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Debating the General Welfare Clause

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  1. It should not cost us anymore to stop a illegal alien from crossing the border than it did fifty years ago. Unless the technical proponent that is used to stop illegals is so much more significant and costly, even then the result of using it makes the assurity of protecting us more and for a longer time span that nothing else could come close to providing that level of security, would the cost be justified. But if it’s just doing the same thing as having a soldier down there with a rifle and the authority to make arrests, and isn’t doing anything more than that, then it’s nothing more than a glorified guard with fancier bells and whistles, and that’s what’s being paid for? The government needs to be made to prove that it is doing something that is more significant than the soldier with a rifle couldn’d do at a significant reduction in cost before we cough up the extra taxes it will take to pay for installing such a system. I don’t think the government is providing us with any more protection of our rights to being free, it’s not providing any more freedom than we are entitled, nor is it doing it at no cost to us as it shouldn’t cost a thing to just get out of the way, and do what it’s supposed to do without changing the words of our Constitution so the government can get away with taxing us where there should be no tax at all.

  2. But how does the government do this protecting? It does it by staying out of the way of what the people create in order for them to be as prosperous as they are able. Just like your home, if the roof is leaking, you get up there and fix it. If you run low on food, you go out and buy somemore. If you neglect to pay the electric bill and your lights don’t work anymore then you can’t provide that safe and secure environment you are expected to provide. You don’t tell your kids that now in order for the lights to come back on they have to get a job and pay for their lights. This is undue hardship being placed on the people who want to be creative but now have to take some of that time and commit it to working to pay for something that is supposed to be provided at no cost, like freedom. You’re not supposed to have to pay to be free. Nor are you supposed to be charged by the government for whatever freedom you can afford to buy. You are supposed to get all the freedom you have been given by God, for free. And have that right protected by the government.

    See, the government does for us what we aren’t able to do for ourselves. Just like keeping the lights on in your home, it is not supposed to be the job of the kids to provide for themselves any light, food, air conditioning, or transportation they need to do what they need to be as free and creative as they are supposed to be. Otherwise if they have to provide for themselves then what do they need mom and dad for? And if they have to go down to the Mexican border and stop anyone coming across who isn’t supposed to be doing that, then why should we pay more and more for the same protection if we’re not getting what we’re paying for? We’ll just do it ourselves.
    But the government is stopping us from going down there and stop Mexican’s with whatever means we have available and do it ourselves.

    So now the government has become a henderance to our freedom by 1) not providing a safe environment, and 2) stopping us from providing it for ourselves. So the government has become a stumbling block to our right to being free and safe. What good are they? They need to be gotten rid of so that we can make other arrangements with someone else or something else so that we can stop having to worry about illegals for instance, costing us billions of dollars a month in having to take care of all of them when we’re not supposed to have to do that. See, the government is being negligent in their duties, and have changed the definition of what it is they are supposed to do according to our law. The government has changed the laws so as to give them power they’re not supposed to have. We need to take that power away from them and return it to what the Constitution says is supposed to provide.

  3. The role of the government is to see to it that a environment of freedom is not only provided, but protected. But to what extent would they need to do that? All they would need to do is for you to take a look at your own home life. Don’t you do the same thing that the government would be doing for us? You establish an environment where all the things that a free person would need in order to do anything a free person would want to do. In your home you provide food for everyone, that you buy so that your kids won’t be so much concerned about being hungry that they can’t think about being creative. It’s hard to create when you’re hungry. You provide a home that is comfortable for everyone so that if you want to do something you don’t have a henderance in doing that thing because you are freezing or burning up from being so hot you can’t think about anything else. There aren’t big holes in the roof where the rain is pouring into the kids room and they can’t do their big poster board project because the ceiling is leaking and the poster board is wet.

    The home is like the whole physical country and people were allowed to be free enough to build everything that was needed in order for anyone to be able to do whatever they had the idea to do. The job of the government is to make sure some invaders don’t come in and start burning down our cities which if that happened someone would not be able to start his own business because the building he needs to start that business in is on fire and he’s being shot at by invaders. See? The job of the government is to protect the environment that is created by the people in order that everyone has a fair chance to do whatever they want. If someone refuses to let someone build a building because they are afraid it would allow to many trees to be cut down, they want to save the trees. Then the government should make sure the person can move to another town and start over there without having to worry about saving trees. The government could come in and make that person who didn’t want the trees cut down to allow the tree’s cut down, but it was found out that they owned the land where the trees were, and the other guy wanted to buy a piece of that land. The government shouldn’t have the right to prohibit someone from cutting down trees if they can buy the land, and neither does the government have the right to stop someone from creating a business by ourlawing cutting down any trees. See?

    The government must protect as much freedom to do whatever anyone wants to do as the Constitution allows, and that is protect everyone’s rights to do as they wish, but at the same time protect the rights of each individual from anyone who would violate the rights of people by doing whatever it was they want to do. Protect, not take away. Provide and promote an environment of prosperity that everyone can fairly access without concern of their rights being violated if they decided to access the opportunity to be prosperous.