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It’s Only Controversial If America’s Involved

Another Koran controversy. That it somehow involves the U.S. and its military should go without saying. How would it possibly be controversial otherwise?

All across the Muslim world at the hands of their own, Mosques are desecrated with fire and bullets. Muslim individuals are butchered in all manner of barbaric ways. And Koran’s? Well, you’ll find pay phone yellow pages in red light districts that are treated with more reverence. But none of that raises the merest whiff of ire from Islamists or the Left.

Now though, with the involvement of the United States, the usual suspects threaten once more to trample one another in their stampede to proclaim themselves sensitive to yet another Western outrage.

That Islamic Fascists engage in such behavior is wholly understandable, if no less repugnant. After all, an ideology that desires nothing less than the complete subjugation of the entire world, Muslim and non-Muslim alike, before a Caliphate lead Theocracy, is hardly going to blush at employing hypocrisy of even the most whorish kind.

But what of the Left? What is it that they get by legitimizing the manufactured outrage of those who would quite happily see them dead or enslaved?

Is it simple opportunism? A belief that by delegitimizing Conservative identification of the Islamist threat, they will direct power back to themselves at the ballot box? That may be a part of it. But if it is, then it stands purely as an ancillary benefit of a driving psychosis that demands reality be distorted in the most self-serving way imaginable.

Of course, this a sin to which those on the Conservative side of the political spectrum are not immune. Indeed we all fall prey at times to painting ourselves in an overly flattering light. Even if deep down we suspect we may have acted a bit of a twerp. But the psychologically mature individual draws the line at fabricating a reality that stands dangerously opposed to the world at large, and those individuals within it who wish them ill.

Down through history, civilization after civilization has fallen before aggressors whose hearts beat with rapacious greed for the treasure of land, lives and gold.

Always, such lusts have been painted less base through the use of injustices, whether exaggerated or wholly concocted.

And always, of those who were faced with this aggression, a certain number could be relied upon to employ the same moral and intellectual self-aggrandizement that is the province of the Left today.

In the minds of such people, the threat, if indeed there was such a threat at all, was an entirely manageable and oft times, wholly understandable one.

For such people, appeasement, was not seen as a fundamental capitulation that would only embolden an enemy. Rather, such an act was the exclusive privilege of the civilized man. For only he could extend his hand in benevolent condescension to the savages unable to control themselves.

In this fatal conceit, the question was never asked: Do those whose aggression I patronize and indulge, view me as I view myself, or do they see me as weak, and easy prey?

It is a question which is still not asked by the Left today when it comes to their dealings with Islamic Fascism.

The fundamental difference now of course is, the stakes are so much higher. Technological advancements have given mankind much that is of benefit, but also, they enable just one man to personally inflict truly nightmarish levels of death and destruction.

A forgiving heart might be tempted to ascribe simple ignorance to the Left’s penchant for minimizing or excusing behavior wholly antithetical of the individual freedom necessary for the existence of Western democracy.

Certainly it is impossible to imagine any of today’s Liberal talking heads facing a situation in which they were forced to deal personally, even physically, with another who wished them unjust harm.

Could not this inexperience then explain their ignorance as to the ramifications of their actions?

No. It could not.

There are examples such as Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal, two American hikers imprisoned in Iran for two years on trumped up espionage charges. Who upon their release proceeded to trash America, whilst talking with forgiving moral equivalency of the regime that had just demonstrated to them forcibly that the freedoms they were raised in are by no means a universal human condition.

But really, are such needed? A child confronted by a bully in the playground understands in that moment when violence is immediately before them, that to condescend or legitimize such, is to ensure being beaten bloody. And that the only thing likely to stay the bully’s hand, is a fear of the consequences they will face. Especially if those consequences are sure to be even bloodier in turn.

The idea then that an adult would not recognize these dynamics is purely preposterous. What drives this patently suicidal behavior of the Left then, is not ignorance. But rather, a very conscious decision that self-veneration trumps all. Even when it comes to dealing with those who would take not only our freedom from us, but our very lives.

Remember that the next time you hear such an individual talk with abhorrence of your right to bear arms.

Vaughan Starr is a freelance writer. Professional inquiries may be directed to [email protected]

Farrakhan: Racists Will try to Assassinate Obama

Straight from the Department of Crazy Old Men Who Used to Be Influential Leaders and Now Are Nothing More Than Walking Soundbites: the Minister Louis Farrakhan spoke to thousands of Nation of Islam followers Sunday in Chicago. He warned that racial division in America could lead to an attempt on President Obama’s life.  Never one to embrace subtleties Farrakhan went on to rant for three hours on extreme weather, moms and McDonalds, and the old standby…wait for it…Jews in the media! To be fair, Farrakhan left no one out of his criticisms.  The Chicago Tribune is reporting he also scolded Obama for trying to remove certain Middle East leaders and intimated that Osama Bin Laden had been killed because American leaders feared there was not enough evidence to tie him to terrorism. One thing he did say that I think we can agree on: “The vital signs of America are not good”.

In the audience as an honored guest was controversial Cathaolic priest and Chicago community activist Father Michael Pfleger. It’s hard to say which of the two is the worst media whore.  Father Pfleger has publicly flouted the rules of his diocese for years in the Chicago area and has no shame in being a so-called representative of Jesus Christ (a Jew, by the way) while  standing shoulder to shoulder with the one of the most blatantly anti-Semitic public figures in the country. Sounds like a real barn-burner of a celebration.

Perhaps Minister Farrakhan has been probed by aliens one too many times. In addition to his strange rantings in celebration of “Saviour’s Day”, he added that he believes certain elements in the government will try to set up a Muslim “patsy” to take the fall for Obama’s assassination.  Says Farrakhan, “I believe they want a Muslim to kill President Obama.”

You can see a full write-up and video of the speech at the Chicago Tribune.


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Democrats Propose “Fairness, Justice, and Racial Equality Tax”

The Democrat Party is seeking to strike another blow for racial and economic justice ahead of the crucial 2012 elections. The Congressional Black Caucus is proposing a progressive “Skin Color Tax and Subsidy” (SCTAS) that would redistribute wealth according to skin pigmentation.  If the bill “The Fairness, Justice, and Racial Equality Tax” is passed into law, the tax would take effect in 2013.

