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HUD’s “Detroit 2020” Initiative: Nationwide Housing Projects Slated

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  1. Even though this is satire, it rings absolutely true as what the Socialist follow right down the line when it comes to what the government believes is best for the people. At the bottom of the article is absolutely true as to how and what these people think. They really do think that way. If Nancy Pelosi hadn’t had her hands full with the health care bill, she would have probably come up with a bill like this. The players in the article are the very ones who we hear every day say the very things they are claimed to have said in the article. Pelosi does believe that “fair housing” is a right. Hoyer does believe the tax payers should pay for taking care of the so-called “poor”. And Republican’s would rightfully, would oppose something that costs to much money for laws, which are not laws because they don’t agree with the Constitution, they are “decrees” look the word up and you will agree. But Democrat spending would go in this direction in the drop of a hat.

  2. My God!! You’ve really got to be kidding??!! There are provisions for living in these projects, that the inhabitants adhere to the Child Fairness Act??? What’s fair about having eight kids and the mother is drawing Welfare and Food Stamps on all of them, and the older females have illegitimate children herself and is drawing Welfare herself and on each kid they have. They’re like rats, breeding with whomever comes along. And the government thinks that Blacks, called “the needy population of Detroit”, are going to stop breeding in order to not violate the housing design of so many kids per square footage. Is that how the government is going to stop Blacks from having as many illegitimate kids as they possibly can? Obama is at fault here because he’s the one who repealed, over rode, or whatever it’s called when he signed a Executive Order right after taking office removing the “Welfare Reform Act” which limited Black’s having babies due to giving the money for just the first two and that was it, no matter how many more they had they got no more money for them. That’s the way it should have been done a long time ago. But Obama thought the law was “racist”, so he got rid of it right off as soon as he took office!

    These projects will be nothing but breeding bins for whoever lives in them, and it will be for the “right” to “Fair and Equal Housing” for all families. Really?? Is that the governments idea of where to put everyone who looses their home is to put them in a project so that they have access to “fair and equal” housing.

    What I want to know is “equal” to who, or whom? White people? Since White people have decent living conditions the government thinks that their idea of what would be “fair and equal” to a White person’s home would be PROJECTS??

    Why don’t Democrats let the private sector create jobs so that those Blacks who want a better life for themselves could work for it and buy their own home and then they would be like “everyone else”, not White people, and would learn what it’s like to have self esteem! This failed idea the liberals have come up with is nothing but caging the animals to get them off the street.

  3. You’ve got to be kidding! Didn’t Chicago try this in the 70’s? Didn’t those “projects” turn out to be hell holes for all the Blacks who lived there? Now, most of them are abandoned, and the rest are crack houses run by either the Black Mafia, or Crips and Bloods, or both. Based on what they were supposed to have been, they would have been nice places to live had they been built for anyone else other than Blacks on Welfare. But since they were built for Blacks on Welfare what happened to them, happened. Now it’s one giant ghetto. And the liberals want to try it again for the same people?

    Like I said, You’ve got to be kidding!!