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Charges Against Hero Dennis Fleming Dropped

A County prosecutor has dropped the previously filed felony charges against Dennis Fleming – the man who held a burglar at gun point until police could arrive. Dennis was the  Hampshire man that stopped a burglary and held the suspect at gunpoint until the police arrived. Charged with a felony, Mr. Fleming faced a possible 7 years in jail for being a good citizen.

D.A.M Chief DWS Exposes Herself.. Again

DNC [and Democratic Attack Machine] Chairman Debbie Wassermann-Schultz made another appearance on national television recently, in which she makes her usual ludicrous, and totally discredited comments about the “American people,” this time attempting to say that “Real America” just loves Obama-care..  among other things. Check out the video:

After the host of the show quotes several recent poll results showing that as more Americans discover just how dysfunctional and expensive Obama-care will truly be and want it repealed, DWS says no, and that basically that’s not true.  (Hint: the host was stating polling from Americans Debbie, not the unicorn-riding puppets on the planet Saturn) Also note that in the Democratic party’s mathematically-challenged world, when the host asked DWS to sum up the 2012 Republican presidential candidate field in ONE WORD, she replies with a slew of D.A.M hate-speech fueled attacks and outright lies, including calling them extremists, on immigration policy [for wanting U.S. law enforced] and tax policy [for wanting a limited government and no taxation without representation that includes no big government tax hikes] and then going so far as to say Republicans want to deny women health-care.

In the immortal words of Doc Holliday, ” It would appear that her hypocrisy knows no bounds.” Talk about out of touch with reality. Reality is coming Debbie, it is coming in the form of a 2010 election-style rebuking of the Liberal [fake] Democratic Party’s big government debt-spending and skyrocketing gas and energy prices of the past 4 years. Reality in the form of the 2012 national elections where “we the people” will say that we have had enough of the out-of-touch-with-reality Obama administration and it’s Liberal minions in Congress. It is time for real solutions for America.

I Don’t Care What The Judge Said!

“Look, Mr. Straun, John, can I call you John? We’ve been at this for 25 days. We’re all sick of this. We all want to go home. You’re the only one left. You’re the one keeping us here. I got things to do at home. I got to go to work and make a living. All of us do. The judge is mad as hell at us. You’re going to hang this jury. You’re going to make this three-month trial into a farce and waste of time. You have no right to vote acquittal. You heard the judge’s instructions. The jury is not allowed to judge the law, only the facts.”

    “The facts are clear as day, aren’t they?” Raymond Dillard ranted. “You even admitted that to us. The guy was found with marijuana in his car. That’s against the law. And the guy admitted the marijuana was his. What more do you need?” said Raymond Dillard, the jury foreman. Raymond Dillard was tall, beefy, in his 30’s, and he was getting mad, so mad he wanted to beat John Straun’s head in.

Straun was a small, slim man in his 30’s, with a straight back, dark brown hair, large, steady eyes, and a firm mouth. He seemed not to care at all about all the trouble he was causing. And he seemed to be fearless.

John Straun said, “I don’t care what the judge said. I happen to know for a fact that a jury has the right to judge the law. Jury nullification has a long history in this country. A jury has the right to judge the law, not just the facts.”

Raymond Dillard and a few other jurors sneered. Dillard said, “Oh, are you a lawyer, Mr. Straun? You think you know more than the judge? What history are you talking about?”

John Straun said calmly, “No, I’m not a lawyer. I’m an engineer. But in this particular case, I do know more than the judge. When I found out I was going to be on this jury, I did a little research about the history of juries, just for the hell of it. Most people don’t know this, but jury nullification has been upheld as a sacred legal principal in English common law for 1000 years. Alfred the Great, a great English king a thousand years ago, hung several of his own judges because they removed jurors who refused to convict and replaced these courageous jurors with other jurors they could intimidate into convicting the defendant on trial.”

“Jury nullification also goes back to the very beginning of our country, as one of the crucial rights our Founding Fathers wanted to protect. Our Founding Fathers wanted juries to be the final bulwark against tyrannical government laws. That’s why they emphasized the right to a jury trial in three of the first ten amendments to the Constitution. John Adams, second President of the United States, Thomas Jefferson, third President and author of the Declaration of Independence, John Jay, First Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, andAlexander Hamilton, First Secretary of the Treasury all flatly stated that juries have the right and duty to judge not only the facts in a case, but also the law, according to their conscience.”

“Not only that, more recent court decisions have reaffirmed this right. In 1969, in “US. vs. Moylan,” the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the right of juries to judge the law in a case. In 1972, theWashington,D.C. Court of Appeals upheld the same principal.”

Raymond Dillard said, “Yeah, if that’s the case, how come the judge didn’t tell us this?”

“That’s because of the despicable Supreme Court decision in “Sparf and Hansen vs. The United States in 1895.” John Straun said. “That decision said juries have the right to judge the law, but that a judge doesn’t have to inform juries of this right. Cute, huh? And guess what happened after this decision? Judges stopped telling juries about their rights.”

“The judge knows about jury nullification. All judges do. But they hate letting juries decide the law. They hate juries taking power away from them. That’s why judges never mention a jury’s right to judge the law, and most judges squash defense attorneys from saying anything about it in court. Remember when Jimmy Saunders’ defense lawyer started talking about it? The judge threatened him with contempt if he didn’t shut up about jury nullification.”