Determining one’s tax obligations under the proposed law would require an innovative process of measuring and recording skin pigmentation. Melanin Spectrometer equipment would be set up in Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) offices across the country, due to their reputation of relatively high levels of bureaucratic efficiency. The funding of the equipment is slated at $287 billion,which would provide a much-needed stimulus to the recovering economy. The equipment production contract was awarded to General Electric in a no-bid situation, obviously for non-political purposes.

The proposed law would require taxpayers to bring their I-9s to the DMV and register for the Skin Pigmentation Verification test.  After completing a ten page survey about one’s racial heritage and turning it in to the Chief Racial Enforcement Officer (CREO), one would become eligible to take the Melanin Concentration Battery.

The battery of tests would begin with a visual exam performed by a state-certified Skin Pigmentation Inspector (SPI) to check for evidence of fraud, such as recent UV and chemical tanning.  He or she would also check for visual signs of albinism in African-American taxpayers. Initially, inspectors would be recruited from a pool of Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officials on unemployment for assorted misconduct.

Subjects would be required to strip off all their clothing, save for specially approved underwear (see Section 126, Clause B of the bill), and stand in an enclosed Melanin Spectrometer booth that bombards them with ultra-violet rays. Participants would then be classed according to measurements of skin reactivity, after accounting for anomalies such as freckles.

The progressive tax gradation would run as follows: White Caucasians of European descent would be taxed on the upper scale of 5.5%; Asian-Americans at 5.1%; and Latinos and Hispanics at 1.2%. African-Americans, on the other hand, would receive a subsidy varying from $412 to $861, depending on melanin concentration.  African-Americans are required to be registered to vote in order to receive the subsidy.

Congressional Black Caucus member Hank Jackson heralded the tax as a “triumph for the remedy of past racial injustices.” John Connors saw the tax as “correcting the unfortunate legacy of slavery and discrimination through a kind of backdoor amnesty.”

Fellow caucus member Sheila Jefferson-Lee touted the proposal as carrying the advantage that whoever would object to the tax “would automatically be racist.”  The Congresswoman’s full comment, “If this bill passed, we would perpetually have the opportunity to pass whatever tax we wanted, and anyone who opposed us would automatically be racist.  At the same time, we would be helping an at-risk constituency that is being oppressed by the majority. In the name of fairness and equality, this bill must be passed.”

Author’s note: The above is satire. It is a fictionalized account intended to elucidate certain ideas and principles by taking them to absurd lengths. It is not intended to be taken literally. The author is not racist, and believes in individual rights and equal opportunity for all.

Kyle Becker blogs at RogueGovernment, and can be followed on Twitter as @RogueOperator1. He writes freelance for several publications, including American Thinker and BeatObamaPac, and is a regular commentator on the late night talk show TB-TV.

Do our politicians understand why they are passing laws?

“[T]he end of law is, not to abolish or restrain, but to preserve and enlarge freedom.”

John Locke, The Second Treatise of Government

The purpose of making laws isn’t to prevent people from doing something, it’s to maximize their freedom.  The proper role of government is to protect our God-given rights** – so the laws passed by governments should make our rights more secure.

As counter-intuitive as it is, this means that when the government passes a law – that law should actually make you more free – not less.  Unfortunately, few if any of our current politicians understand this concept at all.  Think about how many of our recent laws prohibit us from making our own choices. We now have laws that dictate what we must teach in schools and what we must feed our children while they’re at school.  We also have laws that ban one product after another.  None of this makes us more free.

So how can a law make people more free?  Simple.  When a government makes a law prohibiting theft, that makes everyone more free.  Since a person knows that no one is allowed to steal his possessions, he doesn’t have to spend all of his time at home trying to protect his property from the rest of society.  That gives him the freedom to leave his house and go into town to get a job, start a business, or whatever else he wants to do.  This law against theft allows him to make the most of his liberty.

The value of understanding the true purpose behind making laws – and forcing our politicians to understand it – is incalculable.  It is the difference between living in a society that constantly tries to control our behavior and one that helps us make the most out of the greatest gift on earth – Liberty.

**they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, among these are Life Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.– That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men…

Mexican Bandits Rob Cruise Ship Tourists

On Thursday, 22 tourists on a Carnival Splendor cruise were robbed at gunpoint in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. In what had to be a preplanned robbery that may have used public information about the itinerary of the trip, as the hooded gunmen intercepted the passengers while they were on a bus returning to the ship from a field hike. No one was injured and the bandits made off with the passengers valuables, including cameras, cash, assorted electronic devices, jewelry and anything else of value that the passengers may have had on their person at the time.

The Carnival Cruise line has pledged to reimburse the victims and has suspended this particular “tour.” The Mexican tourism industry had already been hard hit by the constant violence, extremely high murder rate, and overall lawlessness that plagues Mexico, with the U.S. State Dept. going so far as to issue a  travel advisory  for any Americans thinking of going to Mexico earlier this month.

MSNBC, in an act of utter malfeasance and complete denial of truth, parroted an announcement from Latitude Intl, the public relations firm representing the Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board, as they tried to downplay this dangerous incident as “very rare.”

On Saturday, Latitude Intl, the public relations firm representing the Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board, called Thursday’s robbery an “extremely rare incident.” A statement on Latitude’s Facebook page said, “minutes after we learned of the incident representatives from the local and state government, tourism leaders and tour operators [moved] to provide assistance to those involved and police and the district’s attorney office started their investigation.”

Yes, the violence and utter lawlessness in Mexico is so “rare” that even the politically correct political operatives in the U.S. State department have issued a warning about traveling to Mexico. After reviewing the State Department’s CYA  announcement telling Americans about the dangers of being robbed or killed when traveling in Mexico today, the politically correct puppets follow the lead of MSNBC… in saying no it’s not really dangerous to travel to Mexico these days:  ( emphasis added)

Millions of U.S. citizens safely visit Mexico each year for study, tourism, and business, including more than 150,000 who cross the border every day.  The Mexican government makes a considerable effort to protect U.S. citizens and other visitors to major tourist destinations, and there is no evidence that Transnational Criminal Organizations (TCOs) have targeted U.S. visitors and residents based on their nationality.  Resort areas and tourist destinations in Mexico generally do not see the levels of drug-related violence and crime reported in the border region and in areas along major trafficking routes.

The above paragraph from the U.S. State department pretty much sums up this travesty. While warning Americans about the dangers of traveling to Mexico today, those same politically correct incompetents try to tell Americans that the Mexican drug cartels and assorted criminal Mexican Banditos do not target tourists. 

Try telling that irresponsible fairy tale to the people who just got robbed at gunpoint, while on a Cruise tour bus… while in Mexico.


