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Are you growing mutant seeds? Try Heirloom Seeds!

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  1. I hope the media or some media is lobbying to put Monsanto and their madness out of business. The government or someone in the government is advising the public to eat more fruits and vegetables and like you state in this report, no wonder we seldom salivate the produce from the supermarkets.
    I am asking you JB Hasman or you CDN if there are groups of people trying to do something physically at the doorstep of the white house, the legislators, the supreme court and the churches, about the CRIMES being committed by people altering what the Creator has given us for food?
    Is there someone in the US that will come to the rescue? Probably here lies one of the causes of human nature wickedness. The great book says that the mind 0f man only has evil thoughts continually. Upsetting the Creator’s work I feel gives rise to natural disasters and the men and women at the government level I wonder if they are aware of this. Everything that the Creator made, so says the great book WAS GOOD. Can we really blame the devil, if he or she exist. MAN’S OR WOMAN’S THOUGHTS ARE CONTINUALLY EVIL. When will Monsanto and his henchmen be stopped? Or is there someone higher up in the Monsanto ladder the powerful one, who has the wealth? Is that person that powerful?