“And since you asked me,” Straun continued, “I’ll tell you a little more about jury nullification. Did you ever hear of the Fugitive Slave Act? Did you ever hear of Prohibition? Do you know why those despicable laws were repealed? Because juries were so outraged over those laws that they consistently refused to convict people who violated them. They refused to convict because they knew that these laws were unjust and tyrannical, that Congress had no right making these laws in the first place. So, because juries wouldn’t convict, the government couldn’t make these laws stick. They tried for many years, but finally gave up.”

“What do you think this mad War on Drugs is that we’ve been fighting the last sixty years? It’s the same as Prohibition in the 20’s. It’s the same principle. A tyrannical government is telling people that they can’t take drugs, just like in the 20’s they said people couldn’t drink liquor. What’s the difference? A tyrannical law is telling people what they can or can’t put in their own bodies. Who owns our bodies, us or the self-righteous politicians? Does the government own your body, Mr. Dillard? Do you smoke, Mr. Dillard? Do you drink beer?”

Dillard nodded his head, “Yeah, I do.”

“Well, how would you like it if they passed laws telling you that can’t smoke or drink a beer anymore. Would you like that, Mr. Dillard?”

Dillard looked at John Straun, thought about the question, then admitted, “No, I wouldn’t, Straun.”

John Straun turned to the others around the table. “You, Jack, you said you’re sixty-five years old. You like to play golf, right? What if they passed a law saying anyone over sixty-five can’t play golf because the exercise might give him a heart attack? You, Frank, you said you eat hamburgers at McDougals all the time. What if they passed a law saying fatty hamburgers give people heart attacks, so we’re closing down all the McDougal restaurants in the country, and they make eating a hamburger a criminal offence? You, Mrs. Pelchat, I see you like to smoke. Everyone knows that smoking can give you lung cancer. How would you like it if they passed a law banning all cigarettes? What if they could crash in the door of your house without a warrant to search for cigarettes in your house, like the SWAT teams do now, looking for drugs? Mrs. Pelchat, how would you like to be on trial like Jimmy Saunders because they found a pack of cigarettes you hid under your mattress?”

“Do you all see what I mean? If they can make it a crime for Jimmy Saunders to smoke marijuana, why can’t they make golf, hamburgers, and cigarettes a crime? If you think they wouldn’t try, think again. They had Prohibition in the 20’s for almost ten years, till they finally gave up. The only reason they haven’t banned cigarettes is because there are thirty millioncigarette smokers in this country who would scream bloody murder. They get away with making marijuana and other drugs illegal only because drug-users are a small minority in this country. Drug users don’t have any political clout.”

Raymond Dillard sat down in his chair. The others started talking among themselves. John Straun started seeing heads nodding in agreement, thinking about what he had said.

“OK, Straun,” Dillard said. “Maybe you’re right. Maybe Jimmy Saunders shouldn’t go to jail for smoking marijuana. Hell, probably most of us tried the stuff when we were young.President Clinton said he smoked marijuana in college. Bush said he tried drugs in college. Probably half of Congress and their kids took drugs one time or another. O.K. we agree with you. But what about the judge. He said we can’t judge the law.”

John Straun stood up. He was not a tall man, but he stood very straight, and he looked very sure of himself. He looked from one to another of them.

He said, “If you agree with me, then I ask you all to vote for acquittal. You are not only defending Jimmy Saunders’ liberty, but your own. You are fighting a tyrannical law that is enforced by a judge who wants the power to control you. I told you that many juries like us in the past have disregarded the judge’s instructions. They stood up for liberty against a tyrannical law. Are you Americans here? What do you va!ue more, your liberty, your pride as free men, or the instructions of a judge who doesn’t want you to judge the law precisely because he knows you’ll find the law unjust? Will you stand with those juries who defended our liberty in the past, or will you give in to this judge?”

“Here’s another thing to think about,” John Straun said with passion. ”What if it was your sister or brother on trial here? Do you know that if we say Saunders is guilty, the judge has to send him to prison for twenty years? I understand this is Saunders third possession charge. You know the “three strikes and you’re out” rule, don’t you? The politicians passed a law that if a guy gets convicted three times on possession, the judge now has no leeway in sentencing. He has to give the poor guy twenty years in prison. What if it were your sister or brother on trial? Should they go to jail for smoking marijuana, for doing something that should not be a crime in the first place? Do we want to send Jimmy Saunders to prison for twenty years because he smoked a joint, hurting no one? Can you have that on your conscience?”

“Do you know that there are almost a million guys like Jimmy Saunders in federal prisons right now, as we speak, for this same so-called “crime” of smoking marijuana or taking other drugs? These men were sent to prison for mere possession. They harmed no one but themselves when they took drugs. How can you have a crime without a victim? When does this horror stop? It has got to stop. I’m asking you all now to stop it right here, at least for Jimmy Saunders. The only thing that can stop tyrannical laws and politicians is you and me, juries like us. If we do nothing, we’re lost, the country is lost.”

“I’m asking you all to bring in a not-guilty verdict, because the drug laws are unjust and a moral obscenity. I’m asking you all be the kind of Americans our Founding Fathers would have been proud of, these same men who fought for your liberty. That’s what I’m asking of all of you.”

John Straun sat down and looked quietly at Dillard and all the others around the table. They looked back at him, and it seemed that their backs began to straighten up, and they no longer complained about going home. They were quiet. Then they talked passionately amongst each other.

Fifteen minutes later, they walked into the courtroom and sat down in the jury box. When the judge asked Raymond Dillard what the verdict was, he was stunned when Dillard, standing tall, looking straight at the judge, said “Not guilty.” Over the angry rantings of the red-faced judge, all in the jury box looked calmly at John Straun, and felt proud to be an American.