Death toll from drone strikes have been inflated

The Associated Press has released a report shedding light on the actual number of deaths from U.S. drone strikes. The report says that right-wing political groups, clerics, and militants are falsely leading Pakistan citizens to believe drones are killing more civilians than is actually true. This is from an on-the-ground Associated Press investigation.

Reporters spoke to approximately 80 villiagers in an area of Pakistan, typically a hotbed sancturary for militants, that was the location of 10 recent attacks. Villagers informed the reporters that of 194 casualties, at least 138 were militants. Even though 70 percent of casualties were enemy combatants it’s still the widspread perception of mass civilian deaths fueling anti-American feelings.

That strike aside, which was the largest amount of civilian deaths in single strike since the drone program began, villagers told reporters 90 percent of deaths were militants.


Michelle Obama and DHS Join Forces: “Snack Watch” Soon to Hit School Lunch Cafeterias

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Michelle Obama have joined forced to promote an aggressive new school nutrition campaign touted as a cross between “If You See Something, Say Something” and “Let’s Move!”  Dubbed “Snack Watch”  by the administration, the program is intended to eliminate school-age obesity by rewarding children who snitch on their junk food-scarfing classmates.

The $432 billion program was unveiled at a joint press conference held by Michelle Obama and Janet Napolitano before a horde of thrilled young people, as well as loyal teacher and food service union workers.

Dazzling in a yellow sundress with green polkadots, Michelle Obama arrived at Woodrow Wilson Elementary School in Greenwich, Connecticut looking like a rock star. Shortly behind her, wearing a purple pantsuit with broad lapels, strode Janet Napolitano, who had arrived in a black BMW encircled by a half-dozen Secret Service agents clad in dark sunglasses.

While the First Lady was all smiles as throngs of cheery fourth graders delightedly squealed and greeted her warmly, the Department of Homeland Security chief was all business.  On her way up the central walkway, flanked on each side by small children, Ms. Napolitano stopped dead in her tracks.  Slowly pulling off her sunglasses, she turned slightly to her right. Then, with the velocity of a cobra, she ripped a chocolate Quik box from the clutches of a stunned child.  She dropped the flavored beverage in front of her and smashed it with her low-heeled boot. Ms. Napolitano and the Secret Service detail continued walking into the school.

Once inside the elementary school, the two ambassadors for the Snack Watch program took to a blue raised stage in a school gymnasium. The towering, chiseled Ms. Obama and the stocky Ms. Napolitano cut a striking pair to deliver a message on nutrition and physical fitness.  The makeshift auditorium rocked with applause as the school principal Ms. Crabtree announced the two famous visitors.

“How is everybody feeling today?” Ms. Obama shouted, grasping the microphone. The children screamed an enthusiastic response.

“We’re here to talk to you about a very vital issue, one very important to the future of the country,” Ms. Napolitano said as the children took their seats.  The gymnasium became quiet.

“That’s right!” Ms. Obama echoed cheerfully.

“Everyone here agrees it is good to be healthy, right?” Ms. Napolitano addressed the crowd.  Scattered applause provided her with the correct answer.

“Then what we want for you children to do is keep an eye out for your buddies to see if they’re eating unhealthy snacks,” Ms. Obama said sweetly. “If someone is eating a cookie, a brownie, or is drinking soda, I want you to tell an authority figure — a teacher or the principal — before that child hurts herself or others.”

“If you see something, say something,” Napolitano chimed in. “And if you are afraid to go to your teachers, you can always log into the Snack Watch website and rat — I mean, inform us of them there.  Just tell us the child’s name, school, and the name of the naughty snack, and we will do our best to track him down and educate him.”

A hush fell over the crowd.

“And it wouldn’t hurt to start getting into the habit of keeping a log on what your parents eat,” continued Napolitano.  “Because of Obamacare, no longer is your body and your health only your business, it’s everybody’s business.”

“Hoorah!” Ms. Obama cheered with a beaming smile.

The audience remained quiet, still digesting what was being said to them.

“Also, and this should make the food service workers happy, we are banning sack lunches,” said Ms. Obama.

“There is no way to tell if the nutritional standards of children will be met consistently unless we take control,” Ms. Napolitano expanded. “So in the name of equality, the U.S. government will be assuming responsibility for providing uniform school lunches across the country.  You’re welcome.  No longer will there be a disparity between schools – some schoolchildren getting pizza four times a month and others forced to eat sloppy joe’s.  Now, there will equally healthy food for all.”

“I believe you will love Tofu Tuesdays!” Ms. Obama added.

“What I want all of you to do now is assemble on the soccer field for group exercises,” Ms. Napolitano said authoritatively.  “If we are to be good little troopers, we have to be in outstanding shape.  Someday soon, we will have enough strong, happy children to make a virtual army for the cause of healthy food.”

“That’s right,” said the First Lady. “I’ve even talked to real U.S. soldiers about eating their broccoli. I think I can get you all to do it.  Now let’s move!”

The gymnasium was dismissed and the children scrambled to assemble on the field behind the school for physical training exercises.  About halfway through doing a set of fifty jumping jacks, Michelle Obama and DHS secretary Napolitano, winded and quite satisfied, left the completion of the exercises to the gym coaches.

Reportedly, their convoy was spotted turning into a drivethrough at McDonald’s, but that is presumably because the First Lady wanted to check up on the fast food chain’s new Happy Meal standards.

Author’s note: The above is satire. It is a fictionalized account intended to elucidate certain ideas and principles by taking them to absurd lengths. It is not intended to be taken literally.

Kyle Becker blogs at RogueGovernment, and can be followed on Twitter as @RogueOperator1. He writes freelance for several publications, including American Thinker and BeatObamaPac, and is a regular commentator on the late night talk show TB-TV.

What Can Bill Clinton Teach Republicans about Winning in 2012?

In 1992, Bill Clinton made the phrase “It’s the economy, stupid!” a theme for his successful presidential campaign. Clinton focused on the one issue that the large majority of Americans agreed was the most important. Strategically, he made the right call: the economy had been in a recession for more than two years. People were craving for a recovery.

Clinton’s major achievement was to bridge the gap between himself and moderates who otherwise would disagree with him on social issues. Today, 20 years later, we are in a similar situation. We have had a bad economy for more than two years. People are once again craving for a recovery. The incumbent president has not managed to put the economy back on track, although Obama’s record is far worse than that of George Bush Sr. in ’92.

