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Catholic group suing to stop Obama's contraception regulation

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One comment

  1. Instead of having to face a Republican controled Congress which Obama has avoided since November of last year’s elected conservatives were sworn in January, and usurp the Constitution that would also get him into big trouble with this Republican Congress, Obama is over riding his Executive Branch powers by telling his czar’s holding position over all these Dept.’s that they have the authority to make law powers within the Dept.. Obama has given more power to all these than he has the authority to give them.

    See, the reason why Congress isn’t responding is because no one has ever done this before and I really don’t think they know exactly what they can do about it. What Obama is doing has never been done before. And part of the problem is the separation of powers where each branch cannot dictate what the other branches can do or have to do. Congress can’t really tell Obama that he is violating the Constitution and to stop. He’s supposed to already know that and know his limits. Obama is taking advantage of this separation, but he does know where that fine line is. Where he knows the Congress can stop him, he just gives power he was going to take for himself and gives it to whichever Dept. he wants to do what he wants done.

    In the case of HHS he gave them the power to force Christian groups and churches to provide birth control and abortion. They came back and they told them NO, but since that backfired all Obama had to do was side step the violation of the Constitution and taking our rights and freedoms away charges and shift the burden of providing birth control and abortion to the insurance companies the Christian groups and churchs carry.

    But isn’t that the same thing but through the back door? If the insurance company you were looking at covering your health needs had as part of its policy the providing of birth control and abortion to it’s female policy holders? Isn’t that what Obama is demanding under this bogus regulation forced upon insurance companies in the name of women’s rights? Isn’t this still government authorized murder, taxpayer funded abortion through a rerouting of where we spend our money. I believe it is.

    In other words Obama was not stopped at all. He just shifted out of the way and did what he wanted to do anyway. Obama must be removed from office right now before he can take anymore of our rights, freedoms, and liberties away from us. Obama must be removed from office before the next election because he needed to have been removed from office long before now anyway for being an illegal candidate for President. He couldn’t pass the FBI background search, he refused to turn over his documents, he refused to turn over to the FBI that Black Berry he has on him all the time, and he doesn’t have a legal Social Security number because he is not a legal American citizen. Is there any worse senario to have elected this Marxist dictator?