Scott Walker Needs Our Help Now in Wisconsin Recall

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker successfully passed legislation last year that put a few restraints on out-of-control public sector unions, despite their disgraceful Astroturf occupation of the State capital building, the death threats and everything else they tried. So the unions launched a recall petition against Walker, the Lt. Governor and four Republican Senators who voted with him.

The unions mobilized and garnered 1 million signatures for the recall, much more than enough. But now it appears that they used the ACORN vote registration fraud method of swamping state authorities with bogus documents. Some of these petitions are plainly fraudulent (Donald Duck for example) but Wisconsin’s Government Accountability Board, the state agency charged with counting petitions, has said they can do no more than spot check and will assume all petitions are valid unless challenged.

Recognizing the importance of this recall and the potential threat to reform everywhere, True the Vote stepped in to do the job the State will not. TTV has created a simple system to check the validity of these petitions but they need to enter them into the system first. They only have until February 27th to get this done!

So far, about 13,000 activists around the country have signed up; but more are needed. Anyone, anywhere with access to a computer can help. This is a real opportunity to have a visible impact on the outcome of one of the most important issues we face today. If Scott Walker loses they will start doing this all over the country anytime they don’t get what they want!

You can sign up to help enter names right here:

This is the kind of grassroots activism we all can participate in. Please pass this to everyone on your distribution list and ask them to forward. We need to do this.

Night at The Barrys

“Am I at Sears— in the Craftsman Department? There sure seem to be a lot of liberal tools here today.

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! My name is Al Gore and I approve of this massage! We are gathered here tonight for this auspicious inaugural presentation of The Barrys, the premiere annual awards ceremony of the world’s leftist movement—and I use the term “movement” in its loosest sense of the word. Oh, sorry Anthony Weiner, you’re not up for any awards tonight…the operative word here being “up.” Just kidding, Anthony, I’m sure the Academy of the Bourgeoisie will deem you worthy of at least a minor award for Stand-up Comedy in an Unsupportable Role. Don’t let it go to your head, Anthony. We both realize your performance wasn’t really award-worthy. But, just like you, we decided to bend the rules a little this season, be a little less rigid, and see what pops up!

[The crowd goes stark-raving mad.]

“Knock it off, you guys. Anthony Weiner is a stand-up guy.

“Oh, did everyone hear about the giant lobster that was snared off the coast of Maine earlier this week? I understand it sounds exactly like Lady Gaga if you drop it in a pot of boiling water! Gaga or Caca? I never could get the pronunciation straight. Which seems only fair considering this is Barney Frank’s swan song. Speaking of Barney Frank, have you heard what kind of wedding gown he will be wearing? Wait for it. Drum roll, please…he’ll be wearing a hospital gown with a lace bodice! Rimshot! Thank you, folks, I’ll be here all week! Oh, sit down Barney. I’m almost done here. The end is in sight!

“It’s great to see you here tonight, Jay Carney. Say, are you old enough yet to drink? Yeah, I remember when I had my first beer, too. Guys, is it just me or does it strike you as odd that Doogie Howser is now the White House Press Secretary? Say, Jay, just what kind of a puppet are you? Is someone pulling your strings? Yeah? Well, then how to you explain that flap in the back of your pants? Really, Jay, you want me to shut up? Man, I’m offended! Fine, I’ll try to explain it to you, okay? Look, Jay, if you find yourself at a party full of liberals and have nothing to say, you may just be a little anti-socialist!

“Ladies and gentlemen, ever wondered why Michelle planted a garden at the White House? It’s simple, really. Barry needs to grow a set of vegetables! You remember Barry, don’t you? Obama the brilliant? So brilliant he glows (grows) in the dark! Speaking of growing in the dark… Mushroom. When Michelle gets in the limo there’s not mushroom left!

“♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ Some people claim that it’s Booooosh we should Blaaaaame… But I know… It’s the jug-eared-Marxist-corruptocrat- dope’s own fault! ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬.

“That concludes tonight’s opening monologue. [Riotous cheering]  You’ve all walked the red carpet (is there really any other kind?) to get in here and now it is time to present our award winners. Ladies and gentlemen I give you Al Sharpton and Maxine Waters, our first set of presenters!”

[Wild applause]

Sharpton: “Maxie, is it true that your parents are siblings?”

Waters: “Put a cork in it, Al, or I’m going to bring Tawana up here to give her side of the story.”

Sharpton: “Ahem. We are here tonight to present the award for Writing (Original Propaganda).”

Waters: “Nominees are:

  • Hair Plugs—Written by Joe Biden.
  • Once Upon a Time in First Class—Written by Alec Baldwin
  • A Taco Too Far—Written by Michael Moore
  • My WikiLeaks!—Written by Julian Assange
  • Debbie Does Doofus—Written by Debbie Wasserman Schultz.”

Sharpton: “The envelope, please.”

Waters: “Here you go, Al!”

Sharpton: “Thank you.”

Sharpton seizes the envelope, which is nothing but a symbol of oppression because it doesn’t take into account the needs of the proletariat, and tears it open. “And the winner is…Debbie Does Doofus—Written by Debbie Wasserman Schultz!”

Waters: “Oh, I’m soooo excited! Debbie Does Congress, too! And while she’s making her way to the stage let me tell you that Debbie almost makes Howard Dean seem reasonable! Oh, yeah, Debbie Does Demagoguery, as well!”

Sharpton: “Gotta say this for Debbie Downer…at least she admitted that Anthony Weiner was beatable!”

