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  1. I don’t get it, sorry.

  2. Tony ~ Once again you’ve outdone yourself. I am posting on my wall. Thanks, friend, you ‘made my day!’

  3. PS Great toon Tony! Well said my friend!

  4. All I have to say is Obama has a lot of nerve to use the tax dollars of Americans to pay for his re-election propaganda to pay for a Super Bowl commercial! That’s BS! Screw dirty Harry and Barack Obama! And shame on them for using our tax dollars to pay for that BS!
    Tired of hearing everyone say they liked the commercial! I’m tired of Obama using our tax dollars for his wife’s personal vactions, for paying for abortions in the corrupt healthcare law and for propagandist commercials during a sports venue! And if anyone doesn’t like that I think Dirty Harry’s commercial sucks… Too bad!

    • Thank you Corkie… I liked the commercial, but did’t like that it was a car company that was bailed out by the rest of us, and they will never pay back the money. Sad sad sad.