To win both Congress and the White House, all Republicans need to do is tell the story of how Obama’s policies have driven the economy into a thick muddy layer of big government and onerous regulations.

Despite this dream position, Republicans are showing disturbing signs of shooting themselves in the foot, nationally as well as at the state level. At a time when our state lawmakers need to spend every precious moment of legislative time and all their political capital on improving the economy, some Republicans are diverting focus to social issues.

There is nothing wrong per se with advancing pro-life legislation or protecting the family as the founding unit of a stable, free and prosperous society. But you have to pick your battles. At a time when the economy is sinking deeper and deeper into the quagmire of a European social-democratic welfare state, there are more urgent battlefronts to attend to. If the statists have it their way and America becomes a full-fledged welfare state, our traditional American social values will go the same way as our economic freedom. The controversy over forcing Catholic employers to pay for abortion is a case in point.

As an example of the consequences of diverting focus from the economy, consider the new Republican majority in the Virginia state legislature. Recently the Washington Examiner reported:

Virginia took another step Monday toward restricting abortions by defining life as something that starts at conception and giving fetuses the same rights as any citizen during a marathon legislative session in which Republicans pushed their most controversial measures. The House of Delegates gave preliminary approval to the so-called “personhood” bill a day before the General Assembly deadline to send legislation to the other chamber … During more than eight hours of debate, House Republicans advanced a litany of conservative initiatives ahead of Tuesday’s deadline, including bills that would allow the death penalty for accomplices in murder cases and create a voucherlike program that would give tax breaks to companies that pay for low-income students to attend private schools.

The “personhood” bill has since been declared politically dead. But the point about legislative priorities remains. Virginia has enough economic problems to keep the legislature busy. In 2009 the Tax Foundation ranked Virginia’s overall tax climate 33rd best in the nation, a notable deterioration from 2007 when Virginia ranked 22nd. As for business taxes, Virginia is also on a downbound train: its ranking for 2012 is 26th, down from 23rd a year ago.

On the jobs front, Bureau of Labor Statistics data show that Virginia lost 123,500 private sector jobs from 2008 to 2011 (September to September). During the same time, the state government in Virginia added 4,600 people to its payrolls.

Instead of attending to these economic alarm bells, Republicans in the Virginia state legislature spend their time pushing a social agenda that emboldens Democrats to reach out to swing voters at a time when their credentials with independents should be at their weakest.

To make matters worse, these unwise political priorities are now spilling over into the state’s pending U.S. Senate race. The two likely candidates for Virginia’s open seat (one of nine nationally) are Republican George Allen and Democrat Tim Kaine. So far, Allen has successfully exploited Kaine’s close ties to Obama and used the president’s economic-policy failure against the Democrat. But this advantage is now in jeopardy, as Tim Kaine is beginning to use the Virginia Republican conservative agenda against Allen. The Washington Examiner again:

The former Virginia governor and Democratic National Committee chairman is now trying to tie Republican George Allen to the divisive social agenda surging through the state’s Republican-run General Assembly in hopes of undercutting Allen’s support among independent voters. Virginia Republicans eager to flex their new majority status in Richmond are pushing a number of controversial measures on abortion, gay rights, guns and other initiatives shunned for decades under Democratic control. But every bill conservatives advance gives Kaine ammunition to use against Allen.

If Republicans can stay focused on the economy and Obama’s big-government agenda, they will mop the floor of the U.S. Capitol and the White House with their Democrat opponents. They will also make it easier for themselves to advance traditional American social values in the future.

Consider, again, the Bill Clinton example. In 1996 he had presided over an improving economy for four years and was able to win enough independent voters to get re-elected. He then turned his attention to some social issues he held dear, such as the creation of the SCHIP program (“Medicaid for kids”). By the same token, a Republican president and Congressional majority who can restore the American economy over the next four years will win a lot of credibility among independent and moderate voters. That will help them advance a social agenda that is pro-life, pro-religious freedom and pro family.

Furthermore, the path to a restored economy includes securing some of our traditional social values. Our economy will only improve if we roll back the welfare state, the conveyor belt of invasive government and radical social policies. Two examples:

  • Obama’s expansion of abortion-funding is tied to his Affordable Care Act – the defeat of ACA will, at least to some degree, restore the respect for life in America;
  • The campaign to legalize gay marriage is partly driven by the desire to give gay couples the same marital benefits as traditional couples get – by getting government out of the entitlement business, the gay marriage issue loses one of its main driving forces.

To paraphrase Bill Clinton: “It’s the welfare state, stupid!”

Burning Korans Fuel Fury of Bloody Clashes that Threatens US Servicemembers for Sixth Day.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai with US President Barack Obama

So you’re in jail, right? And you ask yourself, “Self, how am I going to help my friends down the cell block organize for the big prison break scheduled the following day?” The answer is simple: write coded instructions in a Bible and pass it on to your neighbor, who reads it before passing it in turn on down the line until finally everyone in your cell block has read it and understands what needs to happen.

Cool huh? Only it’s not really the Christian holy texts we’re talking about here, it’s the Koran! And the jail is not some federal prison facility here in the United States. We’re in Kabul Afghanistan. And the prisoners are not your run of the mill criminals, they’re hardened killers of the Al Qaeda and the Taliban sort who are presently rotting away in their cells awaiting trials or already serving jail terms for their murderous mischief.

Climb aboard with me on the not-so-way-back-machine to six days ago when it was reported in the main stream media that our intrepid servicemembers in their callous disrespect of the Koran and the practitioners of the “religion of peace” burned Muslim holy texts in an act so grotesque it raised furor of outrage in the Muslim street and garnered a most humble apology from our president to theirs.

But in point of fact, what exactly are we apologizing for?  As the results of a military investigation into the Koran burning incident continues, riotous violence continues for the sixth straight day making military and state department officials worry for the safety of their personnel stationed in that country. So far four have been killed, including two working in the very heart of the Interior Ministry in Kabul.

Spencer Ackerman explains the situation in his Feb. 26th article appearing in “The Danger Room”.

“Protests — some better called riots — have spread into their sixth day. Most shockingly, an Interior Ministry employee killed two U.S. servicemembers working in the ministry’s Kabul headquarters, reportedly by shooting them in the head on Saturday with a silencer-equipped pistol. Pentagon press secretary George Little called the killings “murder.”

