Iran Scam

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  1. Don’t buy the propaganda! The real reason that neocons want war with Iran:

    • Whether or not some people/corporations profit from war, does not mean that a nuclear-armed Iran is NOT a very real threat to the stability of the region, or to our ally Israel, or to the citizens of the United States. Since you used the term “propaganda”, are you implying that Iran is NOT developing a nuclear weapons program?

      • Are you aware that “our ally Israel” has plans in place to nuke Europe and the USA if they think they’re going down? Yes, they will take the entire world down with them. We should not be in bed with this foreign country. Blindly supporting them has been and continues to be detrimental to our interests. 9-11 happened in large part b/c we blindly support Israel. We had no enemies in that region before we had a “parasite” (Oops! I meant “ally”). Are you even aware of Israeli treachery against the U.S. in the form of the Lavon Affair, the attack on the USS Liberty (during which Israel machine gunned men in the water), Jonathan Pollard, and a myriad of other spies?

    • Neocons want war with Iran? Tell us why Liberal fake Democrats kept the wars going on in Afghan, Iraq when in complete power in Congress since 2007 again? Tell us how it was the neocons who illegally bombed Libya again? Tell us who is arming the Syrian rebels and warmongering there? Facts don’t line up with your propaganda.

  2. Stephanie Russcher

    I would recommend this to some of the Ron Paul disbelievers. Good job!

  3. Love that Obama is the one telling everyone that Iran is not a threat. You said it perfectly again my friend! As usual!
    Well done!