Heinous Criminal Set Free On Technicality by Judge

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  • Willing to bet the same thing will happen in every state that is pursuing the same legal suit against Obama. So far, none have went through and from the looks of it, none will. He is paying off, threatening, or doing something to change these judges minds. I thought if any state had a chance it would have been Georgia, since the judge really seemed like he was going to hold Obama accountable for not showing up to court. Guess anyone can be bought, even this judge.

  • Bob…….how do you view Orly Taitz appeal petition to Geogria Secretary of State Kemp?? http://www.orlytaitzesq.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/Appeal-to-Secretary-of-State-Kemp.pdf

    • I am an “all of the above” guy on this case. I hope she does some good and i hope John Dummett succeeds in his quest. Dummett has another suit set for Feb. 24 I think in Tennessee. You can find out at http://www.johndummett.us He is using a bit of a different strategy, going after the DNC and their certification of obama.

    • If the Secretary of State is a Democrat, I can tell you what will happen. SOROS has an established organization to help fund campaigns/elect progressives to the office of secretary of state. That is where all the issues of elections processes are controlled.

  • we the people we can,t let this treasonous trader,get away with this blantanly evil heinous crime,against we the people.we must vote and protest this vile trader out of office,and all the politicians who are aiding and abetting this treasonous trader.god bless all american veterans and all legal tax paying american citizens

  • I KNEW he would fold, like a cheap suit……I’m sure Obamas lawyers, showed him the way out…..