 “The killings prompted Gen. John Allen, commander of U.S. troops in Afghanistan, to pull all U.S. military advisers out of Afghan government ministries in Kabul as a protective measure. Allen’s subordinate commanders frequently tell reporters that U.S. and Afghan security forces work together intimately; the prompt removal of advisers indicates a distrust below the surface. Crocker told CNN on Sunday that he had issued a complementary order for U.S. diplomats.”

 See Ackerman’s entire article at:

Lower down in the article Ackerman explains that the scenario I began with may well have been exactly what happened before the murder rampage took place.

“Stories have spread throughout the Pentagon — though unconfirmed by any official — that the burning occurred after U.S. troops slated library material at the Parwan detention center for destruction, to prevent detainees from passing each other messages. Allegedly, troops did not realize Korans were included in that material.”

Ohhh! Thanks Spencer! Maybe you should have put that important nut graph higher in the story, huh?!

This writer has it on good authority from a source who works both in the military and in the field of corrections/law enforcement that this kind of scenario happens a lot and is the most likely explanation for recent events. Prisoners in US prisons constantly pass messages to one another using the pages of Bibles and Korans. Holy books are also popular with prisoners because they burn so well in home-made cigarettes the prisoners fashion for themselves.

So I repeat the question that begs asking, What are we apologizing for? Why do we constantly beat up on our loyal servicemembers who do their jobs without thanks in a country nobody cares about while everybody in the main stream media gives these people a pass every time they murder someone who has criticized their religion, burned a book, or drawn a cartoon?!

Four of our servicemembers are dead, their families in mourning. The president of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai, has the audacity to demand an apology from us. I think that he is the one to apologize. If he and his countrymen cannot appreciate the incredible lengths we as a nation have gone through to make that worthless country free then maybe it’s time we bring our troops home and let Afghanistan slip back down into the mire of the Muslim dark ages.


Tonight on the Dark Side with Kira Davis

2/26/12 Tonight on the Dark Side we talk about..oh you KNOW what we’re talkin’ about! EVERYBODY’s talkin’ bout it…my apology video to President Karzai. I’ll break it down for you so hear can hear straight from the source just what inspired me to make this video. And I guess Hollywood will force me to talk about the Oscars tonight. Plus gas prices, algae Czars and I’ll make my weekly predictions for the upcoming week in news. Join me at 10pm ET, 7pm Pacific on the CDNews Network on Blogtalk Radio. Be there or be John Kerry (that’s worse than being square).


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The Swindlers: How Four Vain Philosophies Threaten American Liberty.

Jack-ass polices are getting tiresome

“The ‘Art of War’ is painted with a Philosophers   pen.”-Unknown

This is a brief study of the religious, and philosophical weapons that Post-modern Democrats, are using against the chief cornerstone of liberty—the Christian worldview. Their goal is simple—marginalize Christianity, and thus liberty, and replace our great heritage with a forgery—Secular Humanism. My purpose is to point out the philosophical  weapons that Progressive/Post-modern-Democrats are using in our culture, and encourage conservatives to engage our fellow Americans with a reasoned argument.

Please note: the terms Progressive, Post-modern, and Humanism are used somewhat interchangeably. Although there are differences in their meaning, their arguments against conservatives are similar. My goal is also to reach out to both Independents, and Democrats to disengage from the Democrat party rhetoric—which is nothing more then a swindler’s list of false slogans. I know this to be true because I use to be one of them. I have since become an Independent and staunch Christian conservative.

I want to make a brief distinction between the traditional Blue-dog Democrats, and the Progressives/Post-moderns. Blue-dog Democrats believed in the same values as our Founders did—that our liberties come from God, and not too much government intervention. This is not what the Progressive/Post-modern-Democrat believes today—they are hostile to this concept. I point this out because  both my Father and Grandfather were hard working Blue-dogs. Our enemy here is not the people—it’s their vain ideologies.

Sadly, many of the traditional working-class Blue-dogs, still to this day, are not aware of the skullduggery committed in the hijacking of their party. Therefore, because of their innocent oblivion   it concerns me that president Barack Obama may be re-elected. If the Democrat party wins back the House—the Founding Fathers doomsday prophecy of America falling under a tyrannical government could well be fulfilled. Remember, half the battle in any fight is knowing your opponent, the other half is knowing their strategy.  Our opponents are the Progressive Democrats, the enemy is their ideas–So lets get busy.


The four weapons of the Post-modern-Progressive Democrat–a brief history.

It was Alexis de Tocqueville who said, “The Americans who combine the notions of religion and liberty so intimately in their minds that it is impossible to make them conceive of one without the other.” Sadly this statement by the French philosopher is no longer true. The religion he was referring to was Christianity.

50 years ago in 1962-(63), Christianity—the chief cornerstone of American Exceptionalism, and vanguard of liberty was removed from public education. It’s replacement was a deceptive religion, a philosophy of supposed moral neutrality called Secular Humanism. Born from the words of the Dragon of Eden, and proffered during the Enlightenment period, this was the religion of man as the center of all things—a breeding ground for government largess—and that was the plan. This would be the primary weapon for Progressive Democrats in which all vanity would build upon.

To further popularize Humanism—the new vanguard of our republic, three vain philosophies: Naturalism, Moral Relativism, and Religious Pluralism would form a rather unholy, but complementary alliance with Secularism in the pilfering of American values. This would not only challenge the Biblical worldview, but Natural law, and The Correspondence theory of truth, and indeed it was successful. In spite of all the circular reasoning, and contradictions these vain ideologies brought forth—America seemed bewitched by these charming tales.

Traditionally it was always understood that true propositions corresponded to reality—to which the Biblical worldview exclusively fit. The Post-modern rejection of Natural law, and Aristotelian logic sent a shock-wave through the fabric of our culture; setting us back academically, and socially from prior years with some ugly metrics such as: lower SAT scores, an increase in crime, personal debt, teen-pregnancies, divorce, and a host of other moral calamities. Here are some disturbing graphs.

Not dissuaded by the moral and academic decline, the Progressive-Democrat swindle continued. The strategy was simple: marginalize the Biblical worldview in all facets of American culture, so that in time our nation would cycle through a new generation of like-minded professional Progressive-Humanists. Influential positions such as: teachers, professors, media moguls, judges, even theologians, and of course politicians, would capitulate to this atheistic way of thinking. Big government would be the “God” of their lives.

