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CPAC Gets Occupied…. Kind Of


The Occupy DC Protesters at CPAC (photo: TJ Thompson)

As Presidential candidate Mitt Romney was preparing to take the stage for his CPAC speech, the real excitement was brewing outside on Woodley Rd, NW.  The “Occupy” movement made their presence known with a boisterous and vocal display at the main entrance to the Marriott hotel.

There were many unconfirmed reports of SEIU buses dropping off these protesters a few blocks away from the Marriott hotel, and they marched over from there.   Despite the alleged SEIU involvement, the most prominent attribute among the throng of protesters was not the notable Yellow & Purple of SEIU, rather it was bright, construction-cone orange hats and shirts that were being worn.  The garments bore the phrase “Our DC”.

CPAC Protester (photo: TJ Thompson)

Sign at Occupy CPAC (photo: TJ Thompson)

I asked numerous people what Our DC is, and the general response was “I don’t know”.  One man said that I should find the event organizer and ask him about it, yet when I asked where to find the organizer, again, I was told “I don’t know”.

With our bright yellow “Conservative Daily News” credentials dangling around our necks with a cherry red CPAC lanyard, CDN’s Michelle Ray and I pressed our way into the encroaching hoard to find more answers.  We found what many have come to expect of the “Occupy” movement – union members and uninformed followers.

One curious individual that we encountered was wearing a black suit adorned with dollar signs and the Wal-Mart “Asterisk” logo.  He claimed that his people were the people inside at CPAC.  I then asked who he was, which turned out to be “Presidential Candidate Wal-Mart”.  This man was making a statement that he believes that the GOP and Conservatives are driven by money and greed.  For the record, he has not yet

One of the unions @ Occupy CPAC (photo: TJ Thompson)

One of the many Teamsters jackets seen @ Occupy CPAC (photo: TJ Thompson)

decided which corporation will be his running mate, although some of the surrounding protesters suggested Monsanto.

The protestors attempted to make their way up to the Marriott entrance, but were stopped by both DC Police and Marriott security.  The security team of the Marriott took things one step further, however.
Marriott security ordered ALL people off of the sidewalks – Protesters, CPAC attendees, and even the media.  If anyone refused to comply, their CPAC and Media credentials were going to be confiscated, and DC Police were to arrest them – As you will see in the video below when I questioned the Marriott Head Of Security about this (the man in the green tie).
And thus, the Occupy CPAC ended as abruptly as it began.



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  1. Looks like you guys had fun at CPAC, TJ. Good job.