Waters: “And here she is, members of the Academy! Debbie needs no introduction. This woman puts the capital L in Loon! Her belfry is wanting of bats…But hey, if you makes you libs happy…”

Wasserman-Schultz: “I resent the allegation by the Republican Party Chairman that I look like a poodle on crack. I also take umbrage with another nasty rumor going around that I am nothing but a Brillo Pad with lips! In fact, I am totally offended by the lies that are being spread by the fear-mongering worms on the other side of the aisle about each and every one of us! Why, just this morning I heard the obnoxious statement that four out of five liberals suffer from diarrhea but the other one enjoys it! Nevertheless, I deem it an honor to have been recognized for my work this past year as Chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee. I may have received this award but it belongs to us all. Well, everyone except Alec Bardwin: the Rosa Parks of fat white middle age celebrity millionaire First Class cabin iPhone addicts. I beat you, Alec!

Wasserman-Schultz stomps off stage, afraid that her tightly-wound hair might come un-kinked before she can exit stage left. Sean Penn and Richard Gere approach the podium to present the next award.

Penn: “You may have noticed that my co-presenter looks a little stressed out tonight. Nothing serious, folks, but FYI, Richard had to go to the hospital again last night. He had to get a mole removed.”

Gere: “No offense to my esteemed colleague, but I’m not the only one feeling sick tonight. Have you heard that Hugo Chavez has gone back to Cuba for more surgery?”

Penn shows the appropriate amount of righteous concern. Camera fades back to Gere.

Gere: “Yeah, Chavez is feeling so bad these days that he looks like an extra evil Joy Behar.”

Penn: “Getting down to business, Richard and I are here to present the award for Best Commie in a Supporting Role.”

Gere: “The nominees are:

  • Van Jones in “Bovine Spokesman”—Nominated for his demonstrated fluency in speaking bull
  • Sonia Sotomayor in “I Refuse to Recuse”—Nominated for her courageous defense of ObamaCare
  • Michelle Obama in “They’re Not Heavy, They’re my Butt Cheeks”—Nominated for excellence in licking fat from a frying pan
  • Nancy Pelosi in “It’s a Stretch. Autobiography of a Botox Queen”—Nominated for proving that aliens do indeed live among us
  • Ted Kennedy in “Sobriety, the New Paradigm”—Nominated on behalf of his deceased liver which taught us all that he could liquor.

Penn: “And the winner is…Michelle Obama!”

Gere: Unbelievable! I’m so proud of my country tonight!”

Penn: “It was an admirable selection considering that Michelle is not a wise Latina woman. Come to think of it we aren’t even sure if she is a woman at all!”

The newly reinforced stairs creak under the strain as Michelle lumbers up on to the stage.

Michelle: “Give me lobsters or give me death!”

[An embarrassed hush falls over the auditorium.]

Michelle: “Uhhhh….oops. Wrong speech! That’s for tomorrow night in the Barbados down at Bennie’s Crab Shack and Fundraiser!”

[The crowd goes wild as Michelle recovers nicely from that little pratfall.]

Michelle: “I’d like to thank all the little people. I couldn’t have done it without you. I especially couldn’t have done it without the press corpse—which reminds me, Helen Thomas looks like a possum hugging an evil sweet potato. Speaking of yams and such last week Barry walked into a bar with a duck. The bartender spotted them coming in through the door and said “Where did you get the jackass?” My husband felt obliged to explain to the bartender that “It’s a duck.” The Bartender replied “I was speaking to the duck!”

“Let me tell you, it isn’t easy being the First Lady. In fact it can be downright dangerous. Just last month I was on vacation in the Amazon rain forest and I started a forest fire just because I was wearing a pair of corduroys!

“As you know I’m in the middle of my anti-obesity campaign. It is my commitment to bio-genetic diversity that keeps me going. But this important work certainly has its challenges. Why, right now my Gene Splicer is busy making a golem using genes from Billy Mays and Joe Biden. It shouts while projectile vomiting someone else’s slime—which is rather messy but also quite rewarding for me as I am used as a secret weapon by my husband’s re-election campaign.

“Thank you all for his honor. It was such a surprise! I’m humbled. I’m proud. And yes, I’m hungry! I love you all. Supercalifragilisticbarryisatrocious! I try to live by the adage: You scratch my back; I’ll let you know when to stop!”

A forklift enters stage right and hauls Michelle off to dinner at Luigi’s. Hear that crumbling sound? It’s just civilization, that’s all.

Al Gore appears on stage once more and says “I have the pleasure of presenting to you the most prestigious trophy of them all. The nominees for Best Bolshevik are:

  • Barry O’Bama in “My Little Irish Wedding
  • Hugo Chavez in “Go to the Light!
  • Anthony Weiner in “Unerectable
  • Hillary Clinton in “Shut up, Chelsea. You’ll Never be the Man your Mother is.”
  • Janet Reno in “Face Donor.”

[A murmur of excitement fills the hall as the highlight of the night arrives.

The suspense is palpable.]

Al Gore decides to prolong the moment by telling a little joke. “Which of the following does not belong: AIDS, gonorrhea, herpes, or Barack Obama? Gonorrhea — it can be cured!”

Al Gore, noticing Barry in the front row, center, continued down an ill-advised road. “Hey, Barack, as Johnny Carson once observed about people like you “He couldn’t ad lib a fart after a baked-bean dinner!”

Gore saw time was running out and, wanting the award to be presented in prime time, got down to business. “And the winner is…ready for it? And the winner is…Barry O’Bama!”

As if there was any doubt. You don’t hold an awards ceremony named after yourself unless you also rig the election.

