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Obama’s Class Mate Speaks Out!

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  1. Anonymous: I didn’t know anyone who was a friend of Obama’s has ever been found(paraphrasing his comment)

    Yeah! Early on in Obama’s first campaign there were several who went to Harvard with Obama. They said that he was cold, standoffish, and wouldn’t talk to anyone in class. They said he hung out with some real bad people that no one else hung out with because they were so radical in idea and deed.

    Yeah, I guess he would have hung out with these people because it was Communists who Obama was after to hang out with. If you weren’t a Communist, Obama wouldn’t have talked to you.

    One of the guys Obama was in school with said he stopped him in the hall one time to talk to him about something the professor was talking about. He said Obama just stood there and steered at him and didn’t say a word. Then when the guy said he was done with talking, he said Obama mumbled something and just stalked off. The guy said that’s how he was all the time. So Obama talks to whoever he wants, which is okay, I don’t fault anyone who chooses not to speak to anyone they don’t want to talk to, but in Obama’s case he choose not to talk to someone who was a fellow student who wasn’t in the Communist Party I suppose?

  2. I didn’t know anyone ever found anyone who was a classmate of Obama’s.

    Have him tell us more about his social life, visitors, courses, etc.

  3. Interesting article, and it does in some way relive me that Mr.Obama has some education, as I and many Americans began to wonder did he ever have any education beyond hs, considering his anti capitalist decision making.

    So indeed we see it was an indoctrination into a Marxist type government–but why?

    Why would a man who benefited by a powerful America want a weakened America. Unless this is where the Marxist theme gets dropped, and the Islamic theme gets picked up…?

  4. People need to wake up and do what’s right .For your future. Your children’s future, and vote this dictator out of office. Obama’s group should be arrested for treason!

  5. Very provocative story DJ! Look at all the comments! I would like to see someone make contact with the author of this alleged e-mail and ask him for anecdotes about the president. How well did he know him, etc. I think it would make for an interesting interview.

    • Thank you Jeremy,

      Contacting Mr. Root for an interview is a great idea! Since you have requested it, I will do my best to set up an interview ASAP. WE could call it Classmate Speaks Out 2.0.

      We supposedly live in a free Republic with the right to free speech, which means speaking our mind about things that concern us. The day we can not do that is the day America will fall into the pits of Socialistic Communism, as did the USSR, Cuba, N.Korea, Venezuela, etc. Look at those “Communist Collectives” mentioned and ask yourself what is the one prevailing theme in those countries? Poverty and starvation for the people, while the “State” elites lived in luxury and imprisoned anyone who spoke out against them.

      We will not let that happen here in America.

      • Please ask Mr. Root how he can qualify this E-Mail with the article in the Independent Politicial Report dated May 17, 2010.

    • If you get to contact Mr. Root you might ask him why this information “Which he claims to be both true and importaint” was not worth being shared untill more than a year and a half after the election. You might also ask how is it that he appears to be the only classmate of the President aware of these “facts” I find it doubtfull that they were “good buddies” and yet he knows the width and depth of Obama’s political and religious convictions?

      • Mr. Roots onservations were written in 2010. he has compiled what he saw in Barack Obama with what Obama has done since winning the Presidency on an undefined hope and change fraud in 2008. That explains why he wrote it as he did and when.

        Many of Barack Obama’s own words back up Mr. Root’s opinion’s. Like when Obama says he searched out the radicals, and the chicanos to hang out with.( in one of his books) A guy named Dr. Drew also exposed Obama’s ideology while at college, and he too went to school with Obama and hung out with him. Dr. Drew says Obama is a radical Marxist just like Bill Ayers, Obamas very good friend and advisor while he ran for the Senate. Dr. John C. Drew, a college professor that knew Obama in Occidental College, admits that he himself was a Marxist-Leninist in college and that Obama was cut from the same cloth. Dr. Drew has since shed his radical Marxist views.


        So now we see that Root isn’t the only Obama classmate speaking out. Next question?