This cultural confusion that we are currently witnessing is somewhat reminiscent of the Marxist-Leninist Communist takeover in Russian 1917. Aside from whipping up the working class, and union infiltration, another similarity was being played out at our universities since the early 20th century,  the theory of Naturalism.  The belief that man came from natural organic evolution, as opposed to super-natural means. This would be the second weapon in the Progressive-Democrat playbook, borrowing from the Humanist playbook.

The intellectual offspring of Naturalism was Evolution. The theory goes as follows; that life evolved from the simple to the complex via Natural Selection, Mutation, and Genetic-Drift. Personally, I think Darwin should take a back seat in the classroom. Achieving life from non-life has never been witnessed. The theory seems contradictory on it’s face— something from nothing—simple to complex…considering a greater agency would be needed, and where are the fossils of these transitional forms ?

Weapon number three is a simple deduction–if man was not created, then definitions of right and wrong are not absolute. In fact they were relative to the person, or culture. This is called Moral Relativism: a belief that universal truth, in a absolute objective way does not exist. Think about that for a moment…if truth is just a preference, like ice-cream flavors, then for certain, Moral Relativists would find the Christian witness of Jesus only, an a aggressive and false belief. Moral Relativism in summation, is self-refuting.

However, considering America has become a great melting pot of varied worldviews and religions, thanks to the graciousness of our Christian heritage, Secular Humanist’s could not afford to simply force people to drop their worldviews. They did something much more ingenious. The fourth weapon deployed would be philosophy of Religious Pluralism.

This charming sophistry would create the false impression that all religions are equally valid, hence true in the classic meaning,  irrespective of their contradictory truth claims. This is also a classic Post-modern-Democrat slogan as well. An easy example to understand this if I may. Imagine you are trying to find the capital of our nation, Washington, D.C., and you ask for directions, and you hear the following… “it doesn’t matter what highway you take, they are all equally valid!” Folks it doesn’t get much sillier then this.

Finally, these four philosophical weapons have effectively obfuscated our cultural values of thrift, hard work, and the belief in universal truth;  and more then anything—hope. Perhaps a word of wisdom from Aristotle would be apropos. In book 12 of Meta-Physics he says, “ That there must be an immortal, unchanging being, ultimately responsible for all the wholeness and orderliness in the sensible world, and we are able to discover a good deal about this being.”  For a man who lived a few centuries before Christ, he was able to see the footprint of God through creation and logic.

Folks our worldviews matter. Our moral positions either add to civility or subtract from it. Some worldviews do not make sense in the world we live in. Think it through and vote sensibly.

A special thanks and credits to the folks at Stand to Reason and Answers in Genesis of which I have learned a great deal. I encourage any person that is truly interested in engaging our confused culture with a rational and winning argument to review their web-sites.


Obama Unveils Campaign 2012 Slogan: “We’re Not Socialists”

The president’s bid for re-election kicked off in high style at a posh corporate fundraiser at the Ritz Carlton convention center in New York, minutes away from the Wall Street debauchery that spawned the inspiring Occupy movement. In attendance were top executives from each corner of the corporate world, representing former big backers from his uplifting 2008 campaign: Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, and Bank of America.

But a sense of gloom was suspended in the air as the president went over his powerpoint presentation on why he should be elected again. By his side was Press Secretary Jay Carney to assist him with fielding questions.

“You see this right here?” the president asked rhetorically. “This here is money. You take that times government and multiply by hope and that equals profit.”

Jay Carney nodded in agreement. “And that’s not just any profit,” he chimed in. “That’s unprecedented, never-before-seen-in-world-history, trillion-dollar boondoggle profit.”

“Just pitch me an idea,” the president picked up. “Right here and right now. Nothing’s too crazy — shoot the moon.”

A moment of silence filled the room before it was finally broken by a hollow voice in the back.

“What is that Jack?” Jay Carney asked to make sure he heard the man right. “Plant algae?”

“Sure, sure,” the president said, scratching his head. “That green stuff on the pond when you’re out playing golf. Hmm, seems like you could turn that gunk into fuel, run your golf cart on it. Bam! $150 billion grant from the EPA. It’s just that easy.”

A pair of executives gave each other a high five and each produced a silver pen to write the campaign a check. Others remained dubious.

“Yes, Mr. Dundleberg,” Jay Carney perked up with characteristic uptalk. “You’re concerned about government picking winners and losers? I’ll let the president handle that one.”

“Well, it’s like this,” Obama began. “If the Republican Party wins, you’re automatically a loser. They’ve got those tea baggers all wee-weed up about limited government, private property, The Constitution, stuff we all here could do without. If you pick the Democrat Party, we might pick you. We might not. It depends on what you do for us.”

“But isn’t that a bit like that line about selling us the rope to hang us with?” a corporate executive in a gray pin-striped suit objected. “I think it was that communist guy Leonard who said that.”

“No, no,” the president instantly retorted. “I have no idea what you are talking about. But if you have an idea for a new kind of rope, we’d be happy to fund it.”

“I’m going to be frank,” a white-bearded man in a double-breasted suit spoke up. “The word on the street is that you guys are… you know… socialists.”

Out of the blue, the president and his press secretary burst into a fit of raging laughter. After several minutes of gregarious, red-faced histrionics, slapping their knees forcefully and only taking breaks for sips of water, occasionally spluttering the room with demonstrative sprays, they eventually settled down into a moaning, semi-reserved chuckle in the confines of that deadly silent conference room where everyone else felt extremely awkward.

“Jay, would you like to take this one?” the president spoke with a wry smile.

“Bob,” Carney began. “If I might call you Bob. What would you say if I called you a comic book hero, say, The Incredible Hulk, right here and right now?” The press secretary said and paused for effect.

“Why, you’d say I were crazy. You’d respond that you didn’t claim that you were The Incredible Hulk, you aren’t aware that you’re The Incredible Hulk, and therefore, you can’t possibly be The Incredible Hulk. It’s like that with socialists. Unless someone declares that he’s a socialist, then he’s not a socialist. I hope that is the end of that.”

The executives just stared at the young, shaggy haired man with the funny glasses without moving. All eyes were on the president.

“If that’s not enough to ease your concerns, I will completely take that issue off the table for you. We have been saving this announcement, but since you are all such valuable members of our re-election team, I have decided to give you the inside scoop on our campaign slogan in 2012: “We’re Not Socialists.”

“Now don’t you all feel silly?” Jay Carney said with a smirk.

Smiles returned to the faces of the corporate contributors and the president had once again won an important coalition over to his side.