Barry runs up on the stage, looks at the worthless brass and wood trophy shaped like a Chevy Volt and cries “Wow! I could have had a V-8 instead!”

As Barry left the stage, crying in his beer, Al Gore had one last quip. “I can’t wait for the USS Obama…it’ll cost a trillion to build, veer sharply to the left and be registered to another country! Good night, folks. See you next year!”

State Governments to Force Employers to Ignore Employment History

Employers view employment history and experience as key factors in determining whether or not to hire someone, but now ten states are considering legislation making it illegal to reject a potential employee on the basis of being unemployed.

The proposals from Connecticut to California range in scope from banning advertisements that require current employment to allowing unsuccessful job candidates to sue businesses under the same discrimination laws that apply to bias on the basis of religion, race, gender or national origin.[1]

Hiring is a discriminatory practice by its nature. Employers have to filter through resumes, interviews, test results, and more to figure out whether or not to hire. One piece of information is the prospective employee’s job history – or lack thereof. If someone changes jobs every year or two, that will likely filter them out of better jobs as employers don’t want to have to constantly re-train someone in that position. If the prospect has a gaping hole in their employment history such as not having worked for the past 99 weeks, it could point to a lack of drive and it will likely mean that the prospect’s skills may have deteriorated or gone out-of-date in more technical fields – wither of which makes a candidate less-desirable.

New Jersey already has a law like this in place and is being sued by the only company they’ve fined so far. There are ten states overall considering this kind of legislation including Colorado, California and Connecticut.

Protecting a class of people simply because they are not working is illogical and could force companies to hire less-productive employees. In all likelihood companies will just look harder at resumes or interview out people that they see as an employment risk due to poor work history.

[1] – Wall Street Journal: “Measures Aim to end Bias Against Long-Term Jobless“:

SCOTUS and Affirmative Action in Higher Education

Is affirmative action in the determination of higher education admission ending? In 2003, the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) upheld the race-conscious admissions policy at the University of Michigan’s law school. In making its 5-4 decision, SCOTUS reasoned that a diverse student body prepares students for their professional careers, as “the skills needed in today’s increasingly global marketplace can only be developed through exposure to widely diverse people, cultures, ideas, and viewpoints.” But on Tuesday, February 21, 2012, SCOTUS agreed to revisit the concept, to hear a case that could end race-based affirmative action as we know it. SCOTUS agree to hear the case, but arguments aren’t expected until the court’s 2012-13 term, beginning in October, 2012.

Justice Samuel Alito, who replaced retired Justice Sandra Day O’Connor who cast the deciding vote for affirmative action in 2003, is more realistic about affirmative action. In 2007, Alito and four other Justices issued a ruling that barred public-school districts from promoting diversity through race-conscious pupil-assignment plans. Justice Elena Kagan has recused herself from the current case because she worked on the 2003 decision.

This case centers on the University of Texas’ (UT) undergraduate admission policy. UT said in a statement that it is “firmly committed to a holistic admissions policy that is narrowly tailored to achieve the educational benefits of a diverse student body.” But the UT statement did not bother to explain what the ultimate goal of its admissions policy is, to specifically explain “holistic admissions policy” or “educational benefits of a diverse student body.”

Dr. Adam Winkler, a constitutional-law professor at UCLA, wrote, “Any decision will apply nationwide, meaning that racial minorities will find it more difficult to gain entrance to all public universities.” He continued, “And white students, who will gain more slots, will also lose by having fewer diverse students to learn from once admitted.” Thomas Lifson, lead editor at American Thinker, adds, “This is stunningly disingenuous coming from a professor [Winkler] at a campus where affirmative action has been abolished (by an initiative vote of Californians), revealing that the principal victims of affirmative action in California were minorities themselves: Asian-heritage students.

But that’s just my opinion.

U.N Report Shows Iran Accelerating Nuke Capabilities

The United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency said that Iran has drastically accelerated it’s capability to produce higher-grade enriched uranium in just the last few months.

While Iran insists that it’s nuclear ambitions are purely peaceful, missing uranium metal, the construction of underground facilities for enrichment and a failure to convincingly explain its activities have given the international community reason to fear that Iran is close to breaking the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty that it had agreed to.

Iran publicly stated that it began using its underground Fordo facility to enrich uranium to 20% – a level much more easily upgraded to weapons-grade material. Iran began the high-grade enrichment at the underground plant in January that is about 20 miles north Qom – a religious stronghold in the Islamic nation – and right next to a military base.

Iran has stated that the higher-grade uranium is only to be used for medical purposes, but the placement of the manufacturing plant deep underground and encircling it with missiles and defense armaments paint a different picture. The on-again/off-again nuclear talks and refusal to allow inspection of Iranian facilities also fuels fears that Iran is on the verge of going nuclear.

War on school lunch

Much attention has been given to the story of the now famous turkey sandwich and apple juice confiscated from a preschool student by the food nazi. That incident started a firestorm of internet activity and even a protest “Lunch In” in Washington, D.C., but not a lot of talk has surfaced about the origins of the recent school lunch takeover movement and the true impact on individual school districts.

Admitting failure

“For the federal government, admitting failure is a difficult thing.”

Remember the Food Pyramid? For decades, school children from the age of 4 have been taught about the pyramid (and now the “plate” model) in a myriad of subjects. In elementary school, the students learn to read, have science lessons and even take special classes using texts about nutrition guidelines set by the U.S. Departments of Health, Education and Agriculture. As the students grow within the public school system, the nutrition lessons become more intense and continue to infiltrate multiple class subjects until high school where students can take an entire semester or more related to the federal government’s nutrition guidelines.