        • Mr Root portended to have first hand knowledge a few weeks after he claimed that he never met the man. When presented with the facts of this conflict you don’t bat an eye. In fact you still appear to support what you now call Mr. Root’s “opinion” and present me with another “opinion” that can’t be supported (but at least I am not able to debunk it readily) So for the “Nex Question” Have you no shame? Any Lie, Opinion, Slant or Slam is fair game as long as it promotes your agenda?

        • By the way, I also hear of a classmate, claiming that Obama is in fact, an alien, sent to us to destroy Planet earth.

    • I want to hear more . This was a great article. I want to also read some of the college papers Mr. O has written. That would be very telling.
      always have believed him to be a Muslim and KENYAN.

      • Good points Vivian. I too would like to see Barry’s or Barack’s college grades, transcripts and thesis papers, all of which have been sealed and locked away behind over a million dollars in lawyers legal fees. As reality dictates. if there is nothing to hide, then why pay all that money to keep it from public view? He did all of that while lying to the American people about how his administration would be the most open and transparent in U.S. history.

        Another saying comes to mind: Where there is smoke there is usually fire. His college papers would expose his Marxist ideologolical roots, thereby showing the world who he really is. That would prove to be a huge embarrassment to the folks so uninformed that they were conned into voting for an undefined hope and change fraud.

        • There is plenty of “fire” DJ.. Wish this man had been properly vetted, but in reality I see that even with the facts, the ones that voted for Him would still vote for Him.

          Hard to fight against “freebies”.. and thats what the democrat party offers.

        • My name is Jimmie, I will take all you can Gimme..

          Thats what I think this president is offereing… free stuff…


  6. Very irrational logic, considering you supported Bush Jr, who raised the debt, made America less secure by needlessly rallying Muslims around Bin Laden, and did more dammage to the USA than Obama could have conspired in his “socialist intentions”. Hypocrisy, fact changing, hatred that will go the way of the red State South: Democratic until the Civil Rights Bills of the 60’s, then Republican because of hatred. Thankfully, you will not prevail.

    • you are a socialist trained by the socialist professors who have eliminated true history and are replacing truth with theories
      people like you cannot face facts,and subsist on opinions——WAKE UP BEFORE ITS TOO LATE

    • Isn’t this the same guy that published an article about how Obama didn’t attend Columbia because he (WAR) didn’t know him? And now he’s a Muslim? What about Pastor Wright? Doesn’t anyone remember him? Now Obama’s possibly an evil genius bent on world domination? If you’re going to attack him, could you get it straight?

      • You are correcta little more than two years before this “E-Mail” he stated in an article that “I never met Obama at college, never saw him, never even heard of him in my time at Columbia. And that more importantly, I don’t know any classmate to this day who ever met or heard of a classmate named Barack Obama or Barry Obama or Barry Sotero” Do not take my word on it read it yourself @http://www.independentpoliticalreport.com/2010/05/wayne-allyn-root-why-i-decided-not-to-testify-at-the-%E2%80%9Cobama-trial%E2%80%9D/

      • We are all forgetting about Larry Sinclair, who also claimed to be a “good” friend of Obama.

        I think there is so much out there that is being hidden on purpose. Obama was never vetted, and yes, Obama wants to bring America down!

        • Obama’s background is like an empty paper bag, nothing in it and shrouded by mystery, therefor causing common sense folks to smell something fishy about him. Here are a few very common questiopns people ask wbout him and of which the paper bag has no answers:

          Why does he refuse to answer questions from everyday folks and most of the media today? Answer? IMO, Because he is afraid of being exposed as an empty suit who can’t speak without pre-planned teleprompter speeches and preplanned questions to which some political operative has written the answers down for him ahead of time.

          Who were his girlfirends while in college? Zero have come forward to say they went on a date with him, but Larry Sinclair took a lie dectector test saying that Obama had gay sex with him and delivered cocaine to his hotel room for their tryst. That would explain why there are no girlfriends in his past, would it not? But gay men are notorious for having best friend girlfriends who like them simply because they pose no threat to their personal security by pressuring them for sex.