“If you’ll excuse me,” the president said hastily, “I’ve got an important meeting with some public sector unions before giving a briefing to some leaders of the Occupy movement. If you make your contributions out to my SuperPAC ‘Obama is Not a Socialist 2012’, I’ll be much obliged. But you didn’t hear that from me. Thank you, gentlemen.”

Author’s note: The above is satire. ,It is a fictionalized account intended to elucidate certain ideas and principles by taking them to absurd lengths. It is not intended to be taken literally.

Kyle Becker blogs at RogueGovernment, and can be followed on Twitter as @RogueOperator1. He writes freelance for several publications, including American Thinker and BeatObamaPac.

Rowdy Minnesota Republicans Elect district/state delegates, conduct party business Saturday

 “. . . , the necessary things, the ones that matter the most, are always hard. If not, then they wouldn’t be worth the effort!” Leonard Griffith, Olmsted County GOP Treasurer and county caucus delegate.

We got a live look today at how real grass roots politics is conducted in Olmsted County, Minnesota Saturday. In the rural town of Byron, west of Rochester, the county GOP met to elect delegates to the district and state conventions, hear  their local politicians speak and to vote on party resolutions and planks. The county is one in three steps leading to the state Caucus which takes place in May.

In a day long exercise in frustration at Byron Middle School, delegates argued over minutia language in resolutions meant to be the party plank and tempers flared as other delegates new to the process complained that the day’s business was taking too long. Forty resolutions produced in the statewide caucus held last month were presented for a vote, many of which were voted on and approved by ballot. A few left-overs and new proposals too controversial to get the required two-thirds vote were discussed in a committee of the whole. Only half of those were voted on and the rest tabled as the end of the day drew near. Those will be held over and presented at the district and state level meetings as time permits.

The most frustrating of the day’s business was the election of delegates to the district convention that takes place in April and state delegates to the state convention coming up May 18. Libertarians and Ron Paul supporters figured prominently in this process as they attempted to elect many of their delegates who were nominated from the floor. The list of approved candidates came from a green sheet of paper issued by Alan Quist, a Republican House Candidate who will oppose Representative Tim Walz in November.

The nomination committee, a board of four at the county level, presented ballots for all of the associated districts of Olmsted County with pre-printed names approved by the party and nominated beforehand. The ballots also included blanks where other members nominated from the floor for the separate districts could be included. Well within their rights to do so according to party rules, Libertarians in the party blitzkreiged the ballot box and nominated their own delegates in attempt to increase their voting power at the district and state levels. The reasoning, as far as I can tell, is that the disregarded and disenfranchised Libertarians feel that the only way to usurp the establishment GOP and what they feel are out of touch politicians is to fill the delegation to the state caucus with people who will declare themselves for Ron Paul and no other candidate.

This blatant move angered some delegates who felt that party members of longstanding proven service should be given preference over Johnny-come-latelys. The focus, they feel, is to elect delegates that will support the party as a whole and not any one candidate do or die.

Squabbling over who will go to the next level caucus and the language of this or that resolution took a long time to sort out and at the end of the day, the business wasn’t fully concluded as we ran out of time. I can only surmise that some went away frustrated with the process, not fully comprehending what exactly happened.

My own frustration lay in that I was only elected as an alternate delegate rather than a fully seated delegate at the district. Not to fear, however. I’m sure there will be a lot of frustrated people elected as delegates who will for some reason or other will decide not to show up, allowing me and some of the rest of the committed alternates to be fully seated.

I remarked to a fellow delegate that with all the squabbling and infighting amongst Republicans, people who should for the most part share the same ideals of small, accountable government, freedom, low taxes, low government regulation and interference and entrepreneurship and rugged individualism, if we who agree on all that can be so painfully divided then how can members of the same congress or the executive branch get along enough to conduct the nation’s business as they come from different parties and vastly different worldviews?

My father, also a delegate for the day’s business from the small town of Stewartville, always comments to me, “son, the necessary things, the ones that matter the most, are always hard. If not, then they wouldn’t be worth the effort!” He’s right of course, and while today’s business was nosebleed hard, and blood shooting out of my eyeballs exasperating, was still very necessary and important. Our candidates have to get on the ballot somehow, and this is the grassroots level process to see that the best candidates are pushed forward.

The frustration experienced at the caucus was not the fault of the salty old dogs running the show or their process. In fact, as far as the way the business was conducted, I thought that it was very translucent, fair and smooth. Delegates elected from the last caucus showed up and were for the most part pre-registered on the Internet or snail mail. When they arrived, they were met by workers armed with laptop computers with lists of the names of those pre-registered. After being properly received and credentialed, the delegates were seated. Those who were not pre-registered paid their dues at the door and were seated without a fuss.

Lunch was excellent and took place in the school gymnasium. Coffee and donuts were sold for a dollar at the door. Tellers were well-equipped and trained and used their technology to tally votes and display via the big screen at the front of the room. The results of the votes were revealed in real time. Seating was well marked with clear signage and it was easy to find your seat. I found mine in the front row center, Rochester Ward One, Precinct Two. Four of us showed up, filling out our coalition, two conservatives and two libertarians. I counted votes and shared the results with my fellow delegates who double checked my work. Easy cheesy.

All in all, the Olmsted County GOP executed a very complicated process and made it look very easy and smooth. We the delegates made the day frustrating with our attempts to muddy the water with our pet project resolutions and our petty arguments about who has priority over whom to be a delegate to the next level. This level of organizations is a credit to GOP Chairman Bruce Kaskubar and his team of salty dog Republicans, many of whom are current and former state representatives and senators. Those include County Co-Chair Bill Kuisle, and former Representative Fran Bradley who MC’d the event, just to name a few. A local M.D. who attended a special course to become acquainted with Rogers Rules played the role as our parliamentarian and did a great job as far as I was concerned. I only regret I didn’t learn his name.

My dad continued with my civics lesson as I watched him conduct himself as both a delegate and as treasurer for the county GOP. I was so proud of him today. It was a pleasure to watch him in action.

Today’s business was hard, but not as hard as winning our freedom at this country’s founding or keeping it when the wolves of the world continually knock at the door. I hope that my fellow delegates in time see that, if they don’t already, and I hope they continue to plough through the rough ground to the ultimate goal, unseating a haughty Obama administration and the bevy of crony capitalists and lefty loons, replacing them with rock-ribbed conservative and libertarian leaders. I share this information with you dear reader, not to bore you with the inner workings of Olmsted County, but to remind you that similar battles of will are going on in your own communities right now, probably without your knowledge. I suggest if you don’t like the candidates presented to you at the state or federal level, then it’s your own damn fault for missing the necessary, hard, but worthwhile grassroots political process. You only have yourselves to blame, so please, stop complaining and get involved.