A great deal of money and resources have been spent in schools across the country to “educate” our youth about proper nutrition. The Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act signed into law in 2010 slates more than $4.5 billion toward the federal takeover of school lunch menus.

If the billions of dollars spent on nutrition programs were working, the U.S. wouldn’t have obesity issues in children or a need for more “programs” right? Clearly, the federal government has not proven itself trustworthy to properly and effectively educate children in the subject of nutrition.

Follow the money

Obviously, the programs instituted to keep children nutritionally balanced as seen fit by the federal government have thus far failed by their own stated goals. So what is the real reason for the push to control school lunch?

Since the passing of the Richard B. Russell National School Lunch Act of 1946, the federal government has been manipulating school lunches across the country. The original law was “enacted with the intent to provide free and reduced lunches to children whose families were suffering financially and to inflate the decreased food prices that resulted from farm surpluses.” ( For decades now, Congress has repeatedly perverted and amended the legislation to include nutrition standards and increased federal authority over individual school districts, which has inevitably provided financial opportunity by way of farm subsidies and government contracts.

Page 117 of the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act reads:
“Procurement and Processing of Food Service Products and Commodities – The Secretary shall identify, develop, disseminate to State departments of agriculture and education, school food authorities, local educational agencies, and local processing entities, model product specifications and practices for foods offered in school nutrition programs under this Act.”

Translation: The federal government will control every aspect of school food from its production to the time it reaches your child’s mouth. The Secretary of Education will have the authority to determine which foods schools will be allowed to provide and where those foods will be purchased, as well as HOW those foods will be processed and distributed.

The Act grants the Department of Education to dictate how the foods will be stored and prepared as well. Can you say, “GE Refrigerators?”

The law also states that the Secretary will determine if certain foods are in surplus and thus require their purchase by service institutions. So if California has an abundance of oranges in February, Minnesotans could potentially be required to purchase them and serve them to school children, regardless of cost, or face the possibility of not receiving federal funding for free and reduced school lunches that they MUST provide under penalty of federal law. How much gas money would it take to ship fresh oranges from L.A. to St. Paul?

It doesn’t stop at schools

According to the Act, which seems to be the driving force behind the food nazis in public schools, the law expands the reach of government’s greedy fingers into other “service institutions.”

“The term ‘service institution’ means a public or private nonprofit school food authority, local municipal, or country government, public or private higher education institution participating in the National Youth Sports Program, or residential public or private nonprofit summer camp, that develops special summer or school vacation programs providing food service similar to food service made available to children during the school year under the school lunch program.”

Uh, what? So will local Vacation Bible Schools have to adhere to the energy standards of the HHFKA? What about the Boy Scouts camps? Will they be able to supply Oscar Mayer hot dogs and s’mores ’round the campfire? Or will they have to check with the Secretary of the United States Department of Education?
For more on the HHFKA and the Child Nutrition Scam, click here.

Romney Re-Takes Lead in Michigan

Mitt Romney how holds a 6 point lead in Michigan despite trailing Rick Santorum in that state for the last few weeks.

Up until Tuesday night’s debate, Rick Santorum had held the lead in Michigan polls. A lackluster debate performance that included booing from the audience seems to have changed the minds of Michigan voters according to a Rasmussen Reports telephone survey.

The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Republican Primary Voters in Michigan shows Romney with 40% of the vote and former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum with 34%. The poll was conducted on Thursday night, following the last scheduled debate among the GOP candidates.

Digging into the survey results deeper shows an interesting conflict. When asked “If the 2012 Republican Primary for president were held today, would you vote for Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich or Ron Paul?”, 40% chose Romney while 34% chose Santorum – a reversal from a February 20th poll where Santorum held the edge on that question 38% to 34%. If the question is reduced to asking “Suppose the 2012 Republican Primary for president were held today and you only had a choice between Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum.  For whom would you vote?” Santorum takes the lead 46% to 44% so which of the other candidates is having an effect on Michigan election?

Ron Paul was selected 10% of the time and Newt Gingrich 9% of the time so both of the lower-tier candidates appear to be taking more of Santorum’s base than those that might vote for Romney.

” Electability” appears to also be driving poll results. When asked who survey respondents thought could beat Obama in the general election, 74% felt that Romney was very or somewhat likely to beat the president while only 59% said the same about Santorum. 44% of those responding to the survey thought that Newt could beat Obama while only 19% believed that Ron Paul stood a chance against the incumbent.

With the vote in Michigan being held next Tuesday, the trend and sentiment seem to be going Romney’s way.

Batboy Named Algae Czar

DISTRICT OF CRIMINALS — Fresh off blowing hot air at the press about the dire need to move U.S. energy dependence from oil to algae, President Barack “Downgrade” Obama today took daring steps, naming Batboy as the nation’s first Algae Czar.

In his first official decree, Batboy, who has lived openly in public for 27 years as Congresscriminal Henry Waxman from California, announced the president will issue an executive order later today to create the Dental Algae Reclamation Project, to be funded by confiscated tax returns of the 1%.

“Never before in our history has it been more important to explore alternative energy, what with vast deposits of natural gas that must remain in the earth in order to hasten the prophecy of Atlas Shruggedand the successful blocking of the Keystone XL pipeline to appease environmentalist voters in time for the 2012 election,” said WaxmanBatboy, who will continue to serve in Congress, since he doesn’t do anything there in the first place except try to take over the Internet so he can increase his bandwidth for viewing YouPorn videos of himself with The Wicked Witch of Congress.