          Vivian expresses her opinion that Obama wants to bring America down. Why else would a President continue to borrow money and put America further in debt the same as in Greece, when the proven results are insolvency and chaos? Barack’s latest budget proposal does not cut one dime in debt-spending, instead adds $1.3 trillion dollars of new debt onto the backs of next generations for decades to come. The Obama administration has added more debt in his first term than big government debt-spender GWB did in 8 years!

          If Bush was so bad for America because of reckless spending, Obama is now twice as bad when looking at his spending habits.

          The anti-war crowd wanted GWB hung for the wars, yet BHO bombed Libya (crickets) sent millions of more troops into Afghanistan, and somehow Obama-sheep love him for his war-mongering. Why didn’t Obama and his Democrat-minions Reid and Pelosi end both wars while they had complete control of congress and the White House in 2009 and 2010? Answer that one sheep.

    • John’s reply is spot-on. When we look at true, unbiased history, we see that it was in fact the Republican party who fought to free the slaves. That would be the Repub Party of THE NORTH by the way. History majors should speak the truth, ALL of it not just resorting to cutsey snippets that obscure the complete truth.

      And who supported Bush Jr? Not this writer.
      PS: How does Bush Jr’s debt stack up to Obama’s today, including the latest $1.33 trillion dollar deficit he is begging to slap onto the back of our children for in 2013?

      Attention folks, it is time for a true U.S. debt history lesson in here: Bush averaged under 500 billion a year in deficits for first 6 years in office before Democrats exploded it starting with their reign of terror in Congress in 2007, and running right up until when “we the people” booted Pelosi and company out of power in 2010.

      Obama? President Barack Obama expects the federal budget deficit to reach $1.33 trillion this year, administration officials said Friday evening, the fourth straight year of trillion-dollar deficits. Obama’s record debt-spending deficits reached $1.55 trillion for 2009, followed by $1.37 trillion in fiscal 2010 and $1.36 trillion in fiscal 2011. This is why Obama must be defeated in the 2012 elections.

    • History major how refreshing to read a same post.

      What rock did all of these low information dolts come out of?

      Is this the watering hole for the most uneducated low information lemmings in this country?

      Why is it they cant find a thing negative about this man so they throw out the always convenient Marxist Communist, Leninist, socialist blabbering, not having a clue as to what they are talking about.

      They are truly the Banjo class that worships at the alter of Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, and dozens of other right wing hacks.

      They hate Obama Care but haven’t a clue the Ins Co. that is covering them is stealing big bucks out of their pocket every year.

      Employers can’t give them a raise because as soon as the economy picks up here, the Ins Co’s are there to gouge them for what would be their raise.

      They would rather work wright to work states never being aware their wages will be kept in the toilet and benefits unheard of.

      They would rather work with out safety laws that keep them alive, and regulations that guarantee their children wont die or develop kidney failure from tainted water and polluted

      I would bet less than 1% of them have a college education. All of their education comes from Fox News and right wing radio propaganda.

      These people are an embarrassment to this entire country.

      The latest pols indicate the President is having great ratings with college educated populations across the country, but but not so good with blue collar uneducated citizens.

      These are the very populations the T-Party sought to recruit to do their foot work for them. Pick the most gullible crowds that will do anything for a sandwich and a diet KOCH.

      What a sad commentary on this country.

