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0 thoughts on “Birther Talk

  1. Corkie Taylor

    Hilarious! One of my favorite subjects Tony! Thank you!!! I am so anxious to see if Obama will be making more history for being the first faux president of the United States of America! Well done mixing the immigration issue with Obama’s fake birth certificate!!! BRILLIANT! LMAO

    1. Bear

      Actually, President Chester Arthur was the first faux president. His father was not naturalized until many (13?) years after his birth. Knowing this disqualified him from office, he had most of the records of his early life destroyed.
      This significant difference between Arthur & Sotero is that the information about Arthur was significantly concealed until after he completed his term. A very good read on this is at .
      With Sotero, it is almost as if it does not matter that he does not meet the criteria for a natural-born citizen (as his father was never & never had any intent to be a citizen of the USA) no matter where he was born.
      In this case, the judiciary has determined not to judge faithfully to the Constitution on what a defines citizenship in the USA, thereby invalidating the requirements of the Constitution.