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My Apology to Afghan President Karzai on Behalf of America

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  1. Kira,
    You are an inspiration beyond words! My eyes filled with tears of joy as I read your extremely refreshing apology. When-not if, you run for Sec. of State; I am abailable to be your right hand person!

    God has already blessed you and we’ll wait for additional blessings through you to America.

    Your’re the change for which I am looking!

  2. This country and the world keeps getting worse all the time as long as Obama is our president. He is the worst one we have ever had. Nobody in the world respects us. They sure did when Reagan was president. The Muslims are trying to take over and dominate the world and Obama is helping them. Europe is half way there.

  3. Secretary of State? How about PRESIDENT?? Kira, clearly you have more balls than our President and all of Congress combined! Just when I thought no young people knew or cared about political truths, you cam along to restore my faith. VERY well written and presented; congratulations and keep up the good work!

  4. Sweeeeet. Can I sign my name to your apology, too, Kira? GREAT JOB. Hope you run for Secretary of State one day. You go girl!!!!