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My Apology to Afghan President Karzai on Behalf of America

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  1. What a splendid and well-said message, Kira Davis! Pack your bags, girl. We need you in Washington.

  2. Although I am Happily MArried, I LOVE YOU, Keep up the fight.
    Secretary of State Material.

  3. <<>> Another message for Hamid Karzai YOU OWE US…(the U.S.) an “apology a day” not only for the recent murders of two U.S troops by YOUR U.S./Nato/ Allied trained and financed military … but for the deaths of any service man and woman (U.S./NATO/ALLIES)… who spilled their blood for you to live in your palace safely (because you know how safe you’ll be once our troops are out of there…), and of course, for your freedom to ‘feigned indignity’ while my son and many other sons and daughters are over there in that sh*t hole right now. WHY isn’t our President demanding an apology for the deaths of two U.S. Soldiers killed by Afghan soldiers? Well, at least Kira cleared that one up for me. 🙂

  4. Kira Davis for Secretary of State!

  5. Excellent on all levels.

    Now it is time for the rest of us to link this video and get the message out this election cycle.

  6. Thanks Beautiful!

  7. Love it! Thank you Kira, truth-telling seems to be makin a comeback in America! Well done!

  8. I’m sorry, too. You could not have said it better. Thank you.

  9. I’m sorry there are not more brave outspoken women like the one featured in this video.

    Very Sorry.

    Speaking Truth To Power by J. D. Flynn

    ‘Speaking truth to power’, so leftist, so cliché’, but as with everything else in life, turn-a-bouts fair play.

    How about Salman Rushdie and his Satanic Verse? That got a fatwa placed on him, does oppression get much worse?

    Or how about this songwriter, her name is Ash Soular, she wrote ObamaNation and became a YouTube Star.

    The death threats followed quickly, it seems she went too far. This ‘speaking truth to power’ is becoming so bizarre.

    Here’s one you never heard of, her last name is Nasrin, her books are banned in Bangladesh, where they created quite a scene.

    Islamic demonstrations, demands that she be gagged, it seems this ‘truth to power’ crap might get brave soldiers fragged!

    Now their calling on the FCC to censor old “Faux News”,
    The slogan for the left should be, free speech, we think it’s good for all of us,
    but not so much for you.

  10. Well said.