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Kidnapped! American Tourists Captured by Bedouins in Egypt!

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One comment

  1. And here we go again. Again we have people, tourists supposedly out in the middle of nowhere, where no one else ever goes, by themselves with no Egyptian’s with them to keep the robber’s off of them, and it’s just exactly like those supposed tourists who were out in the middle of a combat zone in Iraq near the Iranian border wandering around just like these people, who are wandering around in the “peaceful desert”. Yeah, right, the peaceful desert, right out in the middle of nowhere where no one will hear you scream when you are murdered, the women raped, then murdered, all their belongings stolen by a bunch of poor *ss nomads who owe nothing and no allegence to anyone or anything. They don’t give a crap about who runs the country, don’t know who runs the country or what is happening to their country, and could care less.

    All they know is here they have caught some strangers who don’t belong out in the desert by themselves and as far as they are concerned whatever happens to these tourists is their fault and not the fault of the nomads. Ohhhh, but they had it together enough to put these people up for ransom to get money from someone, and they don’t care so long as they get some money because nomads are dirt poor, and a dollar would be a fortune. These are the same kind of people who started selling African’s as slaves you know, don’t you?

    So will our people go in there and be able to capture them with Navy SEALs before these murderers cut the throats of these so called tourists before the SEAL’s get there. You know that if these dirt bags sense anything out of the ordinary they will murder these so called tourists.