That’s all I ask.

Who’s Offering Economic Solutions?

Given America’s growing national debt, now in excess of $15 trillion:

A per capita government debt that’s worse than Greece’s:

Unemployment numbers “officially” listed at 8.5%:

Petroleum prices trending higher, adding pain at the pump for consumers while decreasing money available to them for spending on vital necessities like food and shelter:

A statement like: “America’s in need of economic solutions” is certainly far from a stretch. Many would say such a statement falls more into the “You have a firm grasp of the obvious” category.

The questions are:

Who will offer the solutions? What solutions will be offered? When is someone going to offer these solutions? Why are the solutions being offered the best solutions available? Where will the money come from to put these solutions into motion?

According to an Associated Press-GfK poll conducted February 16 to 20, 56% of Americans preferred cuts in government spending, compared to 31% who considered higher taxes as the best medicine.

With Social Security burdened by a growing $15.5 trillion in unfunded liabilities, with Medicare’s unfunded liabilities surpassing $81.6 trillion, plus an additional $20.5 trillion for Medicare Part D, there simply isn’t enough discretionary spending available to make the cuts necessary to get America out of debt. However, despite over $15 trillion in debt and unfunded liabilities exceeding $117.7 trillion, with America’s economy in the midst of a deep, long recession struggling to display a flicker of hope for a less than vibrant, jobless recovery, most economists agree that now is not the time to raise taxes.

The first order of business is to get the American economy growing.

Higher tax rates results in reduced profits to investors, thereby inhibiting capital investment. Reduced capital investment leads to economic contraction, resulting in fewer jobs and reduced tax revenue, which in turn tempts government to raise tax rates. In the face of lost private sector growth, Statists persist with the illusion that government spending stimulates economic growth. It didn’t work for FDR to end the Great Depression, and it resulted in a “Misery Index” during Jimmy Carter’s term in office. Government spending on “jobs creation” is inefficient. Not only is money wasted on unproductive pet projects, a portion of the revenue is lost before it ever hits the streets thanks to the cost of government overhead. The end result is less long term private sector growth and larger deficits, which in turn tempt the government to increase tax rates yet again. A downward spiral is set into motion.

Historically, the most efficient way to stimulate America’s economy has been to allow individuals and businesses to keep their own money by cutting taxes. When tax rates are reduced, the economy experiences sustained periods of growth. It worked when Calvin Coolidge reduced taxes in the 1920s. It worked when John Kennedy cut tax rates in the 1960s. It worked again when Ronald Reagan followed suit in the 1980s. Not only does cutting taxes create jobs, the increased revenues lower the government’s deficit. Despite businesses and individuals paying smaller percentages, thanks to economic growth, the IRS collects more revenue from a larger pool of taxpayers. Businesses enjoy profits which allow investments in expansion, which creates greater output, sales and profit, which in turn stimulate the need to hire new employees, who have more revenue to buy products created and produced within the private sector. An upward spiral is created.

Once the private sector economy is growing and providing new jobs, the next step is to cut government overhead.
First, government employee unions should be ended. Government employees could choose between keeping their jobs at private sector salaries or seeking employment elsewhere. Since unionized government employees make an average annual salary that’s $32,000 more than private sector employees doing the same jobs, the across the board savings would be considerable.

Second, with the exception of proven friends and allies, America should cut all foreign aid. Why does the United States borrow money from Communist China and allow the Federal Reserve to inflate its currency in order to give foreign aid to countries hostile to America?

Third, the United States should withdraw from the UN, stop paying dues to the organization, and expel them from American shores permanently. The UN was founded after World War II to prevent a third world war involving nuclear weapons. Since North Korea has and Iran is on the brink of deploying such weapons despite the existence of the UN, why does America allow dictators to come to the United States, grant them diplomatic immunity, then sit idly by while they insult Americans and the American way of life…on America’s dime? The UN is involved in programs and regulations that go so far beyond its original mandate that continuing to fund and be a member of this organization is no longer in the best interests of the United States.

Fourth, cut all government subsidies. With the exception of being the referee as required, government should not be involved in the free market system. Government subsidies interfere with the free market principles of supply and demand, and are being kept alive by corruption breeding special interest groups.

Fifth, defund and dismantle government departments that have proven to be costly and ineffective. The quality of America’s education has declined steadily the Department of Education was established. Additionally, centrally planned curriculum has allowed “progressive” infiltrators to use the Department as a means to indoctrinate generations of American youth to their Marxist agenda. The Department of Energy was founded during the Jimmy Carter Administration with the expressed goal of making America less dependant on foreign energy. The results have been the exact opposite of the stated goal. America is more dependent on foreign energy than ever before. Why is this failure still being funded?

There are other big government programs that feast on the national treasury that can also be eliminated. Among these are the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Homeland Security. At a time of pending fiscal crisis, surely it’s to America’s advantage to free itself of the weight and expense of these bloated bureaucracies.

This is the pathway to reducing America’s annual budget deficits. But what of those looming unfunded liabilities? The inevitable conclusion is that that major reforms are needed in the way Social Security and Medicare function.

When Social Security was established, the age of eligibility was 65. At that time, the average life span of an American male was 58, while women lived to an average age of 62. Combine that life expectancy and eligibility age, factor in people making Social Security payments for the duration of their working careers and the original system was financially solvent.

Today, the average lifespan of men is now 73, while women live to be an average age of 79. Combine this longer duration of payout with the increase in eligible recipients that is resulting from the maturation of the baby boomer generation and there is clearly going to burden the existing system. The age of eligibility should be adjusted to conform to our increased life expectancy. This same revised actuarial formula should be applied to Medicare.

Additionally, no payments should be made to those who have not paid into the system. This would apply to all foreign nationals. If a foreign national is working legally within America, they won’t be responsible for paying in, because they won’t be eligible to collect. If they’re here illegally, they shouldn’t be on anyone’s payroll to begin with.

This is by no means a complete list. More needs to be done, but this is a place to start the conversation. The debt America has and continues to accumulate is an existential threat to the United States. To mortgage the well being of future generations in order to postpone the inevitable is not only irresponsible and dishonorable, it would be the first time a generation of Americans chose to leave the country a worse place for their children than was the one they inherited. All to spare themselves the pains of growing up.

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