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Broken Celebrities Should Never Become Our Idols

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  1. There was a time in America where if you heard that someone got strung out on dope, you wouldn’t have had anymore to do with them. You’d put away the movie magazines, box up the records and forget about them for the rest of your life. That’s the way things were in a moral America when I was growning up. You didn’t idolize people who were rising stars and suddenly got on drugs and made a mess of themselves.

    The first person I ever heard of loosing recording contracts, personal appearances, other opportunities for fame and wealth, and gave it all up for smoking pot was a drummer from the ’30’s and ’40’s named Gene Kruppa. He started smoking pot and almost threw his career away. If you are interested you can Goggle the movie. It’s called “The Gene Kruppa Story”. These days that doesn’t seem like as big a deal. Probably most of the people in entertaining smoke a little weed occasionally. But in America in my day we didn’t glorify people who weren’t good role models, we told the truth about what happened to them that they could have had it all but gave it all up because they let drugs or alcohol take it all away just like in Whitney Houston’s life. Yeah, she was in her forties, but most people become more mature in their art by they reach that age in their life, and older. So age doesn’t really have much to do with anything.

    But a moral America is what we need to return to, but I can tell you right now that until we can get kids in junior high school to stop having sex and drinking and doing drugs already, we’re not going to do diddly in bring America back to the level of morality we once had. And don’t tell me about all the same crap that we hear about coming out of Hollywood that was going on back then, that we hear about out in the open now is the only difference. And do you know what? If the people don’t hear about it, it’s the image that gave some young person the inner strength to get pass some grave trouble in their lives by remembering some great scene in a movie that was so inspiring to them. See, it’s our image we protect, not let it all out there. Some things need not be made public. That’s the trouble today in America, to much is made public, there’s no sanctity anymore, people know to much about entertainers private lives….and trouble’s. It should be more important to Whitney Houston’s handler’s that her image be protected than letting it all hang out all over everywhere. That’s enough to drive these people over the edge and make them doubt if the public will accept them anymore. That is what needs to be protected. I would fire any manager who let it out that I got drunk one night and tore up my hotel room. He didn’t have my best interest at heart. See what I mean?

    Ohhh, but let’s just forget about all that and light up a dubbie when things get hard! Yeah, instead of maybe being in war and remembering a scene in a movie you saw where your favorite actor did some heroic thing and that was all you needed to be able to survive being killed? Ohhhh, but let’s see what we’ve got today, oh we find out that this young man’s hero was a queer!!! Well, that killed that image! No inspiration there. Who that hell wants to be a queer? I don’t see those people overcoming any kind of lifes problems!

    Where are our hero’s people?? Where are the people who used to entertain us and inspire us?? Where are the singers who once made you cry the song touched you so deeply? Today we have rapper’s rapping about “Ho’s” and “My Nine” “Popping a Cap in YO *SS” or some filthy sex act, or how doing dope gives them such a thrill.