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Farrakhan: Racists Will try to Assassinate Obama

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  1. Farrakhan thinks the reason why we killed Bin Laden was because we didn’t have enough evidence connecting him to terrorism? That is stupid. Where’s he been since 9-11? He didn’t know that it was Bin Laden and what’s his name that planned 9-11, and admitted it on video? Where has Farrakhan been all this time, under a rock?

    Obama is not on Farrakhan’s short list either since Farrakhan thinks Obama is “immoral”. So what does Farrakhan think Obama should do since this is his last time to be in office? Get more moral? That’s not going to happen, I can tell you that.

    And will Obama be assinated by racists? They are already trying to get to him. Didn’t you know that because Obama is the first Black President he has twice as much protection than any other President before him. You don’t see Obama doing that shaking hands along the rope line do you? Obama comes to a speech by the back door just in time to talk and then leaves right away before anyone can get close to him to yak to the Prez’ after a speech. That’s usually when something happens. The Secret Service can’t search every single person who shows up at a speech. But what they’ve done with Obama is he never does outdoor speeches, they are always inside a building. If they are outdoors, the only people who get close enough to him to hear the speech are there by invitation only. You pay to see him. Otherwise you don’t get in.

    And yes, it’s because he’s Black that he is so protected. So what happens to him if he is found to be disqualified to be President because of fraudulant records, and a false birth certificate, school records that show he is not a natural born citizen, what then? I believe, why shoot him, just deport him disgraced forever!!

  2. This guy is a dim bulb. They’re burning effigies of our leader over in Syria and Afghanistan. Not even a hint of what he is talking about seen over here. He is a race-baiter outdoing even Sharpton and Jackson.
    When will the mothership come and take him away?