to find out.  What the hell is wrong with a little humility and honesty? (Newt?)  Also, you need to LISTEN to the statements and questions.  When a single mother asks you about rising gas prices, she is really asking you exactly how is she going to feed her kids as gas skyrockets?  She could give a rats ass about the current administration’s failure to approve a pipeline and how it is all his fault.  What are YOU going to do? Immediately.  Anything short of that, you are cooked.  Don’t reply with some fabricated anecdote about how small town life made an impression on you as a youngster spending summers with your Aunt Martha on her New England boysenberry farm.  You went away in summer. These people stayed home and worked their asses off.  (Mittens, the hard roughness of hands you are shaking right now are called callouses)

Most of all candidates need to stop worrying so much about the sound bite of the day, and start giving these folks what they deserve: respect and honest, compassionate attention to what THEY lose sleep over every day.  That’s how the Midwest is won, in my opinion.

I would like to thank Michelle Ray (@GaltsGirl) for inviting me to put all my musings in an organized, sentence type fashion here on CDN.  This is my first foray publishing my views for the world to see and judge.  I am positive that not all of my viewpoints are going to agree with everyone, but I do hope that you enjoy my angles.

The Tax Man Cometh in 2013

Every single American will feel some serious financial pain in 2013, [right after the Presidential elections] due to major, stealthily-enacted, and semi-hidden tax increases, along with numerous EPA-mandated regulations that will result in skyrocketing energy prices across the country.  All of this will happen because Congress is currently paralyzed against acting responsibly due to it being an election year, where the DC power brokers, lobbyists and campaign spin-masters will threaten to pull the billions of dollars of support they give to current members of Congress if they refuse to allow them and their cronies their daily feeding at the taxpayer-funded cash trough. See the latest debacle called the 2012 tax cut extension for the perfect example of how dysfuntional Congress has become while serving under a President who is too busy campaigning on the taxpayer dime to actually work with Congress for real solutions to this country’s massive debt problems.

Never mind that America is currently drowning in $15,386,147,538,129  dollars of national debt the minute that total was written down here. The average American can not even compute what a trillion dollars of debt looks like, let alone the repercussions of the U.S debt to GDP ratio exceeding 100% for the first time in history. ( check out the chart in that link)

President Obama wants the American people to believe that he is holding true to his promises he made back in the 2008 campaign that he has refused to raise taxes on the middle class, and therefor he deserves another four years in the White House. He constantly spews the Socialist-designed rhetoric about folks needing to pay their fair share, while denying the fact that almost 50% of Americans pay no income taxes whatsoever. The problem inherent in Obama’s false campaign rhetoric can be found in the truth about the stealth tax increases that will hurt every single working and non-working American starting Jan. 1st, 2013. Isn’t that an amazing coincidence that the bulk of the Obama administration’s middle-class-crushing tax increases and vastly- expensive-to-businesses regulatory policies will go into effect after the 2012 presidential elections?

According to the article, The Coming Crash of 2013, written by Peter Ferrara back in the summer of last year, Americans are going to get a very harsh lesson in the reality of Obama-nomics and feel some very serious financial pain starting in the year 2013. For example:

Already scheduled now under current law in 2013 is the expiration of those Bush tax cuts, which President Obama has refused to renew for single workers making over $200,000 a year, and couples making over $250,000. Also scheduled to go into effect in 2013 under current law are all the tax increases of Obama-care. Together, these job killing tax policies would result in a sharp increase in the tax rates on the nation’s small businesses, job creators, and investors for virtually every major federal tax. (emphasis added)

Many of the hidden tax increases in Obama-care have been put on the shelf during 2011/2012 by the granting of temporary “special waivers” due to the proven cost increases to businesses that were written right into Obama-care. Those waivers are temporary, and without major changes to the new health care law,  they will result in the tax man coming to collect major tax increases from all businesses small and large due to the tax hikes in Obama-care in… 2013.  For a complete look into the tax increases inherent in Obama-care please see the Comprehensive List of Tax Hikes in Obamacare.

Mr. Ferrara further explains some of the other economy-crushing tax increases implemented by Obama and his Liberal Democrats that are sneaking up on Americans in 2013:

 Taxpayers would see their income tax rates jump by nearly 20%, the capital gains tax rate increase by nearly 60%, the total tax rate on corporate dividends increase by nearly three times, their Medicare payroll tax rate increase by 62%, and the death tax rise from the grave with a 55% rate. This would go way beyond the outdated Obama talking point about returning to the Clinton tax rates, adding up to a top federal tax rate of 44.8% on wage income alone, besides all the tax increases on capital income, on the way up to a 62% top federal tax rate.