The Dental Algae Reclamation Project will mandate that a lottery choose annual dental visits for all Americans, for the scraping of algae from their teeth. WaxmanBatboy said he and the 99% of Occupy Wall Street will be the first in line because they’ve “been storing enough algae in our mouths to fuel the nation for centuries,” WaxmanBatboy said.
In other news, the Downgrade administration will also empanel a commission to study the efficacy of renewing the horse and buggy as the dominant mode of American transportation, how well fat liposuctioned from Michael Moore could provide fuel for gas lamps in 100 million American homes, and whether Obama darling and failed solar energy company Soyndra can use a new $535 million loan guarantee to convert the dead into food to offset the rising cost of grocery bills.
Solyndra Green is people!

President Obama Declares Right Not to Work Act

It was a bright, joyous, sunshiny day in the nation’s capital.  The bluebirds were chirping melodically.  The immaculately kempt White House lawn smelled of the greenest spring, as the mid-day warmth stirred the fragrant wafting scent of moist grass clippings.  Seated in impossibly straight rows of little white folding chairs were throngs of adoring admirers decked out in their best Sunday attire. Impeccably well-groomed ladies, draped in flowing knee-length sun dresses, fanned themselves patiently while intermittently swatting the wayward gnat.

President Obama entered the courtyard.  A hush even quieter than a church congregation in silent prayer befell the crowd, which was largely made up of establishment dignitaries, their lovely wives, and the scribbling Washington press corps.

“Today, we mark a historic moment,” the president began with his loftiest of lofty voices, his head slightly upcocked as if he were drawing his words straight from the heavens. One instantly sensed the drama of the moment by his overleaping of any and all introductions.  The god-echo was gloriously reverberating off the veranda and the White House barriers, recently erected, lined with barbwire and electrified, to frustrate the designs of the sprawling occupiers.  There was a safety and a comfort within the confines of that idyllic tableau; an unimpeachable sense that no one could interpose an ugly sense of reality upon them. It was cozy, nestled and warm, like the pink uterine walls of an expectant mother. The pater familias was speaking.

“One that will influence future generations of Americans. One that rivals the significance of, and yet is superior to, the Magna Carta, the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, the Emancipation Proclamation, and all declarations to have come before combined.  As President of the United States, I hereby decree — The Right Not to Work Act.”

The crowd sat in dazzled amazement. Here was a revolutionary idea for the ages!  The right not to work… why hadn’t anyone thought of it before?

“For eons, men and women have been held in servitude to their masters, toiling away under the oppressive regime known as ‘work.’  Capitalist enslavers, uh… I mean corporations, have cynically used ‘work’ to blackmail workers into laboring for a pittance.  They have exploited them and paid them off with fancy cars, houses, big screen TVs, mobile phones and the like… mere materialistic trifles!  But no longer will citizens be forced to sell their souls for mere ‘stuff.’  This day, all are free! No more work unless you want to! From each according to his ability to each according to his needs. Free at last! Free at last! Thank god almighty, free at last!”

All were stunned. The jaw of the cameraman dropped. Unexpectedly, he reached into his pocket, deftly withdrew a Pall Mall cigarette, and walked off to have a smoke.

“Thus, let this act be decreed and observed by all. But before the American people get too excited, I want to talk to them about the sobering subject of duty and responsibility. Since work has been abolished, an act for which all citizens should be eternally grateful, I must announce compendium legislation, which is immediately to become law by executive order.”

Men shifted in their chairs uncomfortably, leaning forward to catch the drops of honey falling from the president’s lips.

“Being that an economy cannot run completely on voluntary labor, lest there be chaos and mass shortages, I hereby decree the National Mandatory Service Act.  Citizens have a responsibility to their community and their government, and although no one can be asked to work for the state in order to pay for the lavish benefits we have bestowed upon you, it is only fair that we instate national mandatory service in order to maintain our precious rights and freedoms.”

No one stirred.  All were trying to make sense of the simultaneous decrees and sat for a protracted moment mulling the president’s words.

Suddenly, from the back of the assembly, a slow clap began to ascend, drawing others in before rising to a fevered pitch.  Clusters of men stood up, grasping their wives by the hand to greet the president’s good news.  The audience heightened their boisterous ovation with shouts of “hurrah” and “hail to dear leader!” Applause rolled for nearly twenty minutes before dwindling to a steady hollow clap, as the crowd had furtively trickled out of the courtyard. The president was off to Hawaii to play golf.

The White House garden was now a disheveled mess of bestrewn seats, clear plastic cups littered on the lawn, and far-flung cigarette butts.  As the lawnkeepers leaned against the barricades, smoking and chatting, a Secret Service agent walked by and muttered something unintelligible to the crew.  Their cordiality evaporated. Casting down their smokes, they snatched up their rakes and plastic bags, and gloomily returned to public service.

Kyle Becker blogs at RogueGovernment, and can be followed on Twitter as @RogueOperator1. He writes freelance for several publications, including American Thinker and BeatObamaPac.  He speaks Russian and worked in Moscow as a copy editor for the economic news agency Prime-Tass ( He holds a Master’s degree in Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies, and has accomplished advanced PhD. work in political science. He believes that defeating socialism and all other forms of collectivism once and for all means thoroughly discrediting the ideology utilizing reason, evidence, history, and philosophy.  He is currently editing his first fiction novel.

The “Personal Energy Subsidy” No One Talks About

Members of Congress have recently been embroiled in a battle to stop what many have termed “Big Oil Company Subsidies.” These government-sponsored subsidies come in many forms, such as corporate tax breaks for common expense tax write-offs, and for depletion of equipment costs. Keep in mind, that these same tax breaks are also given to every other manufacturer in America, not just Big Oil Companies. Randall Hoven outlines the situation precisely in an article titled About Those Oil Subsidies.