  7. I’m a Brit. I normally vote for a small party called the Socialist Alternative because all the main parties have betrayed the common man, including the liberals and the so-called “left”. All they seem to care about is doing things Thier way – and they will not tollerate any other, be they the Conservatives (Right wing), Labour (Center-Left) or the Liberal Democrats (Liberal). This seems to me like Facism, the enemy of Freedom. I am Fed Up with my so-called “comrades” acting in this way. I feel betrayed and alienated by it. Seeking to deny someone the expression of thier view(s) just because they clash with your own is Totally Un-British.
    We have a Tradition of Reasoned Debate in this country. I would even let Hitler Speak here, because in a reasoned debate he would be exposed as a crackpot. I would let Josef Stalin speak here in england, because in a reasoned debate he would be exposed as a selfish, murderous crook of rather limited intelligence.
    We preach Democracy to the Middle-East and places like Burma, China and North-Korea, but we don’t seem to have much stomach for it back home. The enforced liberalism that we are subjected to in the European Union is not democratic as it was not brought in with the consensus of the people.
    As for Political Correctness, people say that it has helped Disabled people get jobs and keep them, but it hasn’t helped me (I’m Autistic [Asperger’s Syndrome]). Despite the laws discrimination is rife. As far as I can tell, Political Correctness has mostly been used as a tool of repression in the hands of the liberal-left to silence those who oppose them. Like I’ve said before, this is un-democratic and Un-British. Let’s all have a Reasoned debate about things! I’d debate with Bin Laden if he wasn’t dead.

    I’m Pro-Freedom, Pro-Democracy Pro-Fair Play, Anti-Discrimination, In favour of the welfare state (Free Healthcare and Education), and Patriotic to the Core. If tatoos were not forbidden in the Bible my whole chest would be tattooed with the Union Jack flag. I believe in our Flag and it’s values. We are a mixed race nation and I look forward to the day when skin color counts for nothing and integrity and ability are what matters – then we will no doubt have a black Prime Minister (who’s probably part Jewish and part Irish too).
    Have a nice day and God Bless America!

    • Thank you LimeyDave for sharing your thoughts from across the pond in good old England. I have written about the E/U quite extensively, and I believe your anology of the repressive left is spot on 100% true. Sooner or later Socialists run out of other people’s money to buy power with, and then the chaos starts. Look at Greece today. Spain and Greece struggle with over 22% U/E, while germany sits at a record low U/E rate. Likewise in France. Merkel and Sarkozy are running the E/U like it is their own personal piggy bank,and when it came time for germany to pony up more money to help Greece? Merkel demanded they re-write the E/U treaty!

      Cheers to good ole England for at least keeping the pound sterling and refusing the EURO, and thereby retaining some independence form the globalist crooks of the EU.

      Thank you again Dave, for exposing the leftists for who they truly are: Wanna-be elitists and conniving beggars out to create a nanny-state dependence so severe that everyone eventually falls below the poverty line.

      Here’s to hoping that England ( I don’t like calling it the UK) returns to her conservative roots one day my friend. For the real benefit of the whole country.

  8. Thank you all for sharing your thoughts here at CDN The truth shall set you free, unless you are brainwashed by propaganda from the left, as we can see all too clearly right here. Notice how ZERO Liberals in here trying to defend the chosen one, can not dispute one of the facts in this email? Not one.

    • You sir, are without honor. This is not a presentation of “facts” but in your words “Mr. Root’s Opinion” Mr. Root implies that as a “classmate” he knows that Obama is “a devout Muslim” and that he is following a “Machiavellian game plan to turn the United States into a socialist/Marxist state with a permanent majority” When you know as a “Fact” that just weeks before he penned this “E-Mail” he stated “I never met Obama at college, never saw him, never even heard of him in my time at Columbia. And that more importantly, I don’t know any classmate to this day who ever met or heard of a classmate named Barack Obama or Barry Obama or Barry Sotero” and then you have the gall to state “Notice how ZERO Liberals in here trying to defend the chosen one, can not dispute one of the facts in this email? Not one.” Again sir, I state for all to see, You have no honor.

      • Of course anyone publishing an email from a person that says what he thinks about Barack Hussein Obama has no honor. It isn’t like we the people have the right to express our thoughts and observations about the chosen one in America is it You left out the claims of racism and bigotry in your cheap shot Lee. Let’s check your statement out shall we all?

        How many “bullet points” in Mr. Root’s email have you disputed with any facts Lee? Zero. Thank you for proving my point, albeit by accident.

        • Look DJ just go back to listening Hannity and the other right wing hacks.

          You talk just like them so we know where you are getting your propaganda.