Can Americans consider the U.S.A. to be a free Republic when the tax man can lift a whopping 55% of a person’s entire life’s savings [through the estate tax, which is more aptly called the death tax] out of their family wallet simply because a family member has passed away? Yes they can, starting in 2013, unless people wake up to the realities that the Death Tax Man is coming in 2013 and he means business. Meanwhile Congress and Barack Obama have also reduced the revenue of the Social Security program by billions of dollars a year to score reelection points,while also adding to the national debt by refusing to offset the recent tax cut extension. Do Americans not understand what that means to anyone currently, or soon to be relying on SSI checks to survive? How about the young and middle-aged Americans who can look forward to paying into SSI for decades without any chance of ever getting a dime back out of it? That spells taxation without representation, any way you slice it.

Mr. Ferrara further explains the hidden taxes that will drive up the cost of everything due to unconstitutional laws being passed by executive branch fiat under the guise of “rules changes.” (emphasis added)

Besides this tax tsunami, President Obama is implementing another trillion dollar plus cost burden on the economy through the EPA’s cap and trade tax policy. That is one central feature of President Obama’s war on production of traditional, low cost, energy, shutting down drilling, extraction and pipelines from the northern tip of Alaska, down through Canada, to the energy rich Western states, through Texas, to the Gulf of Mexico. Obama keeps issuing statements that he is opening drilling or permitting or exploration here and there, only to have it shut down by his bureaucracy soon thereafter. All of this will only raise energy prices higher and higher through to 2013, squelching the economy still further.

How many Americans know about the Cross-State Pollution law/money grab/tax hike that was passed by the EPA? That illegally-implemented tax increase on “certain states” went into effect this year. Check it out here.  In that Democratic party/ EPA extremist-mandated new “rule” California, the most polluting [and Democratic party stronghold] state in the country isn’t included in the Cross State Pollution law, as can be seen in the map of affected “certain states” in that article. How tyrannical and ludicrous is that? The  Cross-State pollution tax man  is already implementing that money grab right now in 2012. In 2013, all of the States under that new “rule” will feel the pain, one way or another.

Finally, Mr. Ferrara goes on to question just how an increased $2 trillion dollar tax burden will bear down on all Americans in 2013:

This is just the beginning, however, of President Obama’s re-regulation burden on the economy, which is estimated to be rapidly rising towards $2 trillion, or over $8,000 per employee, in annual costs even before EPA’s calamitous cap and trade really begins. That is close to 10 times the corporate tax burden, and double the individual income tax burden. With another 4,225 federal regulations already in the pipeline, and the new regulatory burdens from Obama and the Dodd-Frank financial regulation bill still to come, how high will that burden be by 2013?

After the tax man gets through grabbing a much bigger share of Americans salaries, savings, and cash on hand  in 2013,  the next biggest thief to reach into their wallets in the very near future, will be The Inflation Man. After all the hidden taxes and regulatory burdens are felt in the wallets of all Americans in 2013, the eventual economic inflation due to the Federal Reserves increased printing of U.S. dollars, [also known as QE2], will hammer American family budgets, as the dollar loses it’s value and therefor buys a lot less than it used to. Do Americans really want Four More Years of Barack Obama’s economy-crippling wealth redistribution, tax increase-inducing, and overbearing regulatory policies?







Liberals and Conservatives Come Together on Abortion

Let’s all gather round the campfire and sing Kumbayah, the time has come where liberals and conservatives unite on abortion. No, not whether abortion is morally right or wrong, but whether the government should dictate procedures. Recently, in Virginia, hundreds of people (assuming liberals) protested the mandatory ultrasound for women seeking abortions. On the conservative side, they’re protesting the federal mandate that requires doctors to perform abortions. Aside the moral argument, they are both protesting the tyrannical role government has assumed.

In Virginia, HB 462 requires a woman to get an ultrasound before getting an abortion. On the surface, this legislation mandates an unnecessary medical procedure where some women may feel violated. …And so liberals protest

On the Federal side, the healthcare law mandates that doctors perform abortions even though they may not believe in abortion. If a doctor feels life begins at conception, he morally feels that he is conducting murder. …And so conservatives protest

In both instances, centralized powers (government whether state or federal) introduced laws that determined a fix action. When government inflicts discussion about ambiguous groups, there is no recourse for the individual. Both pieces of legislation destroy the moral compass of the individual. Once passed, a doctor is conducting murder and a woman is violated. So, we introduce more bad laws to fix the bad laws earlier, inflicting one group’s moral value on another group. All the while…the individual loses.

