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Is Rush Limbaugh Afraid of Obama?

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  1. I googled if americans are afraid of Barack and many many americans are! They said gun sales went way up!! Now we have to worry about our kids playing outside, and we have to loose our freedoms if he remains in office many people don’t even pay attention to politics but always have something to say this is suppose to be the best interest of all involved and if americans realized how scared many other americans are they would vote right

  2. Bob Russell, Amen. You said it! This willful indifference by avowed conservatives to the obomb’s peremptory violation of the constitution by the fact of his illegal election to the office of president is astonishing and stupefying. The only explanation as to why all these so-called conservative pundits are silent on this epic scandal is that there is money involved. Who will “follow the money” and expose these cowards and hypocrites?

  3. Rush/Sean/Levin/Coulter/Savage/etc… are all corporate hawkers of products!!…these punks aren’t conservatives, they are actors! suckering folk to purchase these corporate sponsors goods & services, PERIOD!…while they sit on their fat asses making millions of dollars!…it’s in their best interest to have a Barack Hussien obama to remain president…because US SUCKERS will continue to listen to them, day in and day out, as they toy with our REAL passion for this country!!..unlike these jerk-offs!

    • Then boycott thier products if it upsets you that much. So what they make money, it’s called capitalism, you know the word the president is trying to make dissapear.

  4. Neglect or denial of the importance of VETTING to the well-being of The Republic is a critical issue.
    Valid concerns under Art. 2, Sec. 1, 5 of the Constitution arose prior to 2008 elections – as to Obummer, they are still unresolved and are arising again, currently w/ candidate Mitt Romney & VP prospect Rubio. Maybe someone needs to pose the “Natural Born” question to Judge Napalitano (Italian heritage ?) now that Ron Paul has put his name forth as possible VP choice.
    The importance of Romney’s & Rubio qualifications coming into question at this point in time is because it provides the Congress with reason to open debate on the issue of pre-vetting of POTUS candidates without a direct stigma of attack on Obummer and addressing the issue of presidential succession that can circumvent a VP not a “natural born citizen”.
    These two provide justification of the moment but once the issue is formally advanced in the House of Reps., it can quickly, and with every justification, be expanded to encompass our present IMPOSTOR POTUS!!
    What a splendid opportunity for retiring Republican Reps to leave a lasting footprint for liberty!!
    It’s a “No Brainer”!!!!

  5. Of course folks could equate the questions of media ownership to the owners of some 65% of all the mainstream media corps, through front companies, etc. Who would that be? tick tock….

  6. Rush knows a few people who he can call and confirm that the natural Born Citizen Issue is a dead letter. Those who are “bitter clingers” do so at the risk of their own stupidity.

    • Geez, know your propaganda statements Rob.. the bitter clingers rhetoric came out of Barack Hussein ( isnt that an all-American Christian name?)Obama’s mouth in the “clinging to their bibles and guns,statement which I plan to do till I die.

  7. Very interesting questions that you have raised here Bob. The leftist-media puppets have made the Obama eligibility issues taboo to speak about, therefor the cowards in this country refuse to engage in any discussion about it.

    There are three simple words that tell me all I need to know about our current White House occupier: Barack Hussein Obama.