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0 thoughts on “Mitt, Answer the Question! Please

  1. Dena

    I was extremely disappointed in Santorum in this debate.
    Santorum was evasive and he started many of the attacks on Romney and the others. Santorum was petty in his digs, took credit where it was not due, did not give credit where it was due and overall came out looking like a spoiled teenager with his immature digs. He had minimal to no class in the debate.
    He also misrepresented himself. I am not a follower of Ron Paul, however, Paul did bring that to the surface and if Paul could see it – pretty much anyone could see it.
    Santorum’s responses left me wondering if he would sacrifice his ethics/morals again as President as he did as Senator.
    I did not walk away with an idea of how Santorum would fix things. I disagreed with Romney’s luke warm approaches, plus I do not trust Romney. Ron Paul is a character – however, he is not who I want as leader.

    1. William

      You saw Santorum far more harshly than I did. ron paul completely misunderstands both the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, with respect to the role of the president. He would be worse than either Mitt Romney or Barack Obama. Once again Newt Gingrich clearly demonstrated he has a far greater command of the issues and solutions that would have any chance of being adopted.