  9. Why do you say Obama is black? He’s equally “white”. Are you prejudice against white people? I’m offended at your racism.

    • What amazes me is uninformed, naive, sound-bite ignorant people like YOU, who have no idea what they’re talking about. Before you spout the spin from the Obama camp, READ and LISTEN to the TRUTH about this President at other websites besides Huffington, MSNBC, MoveON, and the like. There’s plenty of information on BOTH sides to make an intelligent decision. Your comments only makes you look foolish.

    • Sorry … my reply was intended for the VetWidow, and got shoved under yours.

    • how is calling someone black racism? my grandson is half black and half white, but even he knows he is black, there is no shame in that and it is not racism, and i am his white grandma

      • Why do you have to be his white Grandmother? How about just being his grandmother. You shouldnt be labeling people by this color or that color we are just people, how about that?

        • i dont label myself as his white grandmother, you should stop putting racist crap where there is none, how about that

          • You just said, “I am his white grandmother”. Those are your words, not the responder. You seem to be the one putting “racist crap” where there obviously is…per your statement!

          • no, im not putting racist crap in, i do not refer to myself to him as his white grandma, i am only stating my race, what is racist about that, no matter what race we are, we should be proud of that fact, so get off your high horse and stop saying people are racist when they arent, If i were racist, i wouldnt have anything to do with my grandson. so you take your racist crap and put it you know where, we dont need people like that in this world,

        • Why NOT? Blacks identify themselves as African-Americans, instead of simply Americans. Is that racist against whites?

    • obama is——his books say so,in his own words

  10. Those of you who simply cannot bear having a black man in the White House will go to any lengths to make lies seem true. And these are lies. They always have been, they always will be. You can come up with a thousand “sources” and publish them, but they will still be lies. What I can’t understand is why you are so determined to vote against your own best interests. You want to support the wealthy Koch Brothers and screw yourselves in the process. Turn off Fox News and come into the light. You have been brainwashed. Get smart before it’s too late for all of us….

    • You are nothing more than a dilusional fool with your hand extended for a government handout. Obama will lose the ’12 election and you will have to sink or swim. My guess is that you will sink. Your type of mindset is a pox on the American dream.

    • Robert H. Sterling

      I don’t give a damn what color my President is and quite frankly, I am getting a little sick and tired of people trying to toss that tired, old, worn out card,and thinking it is effective.

      Let’s start with some simple truths here. The Democrat party was and is the party of the KKK and slavery. The are still promoting a nation of slaves to the elite, but now they call it compassion. There is nothing compassionate about an entitlement program.

      It is contrary to productive human behavior, it teaches people to suffer at the hands of a benevolent Master (the government) rather than thrive by their own hands. The bible says “Feed a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime.”

      You said “What I can’t understand is why you are so determined to vote against your own best interests.”

      Our best interests are in removing the government’s boot from our throat, wiping the dirt offf our faces and taking our country out o fthe hands of the elitist, socialist, Marxist pigs, no matter their color, race or creed.

      The problem with Obama is not the color of his skin, it is his ideology. I think you husband for his service to our country.

      • Right there is the problem with the Left. They always pretend to know what is in everyone else’s “best interests”.

      • The Bible says nothing about teaching men to fish as opposed to giving them a fish. That’s a wise saying, but it did not come from the Bible. However, the Bible does say that if a man does not work he should not eat.

        • Robert H. Sterling

          Joe, Thanks for the correction. It is a Chinese Proverb from Lao Tzu. However in either case I like the idea it puts forth and I also afree with your corrected version from the bible.

      • . The bible says “Feed a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime.”

        Where in the Bible does it say that? I can tell you what Jesus said. “For as much as you have helped to the least of my brothers,…you have done it unto me”

        Don’t tell me about teaching 50 and 60 year old people who have worked all of their life to retire how to fish when the UNREGULATED Wall Street thieves destroy their pension and 401K’s they have paid into all of their life’s. Not to mention the wall street UNREGULATED bastards
        UNREGULATED by Republicans, repossessing their homes, because they were thrown out of a job.

