Battle Lines Drawn: Patriot Volunteers Needed

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  • I am glad to see that others can see that this nation is headed towards becoming another Venezuela (or worse). A recent article revisits the book, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, on it’s 50th anniversary. It was a study on how a supposedly civilized people incrementally fell under the absolute control of a charismatic sociopath, ultimately resulting in mass slaughter and devastation. Current events make those events less than a stretch. “Those who don’t learn from history are fated to repeat it.”

  • Very good article Bob, and straight to the point. I to have been saying the very same thing now on Facebook for a very long time. I have been in the process of waking We The People and supplying us with information and facts since 2007. The sleeping giant is waking now and people are prepared or are getting prepared for the worse while hoping and praying for the best.I don’t think we will have an election this year. There are two trains of thought here, 1. we will go thru the motions of an election like a play, and Obama will win with all of His crooked schemes, ie. voter fraud, dead people voting, illegals voting, and so on. 2. Obama will cancel the election because of His OWS and Union thugs causing riots, giving Obama the rat a reason to call for martial law. Either way, We The People are going to lose to this dictator and then it will be revolution time. We The People MUST UNITE, and willing to give all in the name of freedom! It is our duty, nay, Our responsibility to keep this nation a free nation for future generations, and to fight the good fight, including God in all we do!!! God laughs at the plans of man, if He is not included in the plans..May God turn His face towards us and help us in our battles…

    • I agree with the both of you. And I stand with you as well as preparing for the worse and hoping for the best. My God will be done.

  • I to think that the movie “The Patriot” is an excellent movie and I think depicts many of the people of the area. To day it is questionable whether their are real patriots left. I do not intend to shame any one nor demean them, but I have been talking to and wisting with people across this nation for a number of years and get a sense that all is well in their own little world so don’t bother me with outside problems.
    One Of the disadvantages of this ideologies is that it may not effect you know but in time it will consume you.

  • Good read Bob. I have been working in a neighborhood last 2 weeks,and after talking to a wide variety of folks, it is truly astounding how uninformed they were about what the left is doing recently, and how the people truly are oblivious to the dangers of big gov’t today.