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Gay Arizona Sheriff Caught Lovin on an Illegal?

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  1. Since this is a conservative, all conservatives will be excoriated for it. If it’s a liberal, it’s always just a PERSONAL problem.

  2. This story is in several places. Not just liberal ones. The sources published what the alleged victim stated and they did not publish it as a matter of fact but as a matter of what was stated. Therefore, rather than attempt to discredit the facts of the story, how about make some calls, like regular investigative journalists do, and get to the bottom of the story. Or, do you prefer to be like Faux News and just make things up or twist things in your conservative favor? This is a HUGE story on two fronts. First, a gay conservative…which now has been proven. Second, a pro immigration sheriff who may have been harboring an illegal immigrant and then threatening to deport him. IF this were a liberal issue (Acorn, etc) you would be ALL over it. Do your job CDN…if in fact you are a real news outlet.