        These are the right wing Wall St cowards that stole all of the fish these people saved all of their life’s.

        Now you want to put this same party back in power when we haven’t had time to clean up their mess from the past Bush 8 years?

        These are the people that promised jobs if elected in 2010, but have done NOTHING but block progress for jobs, slowed and stopped the President’s efforts, declared WAR on women’s health, busted unions, and invented ways to stop people from voting that might NOT vote for them.

        This is a party that wants to push this country back to the UNREGULATED good old days when elderly people starved, and lived in poverty until Medicare came into being.

        You are the same people who protested it to death because the Ins Co’s might loose their middle man profit from the old and sick.

        Their middle man (do nothing) Ins rackets are most of the reason Health Ins premiums are rising 3 times the rate of inflation.

        The reason an employer can’t give their employees a raise, and the reason for stagnant wages in this country ever sense Ronald Reagan took office.

        Yes this is the reason the top 1%’s income has raised 250-300% while John & Jane Doe’s wages have been kept flat.

        Both have to work to keep a roof over their head. Hence the evolution of the latch key children.

        • In what way was Wall Street “unregulated”? Actually, it was the government creating perverse incentives by insuring mortgages through Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac that created the whole CDR market to begin with. But you’re obviously not interested in hearing about that or anything else related to reality. You want to superimpose your solipsistic fantasy land onto the world, where you think a pure-as-driven-snow government and its angelic politicians can recreate the world into a socialist fairyland. No. The solution to our many problems is for individual human beings to take responsibility, learn from their mistakes, work for a living, and be left alone by the likes of you utopians who think you can stick a gun to people’s heads and make them happy and free and prosperous, etc. You just don’t see that people can be responsible for creating their own problems and that there are limitations to reality. But I am beating my head against a wall here. Continue to romanticize about giving totalitarian power to a supernaturally virtuous government to create a world paradise.

          • No, you are discounting my believe in capitalism. There is nothing wrong with it usually, however, Capitalism sir is like fire.

            Regulated it cooks our food and warms our houses. Unregulated it will burn your house to the ground and maybe you in it.

            It was the LACK of regulation that created this mess we’re in, not to much restriction.

            Think about regulation next time your children are walking down the street and a drunk teenager is doing 80 in a 25 MPH and hurts or kills them. Yes even speed limits are regulation. It’s for the good of everybody.

      • The Bible also says if a man does not work…he shall not eat. I too am tired of people who don’t want to work and want everything handed to them. Even the Pilgrims learned that they all had to work for the survival of the community.

    • Get smart before it is too late for what? Greek-style debt disaster andanother Obama-led credit downgrading? It is you who needs to educate yourself about history and economics.

      ps: Playing the race card is soooo yesterday, try something new for a change. Lets see here, Maybe you can tell us just what BHO has accomplished that makes you all tingly? Obamacare has now been exposed as a dysfunctional wealth redistribution scheme right of the Communists playbook. Financial “reform?” Sure didn’t stop DEMOCRAT and Obama bed-pal, John Corzine from stealing $1.2 Billion dollars of people’s savings at MF Global. Obama has accomplished one thing: he has put America’s children over 4 TRILLION dollars in debt in 3 short years.

    • FYI- Barack Hussein Obama is technically a half-African American. Forget the race card and tell us what he has done for America? Obamacare is a proven scam. Check. Obama has put our children over $4 trillion dollars in debt in 3 short years. Check. Obamas supposed financial “reform?” DEMOCRAT John Corzine stole $1.2 Billion dollars in people’s hard-earned savings and the financial reform let it happen. Check. Oh yes the poor black man is being picked on for the color of his skin, and none of the above-mentioned actions.

    • Obama is just as much White as he is supposedly Black. So must be Vets is prejudiced against Obama’s white side. Oh and he is also very much Arab. I don’t like any side of him and his skin color means nothing to me. So I am voiding your race card Vets Widow.