As our legislator impose Hegelian Dialectic tactics to where the antithesis (prochoice) is opposed to the antithesis (prolife), our society continues to move down a path of synthesis. As the crisis demands you pick a side, prolife or prochoice? We are truly losing our perspective as Americans in our quest for whatever emotional crisis that is drummed up. Bureaucrats then introduce any type of legislation because it is deemed as “compromise”.

In the end, it’s outsourcing true compromise through a government/bureaucratic gun, a true democracy whereas my group is bigger than yours. The laws solve nothing but cause more discontent between the masses and destroys the individual’s morality. In the end, America loses.

It’s time to REPEAL THE HEALTCARE LAW and mandatory ultrasounds. Do not get caught up in the dialectic of choosing sides because freedom and liberty for the individual is at stake. YOUR FREEDOM! It has nothing to do with abortions and everything to do with freedom. Don’t continue down that path.

When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.

– Thomas Jefferson

Has Santorum Peaked at Just the Right Time?

Wednesday night’s CNN GOP debate from Arizona was important for a couple of reasons: with the Michigan primary and Super Tuesday just around the corner, this may well be the last primary debate of the season.  Also, this was the first debate after the incredible Santorum surge placed him as a solid frontrunner recently.  There was no doubt that there would be a target painted on the Senator as big as Joe Biden’s suspiciously shiny forehead.  Many viewers tuned in just to see how Santorum would fair as the “main target”.

One thing is for certain – being the frontrunner is a lot harder than being the underdog.  As the underdog, Santorum has been tenacious, steady and impressive.  As the frontrunner Wednesday night he seemed slightly nervous and not nearly as confident.  It was not a terrible performance at all, but next to the always consistent Mitt Romney and the king of debates – Newt Gingrich- Santorum had difficulty finding his rhythm.  Of course, there is Ron Paul to consider as well. Please save your hate mail about how no one takes him seriously, Paul fans.  People do take him seriously and that’s his biggest problem.  Moderator John King ended the debate with the question “What is a common misconception the media makes about you as a candidate”- to which Paul answered, “That I can’t win.” He asserted that everyone keeps saying he can’t win and it’s not true.  I know Ronulans applauded that answer, but it made me think that perhaps everyone keeps saying he can’t win because he isn’t winning! So don’t be offended that I often leave Paul out of the mix.  He isn’t on the radar (yet) as far as actual wins go, so in that respect I don’t count him as a viable candidate.  Please direct all of your hate mail to my editor, Rich Mitchell at  He loves it.

The real issue in Wednesday’s debate is whether or not Santorum performed well enough to hold on to his dwindling lead in the Michigan polls. A win over Romney in Romney’s own home state could very well permanently tip the scales of this election. Santorum needed to at least maintain his status as a serious contender.  I don’t know if he did that or not in this debate.  This is what I do know: voters are already experiencing severe primary fatigue.  The ups and downs of this process have been unpredictable and draining, to say the least.  I think at this point, with only 4 men left in the race most people have made up their minds about who they want to win.  I’m not convinced that at this point in the race a good or bad debate performance will spell certain doom for any of the candidates, because I believe  voters are tired of the soundbites and they’ve pretty much made their choices.  Santorum voters will see a decent performance by a guy for whom everyone is lining up to smack around, from every angle lately.  Newt voters will find the usual satisfaction in his stellar debate performance – but on a side note, without the debate platforms Newt isn’t nearly as visible or loud in the general media.  Mitt fans will be pleased with his steady confidence and well-positioned attacks on his new frontrunner adversary.  And Paul fans…well, they are nothing if not loyal. No minds will be changed on his end, no matter how good or bad his debates go.

Clearly Santorum has benefited from surging during this relatively long period between debates.  His strength is in the ground campaign and not as a “frontrunner debater”. The rest between debates has given him time to work his ground strategy and voters haven’t had to see him face the direct attacks from his opponents on a national stage.  Had Santorum been surging any earlier it seems very likely the final 4 might be looking a bit different than it does now.  As it stands, Santorum may have peaked at just the right time. We’ll know soon enough.

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