The Big Oil subsidy outcry is just another ploy by the American left to bash the very fossil fuel that has been the main producer of affordable energy in America ever since the invention of the various versions of electricity generators and the subsequent evolution of the energy industry. As with any production company, the free market energy system is based on competition-driven cost controls, where affordability is job one. Allow big government to completely control the energy industry and the results will be higher prices for everyone who can afford to pay, while also using it as a tool for stealth wealth redistribution and vote-buying to stay in power. Now that the big government myth about the big oil companies not paying their fair share has been busted wide open, and some of the reasons behind that power grab have been theorized, let’s take a look at one of the biggest energy subsidies ever handed out by the U.S. Government. Personal, welfare-dependence-driven energy subsidies that cost U.S taxpayers billions of dollars every year.

In a democratic society, fairness, and equality are supposed to be the cornerstone of the system. When certain groups or sectors of society are given preference over another one by a government through the usage of tax dollars, this becomes a blatant example of taxation without representation. ( of ALL people not just some of them) Other words that may be used to describe this scenario may include Fascism, tyranny, socialism, and political oppression.  So how can big government manipulators explain why one sector of American society has to pay for their utility usage, while another very large sector receives a personal energy subsidy from the U.S. Government that the rest of society is made to pay for?

While the oil companies “subsidies,” which are in fact tax breaks, have been put at around $4 billion dollars a year, how much do the personal energy subsidies cost the taxpayer each year?   All states have their own personal energy subsidy programs, which are at least partly funded by federal tax dollars. The website Welfare Info is a good place to explore the current welfare system, and just what government “subsidies” the career welfare class receives.

[Note: There is a big difference between an American tax-paying, energy producing company getting legal tax breaks (unjustly termed “subsidies” by the leftists and enviro-terrorists) and a non-producing, non-taxpaying career welfare sector receiving personal energy subsidies to pay their utility bills at the expense of the working class in America.]

From the above welfare info site, the following personal energy subsidies are outlined as follows: (emphasis added)

Another of the welfare programs is the energy or utility assistance program which is intended to help those who cannot afford to pay for basic utility needs, such as heat, electricity and/or gas and water. Like the child support program, it will supplement part of or provide 100% of the monthly utility costs.

Although the state by state personal energy subsidy programs are unique, they all contain on commonality: One sector of American society is being made to pay for another sector’s energy bills through government programs, many of them consisting of utility companies forming “partnership programs” with state and local governments. So who qualifies for  these taxpayer-funded personal energy subsidies? Can a non-U.S. citizen have their utility bill paid by U.S. taxpayers, or receive other welfare payments ?

Again from Welfare Info: (emphasis added) “You must be a citizen of the United States or a qualified non-citizen legal resident, (restrictions apply).” So, not only are U.S. taxpayers being made to subsidize career welfare people’s personal energy bills, they are also being made to subsidize what amounts to payments to criminal illegal aliens who broke the law while entering the United States.

Again, how much do these personal energy subsidies cost the U.S. taxpayer?  The fact is, that the big government bureaucracy now has so many personal energy subsidy programs that it is all but impossible to put a total cost to the taxpayers on it, which appears to be have done by design over decades of nanny-state planning and dependency program creation. Utibility Bill Assistance  has a complete rundown of state by state personal energy subsidy programs, along with this explanation about another pair of federal personal energy subsidy programs:

There is also a federal program to provide utility bill assistance. The National Energy Assistance Directors’ Association is a primary educational & policy organization for the state and other organizations of the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program, which is often referred to as LIHEAP. LIHEAP is a federal government program that provides grants to states to help struggling with assistance on their their electric, heating and cooling utility bills.

In addition to LIHEAP, another program available is the weatherization program, which over 5 million Americans have taking advantage of, and which can save over $300 per year in utility bill costs. ( several spelling corrections made)

When discussing taxpayer-funded “subsidies” and entitlement programs, the Liberal nanny-state worshipers have proven incapable of seperating retired, career-taxpaying Senior citizens receiving SSI payments ( and in some cases personal energy subsidies) from the non-producing, non-taxpaying career welfare sector of society. This is done to obscure the facts that tax dollars have been used to create a welfare dependency in America in exchange for the welfare class vote, which is the base of today’s Liberal Democratic party. Liberal political operatives disgustingly disrespect working-class Seniors by lumping them in with the non-producing welfare class, in an attempt to falsely paint themselves as champions of the poor.

In summary, should America end all energy subsidies, as Democrats have been demanding in Congress recently? That would have to include ending the above-explained personal energy subsidies, along with the Democrat-sponsored green energy fraud and power-mongering usage of taxpayer dollars to spread misinformation designed to keep them in power by enriching their crony-capitalists and tax dollar thieves as was seen in the Solyndra scandal.  To end all energy subsidies would in fact crush the base of today’s fake Democrats, their environmental green energy fear-mongering, and their welfare-dependent vote begging fraud they have hoisted upon the American people under the guise of “helping them.”

Footnote: While several personal energy subsidy programs do indeed help deserving people cope with today’s skyrocketing energy prices, as Barack Obama promised America during his 2008 election campaign, the creation of the welfare class dependency in America has deteriorated family values, work ethics and the very foundation of American exceptional-ism, personal responsibility and the idea of working for what you want out of life. For a very serious look at some of the results of this systemic destruction of American values, please see The Ugly truth of America’s Welfare Class.






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