    • i dont watch fox news and i have not been brainwashed, but Obama has every intention on destroying this country. i dont need any media to tell me this, it is proven by facts, my insurance went up, the premium, deductible, and copay all was increased, this never happened before obamacare. people are reluctant to hire people partially because of obamacare, maybe you should turn off your tv and get in the real life, you will see how much he if hurting America, His plan from the beginning. And dont think im saying this because i am prejudice, I am NOT a bigot, have nothing against anyone who is a different color , religion , sexual orientation, and different from me in any way.

    • Actually, as to your initial straw dog argument, I would very much welcome several people, who happen to be black, as presidential candidates. Dr. Ambassador Alan Keyes is a brilliant patriot and statesman. Herman Cain has a working and successful understanding of how a true capitalist economy works, and how to heal ours. Rep. Alan West (a man who once served in the U.S. military with distinction) is another man who is proud of his country and has succeeded without the handouts from the Democrat slave owners. U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is a tremendous member of the SCOTUS, who has served with honor and distinction, even with the unfounded attacks on his integrity.

      So, when you speak of not liking Hussein Obama becuase he happens to be black (of which you are only half right), you speak from a lack of knowledge and your own ignorance, both of which you have shown in abundance.

    • I wanted a black man in the white house…his name is Herman Cain…the liberal media ran him off because they didn’t want their savior to have to run against a real man.

      • amen to that, don.

      • And they do the same to any OTHER black who isn’t a DEMOCRAT! Look at what they did to Clarence Thomas in his hearing to become a Supreme Court Justice! Look at what that black radio host did to a black woman in Tennessee who was a Republican — he completely insulted her with Uncle T om comments, telling her he wouldn’t even shake her hand, because white might rub off! There’s racism even within the black community against their OWN people!

    • “Any lengths”????

      Yeah…. nice try. First of all….I’d be delighted to have a black man in the White House. His name is retired Lt.Col. Allen West.

      As for Barack Obama? He is a rock-solid champion of the slaughter of the unborn…. and his PUBLIC VOTING RECORD, past and present, are irrefutable proof. Other champions include the so-called reverends Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton…. in completely vile defiance of God’s Word.

      So I have 45,000,000 reasons that HE should not be in the White House…. and despite your efforts to play the tired and moldy race card…. I don’t care what color he is!!!!

      In fact… why don’t YOU do a little research and see what Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger had to say about the purposes of abortion regarding minorities and weigh that against Obama’s pro-death stance on the issue.

      Abortion has terminally interrupted a number of lives equivalent to a 9/11 attack every day for 41 years. Well over 90% of those were elective procedures and plenty of them were among the black community.

      Against that horrific and catastrophic backdrop…. the overwhelming majority of this so-called president’s kool-aid drinking supporters are tragically blind and by their vote are in support of barbarism of the worst kind.

      Now…. who needs to “come into the light”?????

      • Good points Rifle. As is constantly proven in Obama’s policies, he demands that Churches, insurance companies, banks and any successful, hard-working person in America should “spread the wealth around: as is the case of mandating other’s to pay for “the poor monorities and donwtrodden’s ” abortion pills and contraception.

        This wealth redistribution based Marxism comes in many forms, the best example is the fallacy called Obama-care, where everything is supposedly “free” in life. Free to some, while making others pay for it. This is also why Liberals posing as Democrats defend Planned Parenthood like a dog protecting a bone.

        Have you seen the fake Democrats like Barbara Boxer claiming that Planned Parenthood gives away the pill soley for “health reasons” and that taking the pill and having abortions is a healthy choice for women? Now we are supposed to believe that putting man made contraception/abortion-inducing chemicals into the human body is all about making a healthy choice. Meanwhile those same political operatives ban things like fertilizer for growing food because it is unhealthy to put all those chemical-laden foods into the human body. Go figure.

    • Your brainwashed for not thinking Obama is ruining the country. Do you enjoy 30% of your paycheck going towards low life’s and worthless people? Oh wait you probably are one that’s why you love that welfare check